Want to be in Real Estate? 5 Benefits of Becoming a Real Estate Agent

A career in real estate can be very rewarding but it also has a number of challenges, particularly because the industry is so competitive.

Real estate agents need to know about many different areas such as law, negotiations, social media and sales. One of the challenges is marketing and generating leads. Establishing a trusting client base who will give word-of-mouth recommendations to others is one of the most effective forms of marketing. 

Another challenge is how to make a brokerage website effective enough to stand out fro the competition. When searching for properties, prospective buyers usually begin with an internet search. 

Real estate brokerages need to make sure they are properly represented on the internet. Overcoming such challenges offers enormous potential for success. Here are five benefits of being a real estate agent. 

Gain independence

Joining a top real estate agency means you can learn from top estate agents who know the industry well. First you will need to get a license to legally sell, rent, or broker real estate to prospective buyers and tenants. 

This means passing a test to prove you have the required knowledge. Passing a background check and having errors and omissions insurance to protect you from litigation is a requirement in some jurisdictions. 

The brokerage you work at will usually supply you with office space and support, as well as training and access to prospective buyers. Real estate agents usually work as independent contractors, so you have to think of your work much like having your own client base to develop and grow. 

As mentioned in a leading assignment service report, real estate agents also have the option of beginning their own business once they have the necessary experience and they can do so at a relatively low cost. They can run it completely on their own terms and there are no limits to its growth if they have a superior work ethic and great attitude. 

There is enormous potential for expansion in the real estate industry and if you decide to develop a brokerage business, you can structure it for sale at some point in the future. 

Arrange your own schedule 

Starting off as a real estate agent usually means spending hours prospecting for clients, cold calling, arranging marketing etc. As a list of clients grows, hours often become more flexible. There is no clocking in and out on a time card like in some other professions. 

Of course, you could be working on marketing in the morning, contracts in the afternoon and showing properties in the evening. It is a mistake to think that a flexible schedule means plenty of free time. 

Many real estate agents organize their schedule according to their clients’ needs. For instance, a client may only be able to view a house after work hours or on weekends. 

Agents may have to work outside of normal work hours often but they also have the benefit of flexibility during working hours to attend school events, doctor’s appointments etc. when they are not busy with clients. 

Enjoy unlimited income potential

As real estate agents typically work as independent contractors, their income depends on the transactions they make. This can be a challenge as they do not receive a salary and some months can be slow. However, this can also put a real fire in them to make transactions. 

They know that if they do not sell properties, they will not get a paycheck. The potential for earning a large amount is there and these amounts can easily exceed what salaried employees make. 

Putting in the hard work can result in a great return on the investment of time and energy. Of course, earning a large amount will also depend on other factors too, such as your ambition, people skills, and business skills. 

It is important to set proper expectations as you are highly unlikely to become a millionaire overnight. It is always important to budget your finances and to work hard. Real estate is a long-term game and the money often follows long years of dedication. 

Find people their dream homes

For those with a passion for helping people, there can be real fulfillment in helping to find people the right home. Making a decision to buy a home is a significant one in everyone’s lives and helping people to make the right decision is exciting. 

It involves skills such as really listening to what people require in a home and showing them homes that best suit their needs. As this is such an important decision for people, there can be a fair amount of tension and stress in the whole process. 

However, for most estate agents, overcoming challenges is all part of getting a successful deal for a client. 

Part of finding people their dream homes is to be able to convince home sellers not to overprice their homes but to accept a realistic market-related price. Real estate agents have access to statistics on sales in the area and need to use the data to persuade sellers to stick to true market value. 

Reap future rewards from good client service

Studies show that many homebuyers will recommend a real estate agent to others if they receive good service. One mistake many agents make is to fail to keep contact with their clients often enough. They may be so worried about pestering people too much that there is a tendency to go to the other extreme. 

Even if they have nothing to report, keeping in touch helps to build up trust and goodwill. Today technology makes it very easy to stay in touch. To be successful, real estate agents need to make use of tools and systems available for the benefit of clients and their own professionalism. 

The goodwill of past clients is very important in this industry, where a client may only use your services once. The better you are at finding clients the right home, the more inclined they will be to stay in it and not have to use your services again. 

However, word of mouth is one of the best forms of advertising and if clients can persuade their families and friends to use your services, you will never be short of clients. 

A final word

Real estate agents have great potential for very rewarding careers if they are able to bring their best to the ever-changing, competitive real estate landscape. Being successful in real estate is not out of reach but success does not come overnight. It requires learning the trade, putting in the long hours, and prospecting every day. 


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