Tech Roundup: Property Management Tool, Prospect Square, Climb Partners with Imprev

Property Management Tech Company Betting on Vegas

Home365 has entered the Las Vegas property management landscape with technology that bundles a multitude of services for a one-rate fee, including management fees, repairs, maintenance, tenant placement and rent loss due to vacancies. Daniel Shaked, founder and CEO of Home365, created the new data and AI-based model as a way to provide a solution for ongoing issues between traditional property managers, property owners and tenants.

“Home365 offers an advanced way to refine communication between parties, improve overall customer service and assist landlords in what can be a very demanding and stressful business,” Shaked said. “This platform will save property owners up to 50 percent in costs and will help restore a sense of trust between renters and property owners.”

Tenants, property owners and service providers communicate through Home365’s own app, which uses intuitive technology to report maintenance issues, schedule repair visits and track the process from beginning to end. The platform also gives tenants the ability to send video of the problem directly to the service provider.

After scheduling an appointment, the tenants can track the movement of the maintenance worker through a map feature to save time and frustration. All fees are covered by Home365 without any additional cost to the property owner. Issues are addressed in a shorter amount of time removing confusion and hassle from the equation.

Las Vegas’ high proportion of out-of-town investors, who own rental properties coupled with the high demand for single-family home rentals, made Las Vegas an ideal place to launch the service. According to Home365, there are only 1,150 homes available to rent in the Las Vegas market.

Bolstering the unique service is Home365’s guarantee to cover rent for vacant properties of up to one year and tenant management program to screen and place renters.

NRT Rolls Out Platform for Digital Content

NRT LLC has launched Prospect Square, a platform designed to help its Coldwell Banker® affiliated agents expand their client base by offering dynamic, valuable and engaging digital content.

Prospect Square streamlines administrative tasks with a marketing tool designed to help agents generate more revenue through a higher level of engagement with existing and prospective clients. Agents select client reports that deliver vital housing market data on city, zip code, county and custom area levels all the way down to specific property information.

These quarterly, area and market reports solidify the agents’ position as local real estate experts. Coldwell Banker clients are kept updated on local market conditions with access to real-time data, long-term trends and metrics based on property type and other variables – all customized to the client’s preferences, location and buyer/seller history.

Agents can also design attention-grabbing monthly marketing campaigns and digital newsletters that automatically market their listings and showcase content to existing and potential clients. They can access property eFlyers, an additional, powerful marketing option sourced from Listing Concierge, another cutting-edge NRT service. Via Prospect Square analytics, agents can acquire insight into the marketing methods that are most successful in securing leads, helping them build their business.

Climb Real Estate Partners with Imprev

Imprev, a leader in real estate marketing automation services, is proud to announce a partnership with Climb Real Estate®. Climb is an innovative full-service residential real estate brokerage that leverages the latest technology to serve clients in emerging, established, and luxury neighborhoods in San Francisco and around the Bay Area. This partnership will make it easy for agents to promote their listings and generate more business.

“Our agents trust us to research and test best-in-class technologies for them so they can focus on the big picture activities of real estate,” says Eric Kjome, head of marketing for Climb. “We take our role very seriously and make it a top priority to give our agents the best options available in the market. Imprev meets our standards beautifully, giving agents a one-stop, user-friendly solution to promote all their listings.”

As one of the most innovative brokerages in the country, Climb holds a high bar in selecting partners and choosing the right vendor. Choosing Imprev to deliver marketing automation to Climb agents was a huge undertaking. Imprev was a clear leader in this space as they offer a powerful service that completes all the time-consuming creative collateral work an agent needs to power their business.

This service will allow agents to quickly access branded marketing collateral to win and close new and existing business through digital, social and print marketing channels. The assets are tailored to major listing events, including an upcoming open house or when the property has been sold. Additionally, whenever there is a change to the listing, the assets are automatically updated and re-delivered to the agent throughout the life of the listing.

“The scalability that Marketing Automation will help us achieve impressed us from the start,” says Christine Kim, president of Climb (Bay Area). “The service allows us to provide our growing number of agents with top-tier marketing support. It also helps us to consolidate the number of tools we need to offer agents, simplifying their marketing experience and reducing the threat of tool fatigue.”

“The beauty of Marketing Automation is that it easily scales to meet the needs of a thriving business. As Climb Real Estate grows, it can continue to provide quality service to agents without comparable increases in overhead,” says Bill Yaman, president and chief operating officer of Imprev. “Brokerages and franchises of today face shrinking margins and increased competition, but with the power of technology, they can effectively protect profitability while providing immense value to agents.”