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Hard Money Home, the All In One Directory of Lenders

New website Hard Money Home is the largest and most complete directory of hard money lenders in the United States.

Developed by Ryan Patterson, a long-time real estate investor and private hard money fund manager, offers a directory of over 1,200 loan providers throughout the United States.

Patterson noticed that there was a serious information gap in the private lending market, where rates and terms varied greatly from lender to lender and feedback on lending companies was nearly non-existent. He also realized that because the laws governing hard money lending are so different from state to state, it was often difficult to make heads or tails out of potential loan scenarios. was his solution. The website that allows borrowers/investors to get extensive information about loan terms, conduct comprehensive research, and review lenders.

“We designed the website to cover anything and everything a borrower may need, from understanding how a loan works, to types of loans, all the way through the lending process, to then connecting the borrower with the perfect lender. This not only streamlines the process of obtaining a loan for borrowers but effectively allows lenders to expand their businesses. Borrowers can choose to either contact lenders directly or they can speak to one of our in-house advisors,” explained Patterson, CEO and Founder of

Several Different Ways to Search

The directory is searchable by city and/or state and lists all loan options in the specified area. Within the numerous listings, users can find information on types of loans and loan terms offered by different lenders, rates and fees, property types, and geographic areas covered. Also provided is a star-rating system so users can read reviews and make a more educated decision when selecting a lender. Results also include various statistics about loans issued in the selected area, the number of hard money lenders operating in the area, average interest rates, and typical loan parameters offered. There are even thousands of loan examples provided so borrowers can understand exactly how hard money loans work.

For those seeking information on private real estate loans in general, the website provides state-specific guides for all states throughout the U.S., which include detailed information on foreclosure laws, deficiency judgments, protections for service members, deeds in lieu of foreclosure, high-risk mortgage protections, and additional laws pertaining to each state. also features an always growing index of articles covering topics from real estate investment and house renovations, to protect yourself financially, and numerous other real estate investment topics.