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Is Uber Real Estate Disrupting The Industry?

Not exactly…. Uber Real Estate Says it Will Reduce Transaction Costs by Up to 50 Percent

Real estate broker Brent Ritz, has announced that he’s going to build Uber Real Estate Services to solve all the ills plaguing the brokerage market and provide a far more advanced, easier to use real estate service.  We welcome all new forms of competition for it will inevitably improve our industry.  However, we wonder what exactly they bring to the table that isn’t already present and available.  Better websites?  Better communication systems?  We’ve seen that fail before (think Merrill Lynch and Sears).

We also know from our recent research with Harris Insights & Analytics that consumers actually think that using an agent is very smart; that agents tend to communicate in an acceptable way and that nearly 70 percent still choose an agent because someone they trust referred them. The 2018 study from the California Association of Realtors(r), The CE Shop and REAL Trends will be released October 5.
How and why Uber Real Estate thinks it will revolutionize the brokerage industry escapes us at this time.  Surely they have more up their sleeves than the shopworn phrasing in their release.
It’s important to note that Uber Real Estate is not affiliated with Uber the ride-sharing company.


Official Press Release:

Uber Real Estate announces the hard launch of Uber Real Estate services

Uber Real Estate has announced the launch of Uber Real Estate services. Uber Real Estate is disrupting the traditional real estate brokerage brick and mortar business model by reducing the transaction cost by up to 50 percent using their unique on-demand model.

“You will never again pay a full commission using Uber Real Estate. We take the Jack Ma and Steve Jobs approach to business and supply the consumer with what they want. We will make Uber Real Estate the premium service it should be, provide the ultimate value and market liquidity. This is for the people.”

-Brent Ritz, Chairman of Uber Real Estate

Consumers receive Uber-like execution with only experienced professionals, no more drama and only substantive yes or no, answers. Uber Real Estate provides Broker and Broker Attorneys with ten to thirty years of experience to the company’s clients. Associates have equity participation based on performance metrics. They have assets, skin in the game and perfect records. They are part owners of their firm and consequently, do not compete against others at their own firm. They actually do provide agency and work for the clients of the company as it should be.

“People are sick of fees and the boring drama of under-educated inexperienced Realtor cheerleaders. Uber Real Estate provides superior service with the unnecessary overhead, inefficiencies and bureaucracy removed. Uber Real Estate is the much-needed disruption in the Real Estate space.”

“Consumers just want to go online and get it done with Uber – Like Execution. Presently we are completely website driven. An Uber, mobile application, for Real Estate, is under development.”

Uber Real Estate was registered in 2009. Uber Real Estate owns the Trademark, for the word, Uber, itself, for Real Estate.