What Is WhatsApp? It’s More Than a Messaging Tool

How to Use WhatsApp for Your Real Estate Business

If you work with global real estate agents, you’re surely used WhatsApp. It’s an easy way to reach foreign buyers and investors without purchasing an international calling plan. However, the social media tool and a messaging app can do a lot more than allow you to message buyers and sellers. It has more than one and a half billion of users making it the most popular messaging application in the world. On the other hand, the application ranks third on the list of social media websites, according to Statista. The figures are lucrative for the real estate professionals who want to market their business and penetrate to a bigger market.

Here are some of the ways WhatsApp can come into play:

Chat with Your Customers

Ideally, this has to be the best part of using WhatsApp for your real estate business. Real estate brokers and agents can use this app to engage in daily conversations with their customers. Once your lead adds you to his contact list, you can inform them of the current properties on sale, offer a lucrative property deal, or send pictures of a property that might attract their attention.


For the real estate professionals who need to interact with their customers on daily basis, the WhatsApp tool can help you offer the latest updates about a property.

Offer Customer Support Service

For real estate professionals, WhatsApp provides a faster way to offer customer support service as you can engage in a one-on-one conversation. To make the process even more helpful, the app can be integrated with GrabAChat app to accelerate the customer support service.

The app provides various features regarding customer support services. For example, you can save the contact details of your customer that you can use later to promote a property or offer any solutions. You can upload information to the cloud that you can access from any device. Similarly, you can label your chats to make them more organized.

So, if you want to answer queries of a seller or want to offer advice for buying a property, you can integrate this app with WhatsApp to offer a solid customer support service.

Target a Local Market

Working in a specific community or farm area? With WhatsApp, you can pitch a property to a more targeted market. Let’s say you run a real estate company in Belmont area in the city of Texas, then you can send lucrative property deals to people in that particular area. This will help you hook the attention of people who reside in that particular area and they likely contact you first to get the details of the property they are interested in.

Create Chat Groups

Creating chat groups in your WhatsApp allows you to organize your contacts in terms of the similarities they share with each other. For example, you can use this feature to group contacts within a specific area, or you can add associates with whom are working. Creating these groups will help you organize your contacts but also saves you time spent sending messages to different contacts.

Make Attractive Listings and Share with Your Contacts

WhatsApp can be a good source to pitch the best property deals to your clientele. You can use this app as one of the many marketing channels you can use to showcase the features of a property. For example, you can create a listing of a beach house with a snap that shows you on the rooftop that faces the seashore. Similarly, you can create an ad of an apartment featuring the seller in an infinity pool with a catchy tagline.

These messages will serve as a good copy to pitch the best property deals your clientele will likely to consider for a purchase.

Organize Your Chats

Running a real estate business is a time-sensitive job that demands prompt actions. With the Grab a Chat app integrated into WhatsApp, you can create labels of your chat history of customers and organize chats in terms of the name, nature of property, project name, and buyer/seller name etc.

In this way, you can organize your chats and easily find the right information about a property that you can share. Similarly, you can sort out messages of your business associate, notary officer or a lawyer regarding the documentation or other legal procedures of a property.

This makes it significantly easier for you to keep tabs on the status of a property and you can quickly share that information with the concerned person in your contact list.

Collect or Send Payments

This is one of the best features of WhatsApp. For real estate businesses that need to deal with daily payment transactions, WhatsApp can make things simple and easy. The app can be integrated with PayUnow that enables the real estate businesses to collect or send payments to vendors without any hassles.

Time Your Messages

Being a real estate professional deprives you of the mental space to remember every nitty-gritty detail. There are deadlines you must meet. There are legal procedures that you have to process. There are property deals that need your attention. And there’s endless paperwork that needs to be done. These are too many tasks to remember.

To help you remind the specific actions at the right time, you can time your messages. For example, if you have a meeting with one of your customers next Sunday, you can send yourself a message for that particular date and time. Similarly, you can set time to a message to your attorney to get the update of legal documentation.

WhatsApp is a nifty app for someone who runs a real estate business. With help of this messaging tool, you can instantly communicate messages, market a property to his contacts, and promote a property to a locality. All these things can contribute to your business and make it more organized and manageable.

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