ShelterZoom Announces Partnership With

 Builder of Ethereum-powered Offer/Acceptance and Renting Solutions Joins Forces With Australia’s Premier Real Estate Listings Provider to Create the First Property Search Aggregator to Employ Blockchain

ShelterZoom, creator of the first blockchain-based, real estate offer/acceptance and rental solutions, today announced a partnership with, a premier real estate portal provider in Australia. The partnership makes – which has more than 80 percent of all Australian property listings – the first property search portal/aggregator to employ blockchain.

The partnership kicks off in June with a Rent NOW pilot project involving a small number of View’s key clients. Rent NOW has a widget that can be installed on any real estate rental website which enables a prospective tenant to instantly submit a secure rental offer on a property, generating Ethereum smart contracts. The widget will initially be deployed on those clients’ rental property listings on and then rolled out to all rental listings upon successful completion of the pilot. Offer NOW, ShelterZoom’s related offer and acceptance platform for real estate buyers, agents, and sellers, will follow after that.

“We’re thrilled to join forces with,” said Chao Cheng-Shorland, co-founder and CEO of ShelterZoom. “The end result of combining our blockchain-based real estate platform with their unmatched coverage of Australia’s property listings will mean game-changing transaction security, speed and transparency for real estate consumers and agents alike. They are as concerned about data security and the consumer experience as we are, so it made perfect sense for us to join forces.”

“We are very excited about the partnership with ShelterZoom because their blockchain solution will revolutionize what is a currently a manual and unsecure process,” said Enzo Raimondo, CEO of (formerly “Buyers and renters – and the real estate profession as a whole – will all benefit greatly from their use of Ethereum smart contracts to alleviate data security and privacy concerns. All real estate transactions will be secure and tamper-proof, with data accessible only to the parties involved in the transaction.”