Tech Roundup: Beta Testing a Blockchain Contract Tool, Rolls Out Pricing App, and LeadingRE Offers ActivePipe

Method for Creating and Executing Contracts on Blockchain in Beta Testing

ShelterZoom, creator of a blockchain-based real estate purchase and rental deal platform, has launched Mithra Contract, a tokenized, industry-agnostic digital contract platform. Mithra Contract is a next-generation deal, contract and transaction management platform that is expected to deliver transparency, efficiency and security.

Mithra Contract represents an evolution from existing paper, smart and Ricardian contracts. Users–contractual parties–hold tokens containing their rights and obligations.

“Mithra Contract not only contains all the benefits and functionality of smart and Ricardian contracts, but goes a level further by turning legal contracts of all types into cryptographic tokens,” said Dmitry Goroshevsky, ShelterZoom’s chief architect. “Doing so enables on- and off-chain transferring, trading, auctioning, tracking and execution of legal contracts. None of this was possible before.”

Mithra Contract is currently in beta testing. A group of 100+ beta subscribers and several ShelterZoom affiliates will be invited over the next three months. To participant in Mithra Contract beta testing or become an early adopter, please sign up here. Rolls Out ‘Price Perfect’ Tool® announced a new feature on its website and mobile app that equips home buyers with a deeper understanding of their buying power by providing a tool that allows them to add or subtract the cost of specific home features. Price Perfect helps home buyers to configure their ideal home, within a desired price range, in their neighborhood of choice – the first-of-its-kind in the digital real estate industry.