Why You Need Drone Videos in Your Real Estate Marketing

Real estate marketing, like any other industry marketing, depends on the presentation in a huge proportion. The better you show off a piece of real estate, the higher the chances to raise interest with potential buyers. Nowadays, with the increase in low-cost, easy-to-use video editing software and recording equipment, we can develop comprehensive presentations that lift eyebrows and drive sales. So how do drones fit into the picture? We’ll let you in on a few reasons why you should include drone videos as part of your real estate marketing strategy.

Cost-effective solution

One of the basic features of drones is that they can produce both video and still pictures. Now imagine you have a huge piece of commercial real estate that you wish to show off on your website and you wish to display every breathtaking and useful feature it provides. Hiring a professional photographer for this type of task takes too much money, especially if you’re paying by the hour.

On the other side, renting a drone to shoot the same space would actually cost less due to the time it takes to fly over an object, reach those places that are hard to get, or finding the best angle. Not to mention the time it would take for a person to walk around a building or climb to the roof to show off the parking lot and approach paths. There’s also a pre-arranged flight feature that allows you to create a route for the drone and let it fly while you’re dealing with more important work. It’s the same as when students hire an online assignment help agency to deal with menial tasks while they’re focusing on more pressing matters.

Simplified development of indoor walkthroughs

Commercial real estate properties are an amazing asset if you’re looking to build an international market for your business. Walkthroughs are essential for long-distance clients because it’s not likely that someone will fly across the ocean just to check out a building.

Using a drone, we can develop amazing videos that display every corner of the building. Drones don’t shake while they’re flying so the videos will be smooth and stable. If your video looks sloppy or clumsy, the audience might not think you’re fully dedicated to your work.

No matter how much we try, going up or down the stairs will always result in a shaking picture that can give a person a headache and force them to leave the video.This is important because digital marketing experts conducted research that shows that 64 percent of clients make a purchase after watching a video.

Ability to show off huge properties with ease

It’s never easy to convey the true perspective of how large an object is and present its layout if we’re doing it by taking several pictures and hoping that the viewer has a wonderful imagination. Drones can fly very high, some of them even reach the 400-feet drone elevation limit, which allows us to take birds-eye perspective shots that show off not only the property we aim to sell but also the terrain around the property.

Moreover, high-quality equipment allows crisp zooming of the objects on the ground, allowing us to pinpoint certain areas during the video presentation. This is an amazing chance to create a voiceover and provide the audience with a context while they’re watching the video. In case you’re not feeling comfortable with writing a script on your own, you can always hire a paper service to edit or write the entire script according to your needs. An eloquent voiceover can be just the thing your clients need to make a purchase.

Ability to create winter videos

Standing outside with your camera while the weather is freezing is no fun and has a negative impact on the quality of our work, mainly because we’re just thinking about finishing up and getting inside to warm up. On the other hand, drones can endure very low temperatures, which means you can sit inside and pilot your drone while monitoring the feed on your remote-control display. Just make sure that your equipment is able to withstand moisture, otherwise, try to wait until it stops snowing.

This is especially practical for those mountain resorts that usually get so covered with snow that filming the entire place can be classified as an extreme sport. Therefore, there is a safety aspect to drones in winter conditions as much as there’s the question of comfort while operating. Also, a drone can cover an area up to several miles in diameter, which makes it a great tool to display the natural beauties that cover the object you’re trying to present.


It’s important to remember that there are legislative boundaries that we should respect while using drones for any kind of activity. Make sure you get adequate licenses and information before you start filming your properties for advertising. Keep in mind that these are only a handful of benefits that drones hold for your business, through an experience you should be able to find a whole new array of uses to improve your professional score.

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