Sponsored Content:  Top Rental Brokers Are Using This Method to Generate More Leads

Believe it or not, there’s a new best-kept secret brewing among top rental brokers. The brokers who are in on this best-kept secret know the way to take advantage of every resource available to them. The method they’re using to generate more leads? Opting in to an data feed through their MLS for free and exclusive leads. and Your MLS May Already Be Working Together

Want in on the action? You may not be aware of this (hence the best-kept secret), but your MLS may actually be partnered with and sharing rental listings on your behalf already. MLSs are notoriously underutilized for rental properties, but there are ways to benefit from utilization.

“Our technology helps both sides of the coin,” says Senior Vice President of Operations Simon Law.  “We provide renters with the largest selection of available rentals along with powerful search tools, which attracts more renters that in turn provides maximum exposure to the listings on our site. For brokers and agents, we set up data feeds with hundreds of MLSs around the country, so it’s easy for them to list with their MLS and automatically get their listings across our entire network. Our platform provides this robust exchange that helps both parties close the deal faster and easier than anyone else in the industry,” says Law. works directly with hundreds of MLSs across the country to provide brokers and agents maximum visibility for their listings. Of the 500 or so MLSs across the country, approximately 370 in the United States feature rental listings. has relationships with roughly 250 of them and counting. When your MLS is partnered with, your listings automatically get placed on the network of sites. This network includes,,,, and You may see where we’re going with this: More exposure equals more leads.

So how can you take advantage of the leads coming from You can opt in via your MLS if it has a data feed established. By doing so, you save time and eliminate the need for duplicative listings, as you’re automatically increasing your listings’ exposure and creating a pipeline of future renters who one day could turn into potential buyers.  

Your Leads Are Always Yours

Unlike other internet listing services, all leads for your listings are sent directly to you at no cost and are yours exclusively. uses the phone number and email associated with your MLS listing to pass leads to you directly.

“That allows us to deliver millions of leads for free to brokers and agents that use an MLS to list their rental vacancies. And unlike other companies, we never sell or share those leads with competing brokers,” says Law. Has More Than Just Multifamily Listings

“Many brokers and agents may not realize that is more than just apartments. It’s actually the leading rental marketplace for all types of residential rental properties, and millions of renters come to the site searching for exactly these types of homes,” says Law. has over 320,000 active listings of houses, townhomes, condos and duplexes. Brokers and agents who list on receive over 1 million leads from renters each month looking for these types of properties.

Marketing Is Key to Lead Generation knows that marketing and exposure are keys to driving more leads. The site invests heavily in its national advertising on your behalf, and its campaigns reach over 100 million renters across TV, video on demand, social media streaming, audio and more. These tactics bring engaged audiences to the site, helping to get your listings seen and rented. 

Take Advantage of the Most Innovative Rental Technology

Top residential brokers are taking advantage of’s advanced tools and technology, including online applications and digital leases, helping them close deals even faster.

Don’t miss out on leads coming from the exposure of over 70 million renter visits every month. has helped get over 40 million leases signed, and yours could be one of them. Check if your MLS is a participating partner so you can opt in today.