‘Top CEO’s 2018 Employees’ Choice’ Ranks 3 Real Estate CEOs

Who Made Glassdoor’s List?

Glassdoor, arguably the best career search and recruiting website, unveiled their ‘Top CEOs 2018 Employees’ Choice’ list and three influential real estate CEOs made the list.

What makes this list unlike others is the fact that the ranking is entirely based off current and past employee reviews. If you have ever explored Glassdoor you will know that this platform includes a lot more information about a company than just a job opening. In fact, the main reason why Glassdoor is one of the fastest growing career websites is because of it’s impressive in-depth company profiles all based on employee input.

Top CEOs 2018 Employees Choice


The Top CEO list is broken down into two categories – large companies which rank the top 100, and small to medium companies which rank the top 50.

Top Large Companies

Keller Williams Realty – John Davis

Keller Williams CEO, John Davis made the large companies list at #30 with a 95% overall CEO rating. The company holds a 4.1 out of 5 rating, 80% would refer KW to a friend, and John Davis has a 95% approval rating. Keller Williams also was named #13 on Glassdoor’s Best Places To Work Ranking in 2018 and #31 in 2017.

Top CEOs 2018 Employees Choice

Top Small to Medium Companies

Compass – Robert Reffkin

Compass Founder and CEO, Robert Reffkin makes an appearance at number 32 with a 97% approval rating. What are people saying about Reffkin’s Compass? The most recent review calls the company amazing, “…a unicorn. It is that rare company that combines passion, focus, execution, vision, and has a heart and a soul.” Read more reviews here, and rest assured, all reviews ask for pros and cons. The company holds an impressive 4.6 out of 5 rating, 92% would refer Compass to a friend and Reffkin’s CEO rating is firmly at 97%.

Top CEOs 2018 Employees Choice

eXp Realty – Glenn Sanford 

Last but certainly not least, at number 39, is Glenn Sanford of eXp Realty with an approval rating of 96%. The Bellingham, WA based company is one of the fast growing real estate companies, and it appears it is not losing focus on it’s employees. The company ties Compass with a 4.6 out of 5 rating but eXp Realty beats both KW and Compass with 95% of it’s employees saying they would refer to a friend with one employee saying, “The company is growing fast – which means growing pains – that’s why the opportunity is so huge!”

Top CEOs 2018 Employees Choice

All of the aforementioned companies have made the 2018 REAL Trends 500 Brokerage rankings by either sales volume or transaction sides. It will be interesting to see how these ratings hold up as these companies continue to grow and experience inevitable growing pains. Much like the rest of the real estate industry, we will keep our eyes on these companies.

Other real estate focused companies made  Glassdoor’s Top CEO lists, we focused only on residential real estate. To view more companies and CEOs, visit Glassdoor.