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What does it mean to win at real estate?

Agents must invest time building relationships

It’s that time of year where we begin to reflect more deeply on our real estate wins and successes, both personally and professionally over the past 12 months, as well as think about the areas we want to improve upon in the year ahead.

It’s natural to align these self-evaluation periods – of setting, achieving, and reviewing goals and performance – with the end of the calendar year. But I’d advise you not to limit yourself to thinking that today, this moment right now, isn’t also a new opportunity to start again and create a win – no matter when “today” might be.

I’ve learned a real estate win isn’t always defined by an outcome; sometimes, the win is the journey itself – a series of steps and experiences that, when executed well, bring happiness along the way.

So, what does it mean to “win” at real estate?

Is it the closing of a sale or something more? Recall the Aristotle saying, “We are the sum of our actions, and therefore our habits make all the difference.” Real estate is a long game, and in a blistering hot market like this one, that can be easy to forget. The best agents I know invest time in building and strengthening relationships with former clients and potential future clients. Some of these people won’t be transacting anytime soon, but the agent who stays in touch and provides value over the long haul is positioned to gain their business when they do.

For an agent, there are few moments as deflating as driving by a neighbor or friend’s house and seeing another agent’s yard sign in the ground. Especially with today’s technology, which can help agents manage their database and identify potential sellers among their contacts, losing business like that is a tough loss to take. But if you understand the win, and the journey it entails, you’ll be more likely to see your sign – and not someone else’s – in the yard.

The reason for most losses

The reason for most losses is simple: a lack of action, which generally leads to a lack of results. Top agents realize the journey doesn’t end when a sale is closed. The journey is ongoing. But sometimes, after an agent starts seeing better results, they misinterpret those wins and stop taking crucial actions. That mistake leads nowhere. Winners are consistent all the time. They stay present, master the art of follow-up, and deploy kindness and gratitude toward everyone.

This shift in attitude admittedly takes some time, but it all starts with initiating that first step to look yourself in the mirror and say, “I can.” It’s all too easy to say, “I can’t,” letting fear take control and, as a result, having opportunities slip past.

Uncertainty is the certainty in business and in life, and in the past two years we’ve seen and experienced a heavy share of it. Our ability to recover is how we ultimately grow. Life is a series of missions or experiences that contribute to our playbook for life. Push ahead to get more real estate wins.

As 2021 comes to a close, I encourage you to maintain the cyclical ritual of looking back at the past year and identifying successes and areas to improve in business and in life. But keep in mind that in order to live your best year, you’ve got to pay attention to what’s happening in your life NOW.