Technology Showcase: Quokka


Quokka is a new marketing startup which focuses on a new type of email remarketing, which helps to solve one of marketing’s biggest hurdles.

The Problem:

A major problem marketers have had over the past few years is that of email marketing. Is it really dead? A giant reason many marketers think so is the large amount of emails that go unopened. This is a problem that impacts all industries, not just real estate. According to Mailchimp Research, the average email open rate is only 21%. So the problem for marketers is, how do you reach the other 79% of people who did not open your email? Quokka allows marketers to target individuals who did not open an email with remarketing ads across the internet.

How it works:

Before we dive into how it works, let’s define what remarketing is. Remarketing or Retargeting allows you to position targeted ads in front of a defined audience that had previously visited your website – as they browse elsewhere around the internet. Now this same type of targeting is available through the Quokka platform. This subtler approach to email marketing is much less intrusive than simply re-sending emails. Quokka also has a dynamic analytics back end, which allows marketers to see how many emails were sent out, how many were opened, and how many customers qualify for remarketing.

After allowing some time to pass, you then plug your mailing list into Quokka and pick the platforms you wish to remarket on. The system automatically determines who did not open previous emails. You can target users on Facebook, Twitter, Google AdWords, and much more. In the future Quokka will be able to integrate with existing marketing platforms. Quokka is priced in eight tiers, agents and brokerages can get started for as little as $140 a year.

Quokka and Real Estate:

To me this is one of the more innovative ways I have seen a company try to tackle the problems facing the email marketing world. Customers are becoming more skeptical of ads in their inboxes (I know I am) and ad-blocking software keeps growing, Quokka has a real opportunity to change the game. Real estate professionals everywhere can use this product to create better audience segmentation and then go target those audiences online.