Tom Ferry International Offers The HUB to ALL Real Estate Professionals

Tom Ferry International Offers The HUB to ALL Real Estate Professionals

Real estate’s top-ranked coach makes technology system available for all agents and boasts a revolutionary feature — the first and only 24/7 video role play service in real estate.

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Tom Ferry International announces that it is making its all-in-one technology suite for real estate success, The HUB, open to all agents. Previously, features were exclusive to coaching clients, however, the tech-enabled platform is now available to all agents. The first video coaching calls took place in The HUB in March 2018 and it quickly became the place where agents and coaches connected and worked together to achieve agent goals and generate more business. The company officially launched the new platform silently for all Tom Ferry coaching clients.

The HUB is designed to guide agents through the processes that lead to more transactions. It includes a customized Tom Ferry Customer Relationship Management system in partnership with Contactually. The HUB provides a suite of unique tools such as real estate video roleplaying to perfect sales techniques, business planning, and activity tracking to monitor progress,  as well as access to the Tom Ferry Referral Network. The Tom Ferry Referral Network exists to directly connect agents without any middlemen or additional fees.

“In just a few short months I’ve seen the difference that The HUB has made for our clients,” added Tom Ferry. “It was their success that inspired us to open up the system so that more real estate professionals can benefit from this streamlined technology that has been customized to the wants and needs of today’s modern agent. This system is designed to be available at all times as a resource to help strengthen an agent’s business, making it measurable and predictable every time.”

In order to reach the largest number of agents, Ferry is offering a free community-level membership that includes access to the extensive referral network. The HUB’s network uses Smart Search technology to immediately connect agents with trustworthy resources. Because everything is routed through The HUB, confidentiality is assured and all initial interactions are in one place.

The free membership also features Ferry’s proven business planning and activity tools. Use of these techniques has benefitted many of the country’s top-producing real estate agents in achieving greater success and having the careers they have always dreamed of. The system directly connects agent goals with the activities they need to complete in order to meet their desired outcome whether it be amount of transactions, overall sales volume, or a deeper connection to their network. The HUB serves as a guide in tracking progress, helping increase accountability.

For agents who would like to experience more of the benefits of The HUB, a Pro membership also provides added access to the Tom Ferry CRM. Tom Ferry International worked with Contactually to develop this CRM that helps agents build and maintain stronger relationships with leads and clients. Customized buckets for segmenting contacts ensures that all leads are tracked for optimum follow-up.

The Pro membership also adds in video roleplaying, which is an invaluable resource for the modern real estate agent. Agents can roleplay with other agents on demand, inside the Tom Ferry HUB to build confidence and increase their sales acumen at any time. This is the only video roleplay service of its kind in real estate that is available 24 hours a day. The necessity of practicing client negotiations and conversations has been taken and put into a technical suite proving to be beneficial for agents.

The pro level membership also includes the interview series ‘Sell Like A Rockstar’ and ‘Marketing Spotlight’ which provide inspiration and actionable tactics that have been proven to help agents close more deals and grow their businesses.  A pro advanced membership also provides access to advanced CRM tools. Effective scripts, that have been tested and proven to be successful, are also provided for agents to use. These scripts perfect the act of cold calling, follow-ups and every conversation that an agent would need to have with a prospective client. Membership rates start at $99 per month.

tom ferryTom Ferry is the best-selling author of two coaching books, Life! By Design and Mindset, Model, and Marketing!. Tom Ferry International, provides success coaching for more than 6,000 real estate and sales professionals worldwide. To learn more, please visit