Tips to Create a Personal Brand Using Social Media to Drive Lead Generation

Tips to Create a Personal Brand Using Social Media to Drive Lead Generation

As part of their ongoing efforts to teach companies how to self-promote, digital marketing company, fishbat, shares how creating a personal brand on social media can help real estate agents generate more leads.

The days of real estate agents promoting themselves primarily through marketing campaigns of calendars, postcards and bus stop benches featuring their smiling faces are no longer the gold-standard they used to be. If you aren’t utilizing social media channels to cultivate a personal brand for your real estate business alongside traditional marketing avenues you may not be getting the results and leads you deserve.

Creating a personal brand might be time-consuming, but it is well within reach for even novice social media users. Read on for four tips for real estate agents who want to create a personal brand by utilizing social media to drive lead-generation.

Content Is King

An update of the old sales saying of “Location, Location, Location,” might sound something like this: “Content, Content, Content.” Curating quality content is crucial for creating a strong personal brand on social media. For real estate agents aiming to cultivate a personal brand, this means sharing more than just photos of your current listings. A successful social media strategy will combine your best listings with creative, relevant, and engaging content.

Be Your Community’s Most Trusted Ambassador

Creating content that engages helps put a face to your name, and may help awareness and recall rates of your personal brand. Houses aren’t just tangible goods- they’re homes where children are raised and memories are made. People don’t just buy houses; they buy into neighborhoods and communities. Think of yourself as your community’s most trusted brand ambassador. Your social media content should showcase the best parts of the community that you represent.

Where are the best restaurants to grab a burger or have brunch? How are the local libraries? What is the art scene like? Is your community home to any summer music or food festivals? How about family-friendly offerings? This is the kind of content that your potential clients crave, and it goes beyond a street address or zip code.

Pics (and Video) or it Didn’t Happen

Make your content more dynamic – don’t just list your community’s hot spots. Visit them and share photos from your favorite restaurants, boutiques, galleries and other local businesses across your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest platforms. Tagging your locations whenever possible is a great way to endear your real estate company with other local business owners.

When a photo can’t tell a full story, such as during festivals and street fairs in your community, consider going live on Facebook or creating a video to share in your Instagram stories. Invite your followers to join you in person; there’s always a possibility that a potential client might show up!

Potential Clients Love Live Video Listings

Listings, of course, are a real estate agent’s bread-and-butter. Home buyers are spending more time than ever researching online before reaching out to real estate agents for more information. Make your listings stand out by showcasing them as video content across your social media feeds.

You can easily create video walkthroughs with your smartphone, but you should consider utilizing Facebook’s live feature and Instagram stories to create dynamic open house videos. Investing in a drone camera to capture aerial footage of your listing gives your potential clients another angle from which to view their future home.

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