Real Estate Sales in Times of Crisis

With the coronavirus pandemic pressing hard on the global economy, this is a tough time to sell real estate. It’s especially hard to get new clients if you’re an independent contractor, not a part of a large corporation. However, the real estate market is extremely resilient, and so are the real estate professionals.

The only thing you should have to succeed apart from your resilience is the understanding of how the market works in times of crisis. Here are important trends or real estate markets that are going to define your work in the following months.

Demand falls

The inevitable thing that happens during every recession, even a temporary one like what we see in 2020, is a decrease in demand. Many people feel insecure about their future. They may fear they’re about to lose a job is the recession is to be any longer than a month.

It’s only natural to second guess yourself when you’re about to get a mortgage amidst an economic crisis. But that’s an obvious trend. Now, how can you still be successful in the real estate industry when that happens?

You can take action today to reach out to  your database. Offer value to them, ask how they are doing, deliver care packages, maintain relationships.

Interest rates fall as well

While demand is falling due to instability, the government is doing its best to stimulate the market. Recently, the US has cut the interest rates down to zero, which made mortgage interest rates a full percentage point lower than they were this year.

For people who are completely sure about their future employment, this is the right time to buy. Consult your clients on how to get a sweet deal, and you may be having just as many sales as before, if not more.

Prices become negotiable

As job insecurity rises, so does the number of people who are afraid they may default on their mortgage payments. Those who work in the industries most affected by the current crisis may be the first victims.

In a situation where you may have to default on a loan, it’s always better to sell before you have to go through a foreclosure. This is why many people will be looking to sell quickly and may be open to negotiating in the price.

Virtual tours

As Richard Decastro from Ivory Research points out, during the current crisis, businesses that are traditionally taking place in person are now going online. As a real estate agent, you should be doing that too.

If you own a website, you need to invest in virtual tours on your properties, as many buyers are unwilling or unable to visit the place in person.

The market is dominated by investors

In times when individual buyers are unsure about their financial future and low-income homeowners looking for a fast sell, the market is going to be dominated by big players buying off cheap real estate.

You may need to try to find a new niche of clients to be successful at these times. Also, pay attention to overseas markets, as many currencies are temporarily being devalued, and this may be a fantastic opportunity for investors in the US.

To Wrap Up

During a crisis such as one we observe today, fewer people are able to buy real estate. However, the ones that can afford to do so are very motivated to buy fast, as it’s a great opportunity for cheap purchase. Use that for your advantage, and times of crisis will be times of prosperity for you.

Author Bio
rebeccaRebecca Willis is a Human Resources manager, personal trainee in management, freelance writer and active guest contributor.