Go Viral! How to Get Your Real Estate Video Shared

How to Use Viral Marketing to Achieve Success in Real Estate Business

Of course, word-of-mouth is the best real estate marketing strategy but and with the rise of the internet and social media platforms, this word-of-mouth approach has turned into viral marketing.

Viral marketing is a strategy that employs social media platforms to advertise a product. It’s similar to social media marketing, and yet there’s a striking difference.

How are these two marketing branches different?

Viral marketing relies not so much on the advertisement itself, but on what the target audience has to say about it. It doesn’t matter how the message is delivered, but rather how it’s perceived. The major thing that matters is how the consumers spread the word about a product. That’s what makes it become viral.

Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most powerful ways to advertise your services as well. According to Smart Insights, in the United States, there are 3.3 billion brand mentions and 2.4 brand-related conversations. This statistic shows how powerful viral marketing can be. As a real estate professional, you should definitely include word-of-mouth marketing in your arsenal.

How do you start? Here are the tips you need.

  1. Use the Power of Social Media

Viral marketing isn’t necessarily about social media platforms only. However, in the digital world, social media play a crucial role in spreading the word about brands and their services.

Social media platforms can powerful tools for a real estate agent. Just take a look at how many people use various social media platforms (in billions):

viral marketing

Image credit: Statista

Your success depends mostly on how many people you can reach with your message, so start with connecting with social media users to build a foundation of your success in the real estate business.

  1. Start a Blog

You can showcase your real estate and community expertise by starting your own blog. Share your knowledge about the industry and clarify terms the average consumer may not understand.

Create simple and clear blog posts about real estate business that your readers will understand. “Blog is a wonderful means of communicating something and making it all about your client,” says Peter Townsend, a viral marketing specialist at Flatfy.

Running a blog might seem like a fun and creative activity at first, but it involves a lot of planning and hard work. Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

  • Always make it about your readers. For example, if you’re writing a blog about real estate trends for 2019, share your personal opinion on this issue. Your readers would appreciate your opinion more than some pallid statistics.
  • Value both evergreen and seasonal content. Evergreen content is something that will appear on your blog on the regular basis, whereas seasonal content will have some specific features related to a particular event (like the holiday season, etc.). Value both of these types of content as they equally bring something fresh to your readers.

By having a professional real estate blog, you’ll get more traffic and convert your readers into potential customers. Besides, if someone cites your article as an opinion of a professional, you’ll get great exposure, which will help you become a real estate brand.

  1. Don’t Disregard the Comments

Comments are the main weapon of viral marketing. So disregarding them would be a huge mistake.

Nevertheless, there’s always an issue of unconstructive criticism. There’s a debate about whether you should respond to negative comments on social media or your blog, and the answer is that if you choose to do so, tread carefully.

For sure, there’s spam and comments that are coming from people who haven’t even read the article well enough to understand your point of view. So, answer to the comments that can spark a good, informative discussion and can bring some value both to you, the commentator and other readers.

There’s one thing to keep in mind…

You should stay true to your values. To achieve success in the real estate business you need to turn yourself into a brand. And what makes a brand stand out? Its goals and values. And, while with viral marketing the word spreads really fast, make sure that it delivers the right message.

Kate Khom is a passionate writer who likes sharing her thoughts and experience with the readers. Currently, she works as a real estate agent, you can check her website. She likes everything related to traveling and new countries.