Tech Roundup for Real Estate Professionals

Tech Roundup for Real Estate Professionals

One thing is certain in real estate, companies are always innovating. Here’s a roundup of some new tech developments.

NRT Rolls Out Desk in Beta

NRT LLC, the nation’s largest real estate brokerage, announced the launch of Desk, a unified platform that unites the key products and tools that affiliated agents need to run their business effectively in one cohesive, integrated solution. Desk is available in beta exclusively through NRT’s Coldwell Banker branded operations for its Coldwell Banker affiliated agents.

Agents can spend an exorbitant amount of time managing mundane administrative functions such as updating bios and online profiles, syncing contacts across multiple platforms and updating their marketing content.

From one platform, affiliated agents can access their email, manage contacts, create listing presentations, update their bios and profiles, create and send market reports, view educational opportunities, market their listings through NRT’s proprietary Listing Concierge program, and much more.

Desk is designed so agents can tailor it to their specifications by customizing their tech and desk homepage, adding apps and easily rearranging where they appear, and removing apps they don’t use, ultimately giving agents the flexibility and freedom to make it their own.

Features of the Desk platform include mobile responsiveness, modern user interface, chat functionally to connect with the product support team instantly, first time user prompts to guide agents through the tools, and the ability to assign delegation rights to give product access to team members and agents’ assistants.

Desk is now live nationally and available to all of NRT’s approximately 45,000 Coldwell Banker affiliated agents as a beta product.

ReferralExchange Launches LIVE Lead Service

ReferralExchange announced the launch of ReferralExchange LIVE, a service that helps agents make the most of their network by verifying and qualifying contacts acquired through their third-party lead generation efforts. The service makes it easy to see at a glance which contacts should be pursued. After the verification process, agents can decide whether to work the leads themselves or have ReferralExchange either qualify or refer them on their behalf.

“ReferralExchange network members told us that they were ‘drowning’ in leads from third-party sources and one of their biggest challenges was identifying which ones were truly interested in transacting,” said Scott Olsen, CEO of ReferralExchange.

“We have used the power of our data science combined with our well-trained outreach team to support the lead-to-close process — helping agents manage their business at all points in a lead’s lifecycle — with much less stress and aggravation.”

Many agents purchase third-party leads but don’t always develop these contacts to their maximum value. By taking the first steps to verify leads, ReferralExchange LIVE enables agents to immediately hone their tech focus. For those who want to have leads developed or referred, ReferralExchange seamlessly works as an extension of an agent’s brand. ReferralExchange boasts that it closes three times the national average of leads because it combines proprietary data science with the power of a well-trained team who make over 5 million calls each year. This service gives agents more time to build relationships and serve clients.

Over 1 in 10 U.S. Homes Listed Have Digital Ads Powered by Adwerx Enterprise in 2018

Adwerx, a leading provider of automated digital advertising for the real estate industry says automated advertising usage increase 60% in 2018, fueled by its expansion of the Automated Listing Advertising Program. Adwerx delivered more than 2 billion impressions for all customers, a 193% increase in impressions over the previous year. The unique service provided ads for over 10 percent of all homes listed in the United States last year, and was adopted by 67 new brokerage customers in 2018.

“Sales are skyrocketing because of our unique offering”, said Jay Hall, Chief Revenue Officer at Adwerx. “Firms establish an automated digital advertising baseline, and because agents experience the value of digital advertising first hand they adopt additional advertising for themselves.

The Adwerx Enterprise platform allows agents to create their own digital ad campaigns with just a few clicks, increasing their personal brand awareness as well as the firm’s. Partner firms using the Adwerx service report an increase in their agents’ productivity, while also using it to recruit new agents, and retention of existing ones.”

Real estate brokerages reported that 94 percent of agents believe the service will help them earn more listings. The automated listing program assures sellers that their homes are being comprehensively marketed online. Offering a personally branded advertising service for agents to market their listings has become an important tool for brokerages interested in recruiting top agents. The program has been adopted by independent real estate brokerages such as Alain Pinel Realtors® and Windermere Real Estate, as well as top Coldwell Banker, CENTURY 21, and Keller Williams franchises. Adwerx also provides advertising for RE/MAX.