The release of an all-inclusive video marketing suite that enables Realtors to easily upload, host, create, brand and distribute their customized video content via a single platform was announced this week by Terradatum.

VScreen Video Marketing Suite (VMS), accessed at VScreen.com, now serves as an easy-to-use video software portal that is being touted as the “Swiss Army Knife” of video content marketing and the only video tool users will ever need, enables agents to choose their own video player, create and personally brand turnkey video content, and then easily distribute their videos via scheduled social media posts and customizable e-newsletters. Realtors can also create and personalize VScreen’s turnkey and data-powered Market Videos, Community Videos, Listing Videos, or actor-based Advice Videos with the quick push of a button.

Vice President Amie Hall called the new video SaaS portal a “game changer” because agents can now consolidate all their video marketing through one platform, versus splitting their time and resources between multiple vendors and platforms. “Marketing and distribution, without strong content, is pointless. Video content, without marketing and distribution, is equally as pointless. This is why we felt the obvious need to bring both worlds together and create a one- stop-video-shop that saves agents both time and money.”

As part of the launch, the new service will be featured on Corelogic Clareity’s Discover Dashboard® servicing over 250,000 agents across 39 MLS sites. For a limited time and as part of the launch, agents can test drive the entire VScreen platform for free, with no obligation or credit card required…and discover firsthand how to easily make, brand and distribute their own hyper-local Market Videos, Community Videos, Listing Videos or Advice videos via a robust video marketing platform that was created with the sole proprietor in mind.