Roofstock Guarantee for Real Estate Investors

New program offers a 30-day money-back guarantee plus guaranteed rent on vacant properties.

Roofstock Guarantee

Roofstock, a marketplace for buying and selling single-family rental (SFR) homes, has launched the Roofstock Guarantee. This industry-leading guarantee now allows real estate investors to confidently purchase leased, as well as vacant SFR homes online.

The two-part program includes 1) a 30-day money-back guarantee on SFR investment property purchased through the Roofstock marketplace, and 2) guaranteed rent if the vacant property is not leased within 45 days of closing. With the launch of this new program, Roofstock becomes the first company to offer such a comprehensive guarantee for real estate investors.

“We’ve introduced the Roofstock Guarantee to give our investors increased confidence when investing through our platform,” explains Gary Beasley, CEO and Co-Founder of Roofstock. “We identify and curate investment properties and provide rich data and analytics to help investors find the homes that best meet their objectives. Our data shows that the actual one-year returns1 have on average outperformed our underwriting expectations on both a current yield and value appreciation basis, which gives us the confidence to stand behind our product offering.”

Advanced Data and Technology Pinpoint Strong Investment Opportunities

Roofstock uses a proprietary prediction model to analyze the investment potential of millions of properties. Of the entire pool of properties, only a select number meet the strict underwriting criteria that qualify them as properties. All of these highly curated property listings feature information on yield potential, estimated repair costs, projected total returns and neighborhood ratings, which serve as a proxy for the risk of the investment.

“Transparency is a key part of the way we do business, and we’ve developed technology that gives us—and our investors—unique insight into a home’s investment potential,” said Gary Beasley. “We expect to continue producing innovations and product enhancements like our Roofstock Guarantee that further our mission to democratize real estate investing.”

For more information, visit the Roofstock Guarantee page.