Terradatum Announces Acquisition of VScreen And OnHoldUSA

Terradatum announced the dual acquisition of Schweickart, Inc. media companies VScreen and OnHoldUSA today, collectively the leading video content solutions provider within the residential real estate industry, and the leading voice messaging telecom solution within the apartment industry. Terradatum and VScreen have shared a long-standing technology and data partnership since 2011.

These are two great friends and clients so we couldn’t be more pleased for both parties.

-Steve Murray, President of REAL Trends

“Increasingly, more brokerages and apartment management companies are recognizing the need to integrate video and audio marketing content into their lead generation, relocation, and digital marketing strategies in order to better target Millennials. VScreen and OnHoldUSA both offer turnkey content solutions that are affordable and require minimal technical effort to deploy.” said CEO Stephen Schweickart. “Terradatum provides service to thousands of real estate offices across the country and we’re excited to further leverage our synergies together.

Terradatum CEO, Mark Spraetz, noted “Analytics that Terradatum provides through BrokerMetrics® and its other services, are critically important content that elevates a brokerage’s ability to better execute its business strategy. VScreen and OnHoldUSA’s multimedia content services offer tools that can elevate marketing efforts in a similar manner. Good content, regardless of form, seeks to engage a person with the brand. Their collective content educates and engages, offering utility across the spectrum of digital marketing. The combination of analytics and marketing content will be a differentiator for our clients.”


About VScreen

VScreen is the nation’s leading real estate video content provider, offering turnkey video solutions to brokers and agents looking for the latest in consumer centric video content and technology. In addition to Community Videos, VScreen is also the parent company of ListingVideos.com, VidBrander.com, and the patent pending MarketVideos.com portal.

About OnHoldUSA

OnHoldUSA® has been providing voice messaging solutions to American businesses for over 30 years, with a team of professional voice artists, copy writers and production experts with the experience and know how to elevate telephone and in-store messaging to business-class.

About Terradatum, Inc.
Terradatum, creators of Listing Advantage, MLSWEB, BrokerMetrics(r) is an industry leader in real estate market analytics. Aggregating millions of data elements drawn nationally from MLS sources over many years, analytics derived from its services provide clarity and vital insights to real estate professionals to enable better forecasting, compensation modeling and market performance. Originally founded in 1989, Terradatum is a privately held company. For more information, please visit www.terradatum.com.