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United Real Estate merges with Alabama-based Leading Edge Real Estate Group

United Real Estate merged with Houston's Texas United Realty in early January.

In its second merger announced this year, United Real Estate (United) is entering a new state and expanding its national service footprint with Leading Edge Real Estate Group, based in Huntsville, Alabama. North Alabama is a key strategic market and natural extension of United’s service areas in Tennessee and the Southeast.

“Over the past few years, we reached a tipping point where the real estate market was rapidly changing, and we were facing real challenges to offer the technology, training and resources some larger companies provided, says Charlene Sullivan, funder of Leading Edge Real Estate Group. “The additional back-office support United brings to the table frees us from some administrative tasks and allows us to spend more time with our agents.”

The Sullivans will remain an integral part of the Huntsville-based team. This merger will continue to bolster United’s expanding footprint, joining its high-value and high-service company-owned and franchised locations across the country.

According to a statement by Dan Duffy, CEO of United Real Estate Group, “With the “work-where-you-want-to-live” migration well underway in the U.S., we intend to invest heavily to grow our presence in the region to serve both those that have called North Alabama home for generations and the newcomers that no doubt will be welcomed with Southern hospitality. The region is also a natural extension of our existing service areas in the Southeastern U.S. and Tennessee, where we’re rapidly gaining market share.”

The merger comes on the heels of United’s merger with Texas United Realty in Houston.