Top 10 Books for Real Estate Agents

The famous saying goes, “Leaders are readers,” and this rings true for every profession out there, including real estate agents. 

Books are one of the great ways to acquire more knowledge as a real estate agent. They are often packed with in-depth and strategic information that is vital to success in real estate. And to help you easily navigate the never-ending barrage of both motivational and real estate books, I’ve compiled this list of the best books for real estate agents.

Ten Best Books for Real Estate Agents

  1. The Millionaire Real Estate Agent (Gary Keller of Keller Williams)

    The title of the first book on our list speaks for itself. In the industry circles, this book is referenced as the Bible for establishing and growing a real estate business. It presents fresh perspectives for real estate with an in-depth guide that you can use to build your thriving business. The guide easily allows you, reverse engineer your goals, and breaks down everything to daily tasks. 

  2. Ninja Selling: Subtle Skills. Big Results (Larry Kendall)

    This next book is a 2018 Axiom Business Book Award Winner from a leader in the real estate space. It provided you with clear directions on how to build your business using database marketing. There are great tips on building and interacting contacts in your database or those you would like to include in your database.
    Also, the book is packed with the exact formula that Larry Kendall uses when he teaches his famous Ninja Selling Course. If you are looking for a book that cuts right to the tasks, help increase your income per hour, and lead a life you enjoy.

  3. The Hyper-Local Hyper-Fast Real Estate Agent: How to Dominate Your Real Estate Market in Under a Year – I Did it and so Can You! (Daniel James Lesniak)

    Here is another excellent read for new real estate agents. It chronicles how Daniel Lesniak built his real estate business from scratch and the exact methods he used to become a top producer in a little under a year. He gives specific ideas that worked for him and didn’t hold back in sharing his scripts, letters, and tactics in the book.

  4. The Conversion Code: Capture Internet Leads, Create Quality Appointments, Close More Sales (Chris Smith)

    Our number four book is excellent for real estate agents that wish to focus on social media adverts, internet leads, and online prospecting. The Conversion Code is a book filled with great tips from real estate expert, Chris Smith.
    He writes on how to set up your social media and online campaigns and convert all interactions into leads. He goes further to highlight free and paid methods of how real estate agents can make money online.

  5. The Third Door: The Wild Quest to Uncover How the World’s Most Successful People Launch Their Careers (Alex Banayan)

    The number five book on our list for best books for real estate agents focuses a great deal on the amount of effort that needs to go into building a successful career and not necessarily the result. The author shares fantastic stories from his interviews of some of the world’s top leaders on the effort they put in all through their careers.
    One great thing any real estate agent can learn from this book is that instead of focusing on selling that house or nailing a client, your focus should be solely on the effort you put in each day. Let go of your attachment to the result; eventually, it will show.

  6.  Guerrilla Marketing (Jay Conrad Levinson)

    Marketing is an essential skill for anyone in the real estate business. Our number six is the Bible on branding, marketing material, and strategy. The success of this book spans multiple countries around the world, and it is translated into different languages.
    The principles of Guerrilla Marketing revolve around any form of promotion or marketing at little or no cost. The idea is to leverage your creative ideas and time investment above capital expenditure to get significant business results. It is a great read to help real estate agents apply innovative marketing strategies to their businesses.

  7.  The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Stephen Covey)

    Stephen Covey is one of those influential authors who talk, and every executive can’t help but listen. With over 15 million copies sold it is an excellent book for those working towards the path of self-development. The key focus is that you need to create principles from daily tasks, gradually it gets easier to grow past business failures, chart a new course, and move toward your end goals.

  8.  Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion (Robert Cialdini)

    As a salesperson, this book delves into all of the ways you can motivate and influence your prospective clients. You’ll get a gleam of how people think, and the communication changes are likely to influence their perception. This book is one of those books you come back to over and over again because it is an excellent resource for learning how people think and how you can get them to do the things you require of them ethically.

  9.  Emotional Intelligence (Daniel Goleman)

    This is a thoughtfully written book on the philosophy of creating better relationships. Maintaining relationships is another important aspect of real estate. With this book, you are able to understand social interactions, especially in business and building relationships.
    When it comes to home buying and selling, you find out that most people are emotional and sentimental. So it becomes vital for a real estate agent to learn the ability to be emotionally intelligent. This book will also help you better understand the mind, how people feel, and the basis of the actions they take.

  10. Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard (Chip and Dan Heath)

    The real estate market is one that experiences some ups and downs. As an agent, you need to have the ability to understand change management and find ways to stay above water when it gets tough.
    The truth is that it is a daunting task to make a complete 180 from your established business and target customers. That is why you need to read the final book on our list of best books for real estate agents. This will help you navigate through any drastic changes in the housing and real estate market as a whole

Just like any good content writer sharpens their skill by getting custom writing reviews from websites such as Online Writers Rating, reading always helps us sharpen our minds and refine our skills. I hope you find these books as inspiring as I did.

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