Ready to Make a Change? Here’s How to Do It

Do you ever find yourself thinking, “I wish I would have done this differently?” Or, maybe you aren’t satisfied with your career, a relationship, or some other aspect of your life? Thinking about making a change is one thing, but actually taking the steps to go forward with changing something scares most people away. What are the steps to take to successfully make a big change in your life?

Kinja Dixon knows all about change


change Kinja Dixon – Actor, Author, Consultant, Speaker



He lost more than 125 pounds, overcame an alcohol addiction and walked away at the top of his sales career to dedicate his life to helping others change their own lives. He is author of ‘Re-Creationism: The Art of Shaping Reality.’

If you are serious about changing your life, Kinja says to:

–        Create a plan: Most people want to make a change but quickly get overwhelmed by the process. The key is to have a plan in place that outlines a step-by-step approach.. The benefit of this kind of planning is it removes doubts and instills confidence even if you start to second-guess yourself.

–        Ignore the opinions of others: Everyone has an opinion. Sometimes that’s helpful but most of the time it’s not. The only people you should listen to are those who have successfully accomplished whatever it is that you are after. Ignore everyone else, especially the naysayers who laugh and tell you to stop wasting your time.

–        Be ready for the challenge: Nobody said making a change is easy. In fact, it might just be the most difficult thing you ever do depend on what it is you are looking to change. Don’t go into it thinking it’s going to be a walk in the park. Instead, expect bumps in the road and obstacles. Being ready for whatever is thrown your way is the key to making it through successfully.

–        Get mentally strong: Often times, the biggest obstacles to making a change is you. Our bodies are so set with habits that, in many cases, have been part of our lives since we were little kids. It can take up to 90 days of true consistency for your body and mind to fully accept new habits and behaviors. It’s those times when you feel like giving up and reverting back to the old way that you must stay strong and keep pushing through.

–        Show gratitude for all the good: Making a significant change in your life can be difficult, but it’s a lot easier when you are operating from an attitude of gratitude. Be grateful for all the wonderful things you already have accomplished during your life, things like your friends, family, success, and health. Ingratitude in your life builds resistance to new things and hinders personal growth.

–        What is your ‘why?’ Figuring out how to make a change is simple. It’s your why that will determine how successful you are. Why do you want to make this change? If the motivating factor is strong enough you’ll be unstoppable. The weaker the why, the more challenging making the change will be.

–        Accept failures and setbacks: Often times, it doesn’t happen on the first attempt. In fact, it can take multiple times of trying to successfully make a change. Learn to see your failures as simple setbacks. Most important, learn from each setback and allow it to make you stronger as you move to incorporate this change. A series of setbacks is what leads to success.

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