Three Benefits of Remote Selling in the Real Estate Industry

More and more businesses are turning to remote working and selling, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic that has led to travel and meeting restrictions. Remote selling can prove a challenge, especially to older sales reps who may be new to the idea of selling without necessarily having to meet physically. However, if done right, remote selling can actually help elevate your sales processes without even having to leave your desk. 

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How can remote selling help your real estate company? In this article, we look at three major ways in which the real estate industry is benefiting from remote sales:

  • Save Companies and Clients Time and Money 

One of the basic advantages of remote selling in the real estate industry is saving time and money for both realtors and their clients. How is this done? 

Remote selling enables real estate companies to explore the world of augmented and virtual realities. This means that a client can take a virtual tour of the property at any time of the day without necessarily having to travel physically to the property itself. A client can take virtual tours of their choice properties and only visit them once they’ve narrowed down their options. This not only saves a lot of time and money but also simplifies real estate sales. 

This also applies to the real estate companies’ side. Imagine as a company you have several potential clients who are interested in the same property. For you, this would mean either scheduling the showing day on one date or travel to the property several times before closing the deal. In addition to the travelling costs, you may have to factor in other overhead costs, such as meals and accommodation. 

Now, imagine only having to travel to the property only when you’ve narrowed down your prospects to the genuinely interested clients. And that’s not all. You might not even have to lease office space and purchase office equipment. Isn’t that amazing? 


  • Expanded Reach 

Remote selling can help you reach a wider target audience. How? With virtual reality, any prospect from anywhere in the world can take a virtual tour of properties they’re interested in. The properties don’t even have to be local. All you need is a strong internet connection. 

This is especially beneficial when prospects are older or those with disabilities that make mobility difficult. With such prospects, the traditional method of listing and selling the property would be ineffective. With virtual tours, however, clients can learn a lot about the property without even having to set foot in it. 

Also, because of the adoption of technology, if the property is not what the clients are looking for, they’re more likely to reach out to you and ask for other options that might work out for them. 

Remote selling also exposes realtors to other advertising opportunities such as internet marketing. For example, you can create a shareable link that can be sent to friends, family or associates via email or social media. This hugely widens your target audience. 

  • Boosted Productivity 

Remote sales significantly boost employee morale and productivity by 13%. Imagine a day in the life of a field salesperson. They have to drive or commute to different offices to see clients and properties, wait on clients for coffee, and attend various meetings. With all the activities on your plate, you can probably only see about four clients in a day—plus, it’s a hectic life. 

Now, switch to remote sales and only run your activities from one place. Suddenly, you can talk to many clients in a day. And that’s not all—you can spend less time in meetings by only doing essential activities. With traditional field sales, you tend to spend a lot of time moving around, waiting on someone else, getting coffee, and exchanging greetings. This could be highly ineffective.  

Remote sales reps are empowered to perform astoundingly in their work. They eliminate distractions, such as office politics and commute, to solely focus on their job. They have the flexibility to choose their work environment and choose their schedule as long as they produce results.  

Key Takeaways 

Remote selling involves making sales without having to meet the client. It can help boost the selling process in real estate companies. Major benefits of remote selling in the real estate industry include boosted productivity, wider target audience reach and saving time and money. Virtual and augmented reality can be some of the most effective tools for remote selling as they enable you to take clients on virtual tours.