We Are Defined By How We React to Adversity

In his new book, “Fly Into the Wind,” Lt. Col. Dan Rooney offers advice on how to harness faith and fearlessness on your ascent to greatness. I’ve also been listening to former Navy Seal Andy Stumpf talk about resilience and leadership. With both, the message is clear: We are defined by how we react to adversity. Resilience is about facing an obstacle and coming through stronger.

In today’s world of sudden lockdowns, panic-inducing media broadcasts, politicians trying to restrict what we do in our own homes, and the uncertainty of life as we used to know it, leaders understandably are focused on getting through. Where is your focus? Or, as Lt. Col. Rooney asks, “What is your divine mission?”

In real estate, your mission should be clear: It’s all about the people. Sure, the market is gangbusters right now and most agents are riding the high while blocking out all the uncertainty in the world. However, that high won’t last forever. The holidays will bring the usual slowdown and real estate professionals will face the fact that inventory is low, and COVID-19 is still impacting everything from where they eat to what they do and how they conduct their businesses.

Now is the time for real estate leaders to get personal with their real estate professionals and managers. Take time each day to call them to check in. Find ways to help them manage the stress of today’s life by teaching them how to organize their business for success. Forget the Zoom meetings and get face-to-face in an environment that is comfortable for them. Too many times, leaders get wrapped up in the business of real estate—budgets, business plans, etc. They forget that their real assets are their people. And, today, people are struggling. Anything you can do to brighten their day, provide them with hope, and give them tools for success, will pay huge dividends. It’s a balance between teaching them success techniques and providing small tokens of hope and appreciation.

While real estate sales may be up, there is still a lot of uncertainty due to the pandemic. Your resilience as a leader will be tested, and you will be defined by how you react to adversity. The way to come out stronger is to show how much you care about the people that you lead. We’re all in this together!