The SEO Tools You Need To Help Your Website

This article and more website information can be found in the SEO Tools Chapter of the 2018 Online Performance Study.

Implementing an SEO campaign that allows you to compete with the listing portals can be difficult. Portals will continue to dominate search results and retain the mass amounts of traffic simply due to their national presence and limitless budgets. With this in mind, your brokerage must find ways to capitalize and nurture opportunities not deemed viable by the large portal websites. Here are some ideas.

Improve Your Website With Schema Markups

What is a schema markup? A schema markup is a code that you put on your website to help search engines return more informative results for users. Your brokerage may want to implement structured markup data (also known as schema markup) on its website where you can gain more visibility in search engines. Using structured markup allows your brokerage to stand out in search engines by displaying unique attributes among your competitors such as property images, list items, addresses, open house times and more. The visual aspect of schema markup makes your website more user-friendly and takes away the guesswork to make it clear to search engines and visitors what information is being served on the page. With your data marked up and structured correctly on critical pages of your website, it becomes easier for your brokerage to rank and appear for focused web searches.


Tools for Your Website:

  1. allows real estate professionals to become the leading resource within their chosen community. By leveraging the Zavvie platform, you can quickly provide more value and leads to your brokerage by merely connecting with potential home buyers in a meaningful way. The tool makes it easy for future clients to see that you are a community expert and key influencer, which ultimately leads to more profit for your brokerage.
  2. allows brokerages and agents to create on-demand, hyper-local content. The neighborhood pages and tools deliver customized and unique content for all your essential communities and neighborhoods, all in a matter of seconds. The platform allows for seamless integration that is very easy to use in a true copy and-paste manner. The pages are also designed to drive user experience and retention by providing high-quality visuals/data information to inform and educate users.
  3. is a premium tool that allows your brokerage to quickly gain access to valuable data and analytics regarding your website. The software comes with a multitude of different tools and reporting for quick feedback and implementations that can be applied to your brokerage website. Quickly discover profitable keywords based on difficulty, compare your domain against your top competitors’ to gain quick tips and insights for improvement and charts that break down what you need to do improve your website.

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