The Social Real Estate Professional: The Role of Social Media in Real Estate Marketing

Increasingly, all we do is online and selling houses is no different. Sadly, many real estate companies are missing out on clients because they do not have the information or tools to make the most of this growing virtual presence. This article is designed to provide some guidance in navigating new territory, giving you the know-how to make the first move into the social world of housing.

Untapped Potential

The real estate business is a well-established, tried and tested formula. It’s often about making clients aware of housing opportunities over the phone or when they visit a branch designed to offer realtor services. The problem with this is that a growing segment of the population no longer shop for houses in person and are more likely to find their dream home with a quick google search, or even as they browse their social feeds. Providing an online listing can help you to reach this younger generation of potential homeowners.


Good communication is the bedrock of any business. With platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn designed with communication in mind, Real Estate companies can be more effective than ever before. Facebook allows you to build a business page, update potential audiences with new house offers and set up viewings. “You can establish a presence on these platforms and when you actively engage with the community, responding to messages regularly, you can begin to build a consistent client base that has faith in your services”, says Edith Kershner, a marketing manager at Lastminutewriting and Draft Beyond.


Social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn are some of the most well integrated on the internet. Type a business name into Google and you can bet that, if it has a Facebook account, it’s high up on the list of links that come back. Having aligned social media accounts will bump your business up through the search engine system so that you’re visited more often. This is incredibly useful when creating more opportunities to sell.

Post Testimonials, Make Them into Stories

Some of the savviest real estate companies using social media, create human stories that connect the audience with the product. Instead of simply copying and pasting a quote, hurriedly scribbled as papers are signed for and keys exchanged, take some time to get to know why your client needed help with buying a house. Map their background and make it relatable. Are they newly married or about to have a baby? Do they need a place close to their family? What is their reason for moving and how did you get them the perfect home? Social media sites thrive on relatable, emotive content, so sell the story, not just the house.

Make It Snappy

Ever thought of using snapchat and Instagram to sell a house? It might seem odd to focus on the visual, but visually friendly social media platforms are becoming excellent spaces to sell. “Post a story showcasing the latest offers. Invest in some beautiful shots of the houses for sale, and make use of filters, apps, quizzes, polls and anything that can get your audience engaged with your business”, explains Betty Sullivan, a social media marketer at Writinity and Researchpapersuk.

Being Current

Staying active on social media means that, as a business, you can utilise any trends or current affairs to bring awareness to your brand. Trends come and go every day on the internet, so keeping your finger on the pulse at all times ensures that, when there’s a relevant trend, your business can ride the wave and get noticed.


Facebook makes it even easier than ever to make an audience aware of charitable donations and fundraisers. At once, you can tell followers and clients about initiatives that contribute to community. For example, helping end homelessness by donating or running special initiatives, relates to real estate, and also builds a relationship with the client that signals your business is taking care of people.


Entering the virtual world of housing advertisement might seem difficult at first, but has so many unique benefits and opportunities to offer that it cannot be overlooked by anyone in the business. Creating a presence online has never been easier. Building trust through image and connection, and making the most of quick, visual, punchy mediums to make a great impression, is so effective and easy. Creating stories as we connect online can elevate a real estate brand above the rest very quickly, and can mean the difference between a quick sale, and a slow day at the office.

Valerie Caswell is a marketing professional at and She enjoys reading and writing on different aspects of online marketing, technology and entrepreneurship. Firm believer in lifelong learning and continuous self improvement.