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Rank – City VolumeFull NameCompanyLocationVolumeProfile
1Alison AlstonLodestone Real EstateCharlotte, NC$68,654,020View Profile
2Marissa BoyleeXp Realty, LLCCharlotte, NC$65,976,689View Profile
3Bala SureRE/MAX ExecutiveCharlotte, NC$63,653,177View Profile
4Callie Glass KellyCottingham ChalkCharlotte, NC$56,610,096View Profile
5Roger BerreyRE/MAX ExecutiveCharlotte, NC$47,355,382View Profile
6Aubrey GrierDickens Mitchener Residential Real EstateCharlotte, NC$47,081,343View Profile
7Victoria MitchenerDickens Mitchener Residential Real EstateCharlotte, NC$44,116,937View Profile
8Ducie StarkDickens Mitchener Residential Real EstateCharlotte, NC$37,872,709View Profile
9Heather GibbsCorcoran HM PropertiesCharlotte, NC$36,196,129View Profile
10Peggy PetersonCorcoran HM PropertiesCharlotte, NC$34,827,087View Profile
11Amy PetersonAllen Tate RealtorsCharlotte, NC$33,554,560View Profile
12Joan GoodeDickens Mitchener Residential Real EstateCharlotte, NC$32,246,126View Profile
13Lilliah MoseleyRedfinCharlotte, NC$31,182,085View Profile
14Magda EsolaDRB HomesCharlotte , NC$30,965,899View Profile
15Monte GrandonERA Live MooreCharlotte, NC$30,781,838View Profile
16Amy BakerAllen Tate RealtorsCharlotte, NC$30,458,934View Profile
17Mary MccloskeyAllen Tate RealtorsCharlotte, NC$30,379,718View Profile
18Jon BartholomewRedfinCharlotte, NC$30,133,134View Profile
19Meg WilkinsonCorcoran HM PropertiesCharlotte, NC$29,959,225View Profile
20Ken RielCompassCharlotte, NC$29,728,499View Profile
21Jean BenhamAllen Tate RealtorsCharlotte, NC$29,359,295View Profile
22Heather Wilson MontgomeryCottingham ChalkCharlotte, NC$29,177,233View Profile
23Noah GoldbergRedfinCharlotte, NC$28,657,710View Profile
24Kate TerrignoCorcoran HM PropertiesCharlotte, NC$27,679,241View Profile
25Ashley McmillanDickens Mitchener Residential Real EstateCharlotte, NC$27,425,500View Profile
26Pau SumColdwell Banker RealtyCharlotte, NC$26,506,060View Profile
27Jill MoyerRedfinCharlotte, NC$26,000,418View Profile
28Susan MayCorcoran HM PropertiesCharlotte, NC$25,849,950View Profile
29Lisa WarrenCottingham ChalkCharlotte, NC$25,128,535View Profile
30Dan MckennaKeller Williams Realty Ballantyne AreaCharlotte, NC$24,156,182View Profile
31Lucy ButlerCottingham ChalkCharlotte, NC$23,804,000View Profile
32Suzette GrayColdwell Banker RealtyCharlotte, NC$23,526,440View Profile
33Alison CarlsonKeller Williams Realty Ballantyne AreaCharlotte, NC$23,284,213View Profile
34Leigh Cottingham CorsoCottingham ChalkCharlotte, NC$23,083,603View Profile
35Liz YoungRE/MAX ExecutiveCharlotte, NC$23,071,258View Profile
36Charles JettonCottingham ChalkCharlotte, NC$22,997,812View Profile
37Elena DonaldsonKeller Williams Realty Ballantyne AreaCharlotte, NC$22,109,006View Profile
38Jocelyn RoseCorcoran HM PropertiesCharlotte, NC$22,018,068View Profile
39Melissa ZimmermanBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Carolinas RealtyCharlotte, NC$21,787,542View Profile
40Margo WellsDickens Mitchener Residential Real EstateCharlotte, NC$21,447,437View Profile
41Jennifer SaarbachDickens Mitchener Residential Real EstateCharlotte, NC$21,316,650View Profile
42Consuelo SoudersKeller Williams RealtyCharlotte, NC$20,927,939View Profile
43Meghan LlubereasDickens Mitchener Residential Real EstateCharlotte, NC$20,425,500View Profile
44Helen HoneycuttRE/MAX ExecutiveCharlotte, NC$20,072,505View Profile
45Helen-Alyona HarpKeller Williams Realty Ballantyne AreaCharlotte, NC$19,157,184View Profile
46Anne SpencerCorcoran HM PropertiesCharlotte, NC$18,473,400View Profile
47Patty HendrixCorcoran HM PropertiesCharlotte, NC$18,461,998View Profile
48James WebbAllen Tate RealtorsCharlotte, NC$18,328,254View Profile
49Adrienne PriestBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Carolinas RealtyCharlotte, NC$18,197,750View Profile
50Sarah CurmeDickens Mitchener Residential Real EstateCharlotte, NC$18,151,900View Profile
51Rob BilbroeXp Realty, LLCCharlotte, NC$17,967,139View Profile
52Anthony FrantillaAllen Tate RealtorsCharlotte, NC$17,925,223View Profile
53Erika WhiteColdwell Banker RealtyCharlotte, NC$17,627,365View Profile
54Michelle PowersRedfinCharlotte, NC$17,615,461View Profile
55Kristen PeggCottingham ChalkCharlotte, NC$17,576,206View Profile
56Shelly RydellDickens Mitchener Residential Real EstateCharlotte, NC$17,575,000View Profile
57Tiernan RoseCorcoran HM PropertiesCharlotte, NC$17,571,000View Profile
58Kelly WarrenERA Live MooreCharlotte, NC$17,522,876View Profile
59Peter DorningerRedfinCharlotte, NC$17,237,644View Profile
60Kathy LancasterDickens Mitchener Residential Real EstateCharlotte, NC$17,141,506View Profile
61Regina VanceColdwell Banker RealtyCharlotte, NC$17,106,773View Profile
62Anne Stuart MitchenerDickens Mitchener Residential Real EstateCharlotte, NC$17,049,900View Profile
63Lauren CampbellAllen Tate RealtorsCharlotte, NC$17,018,500View Profile
64Elizabeth LemmondDickens Mitchener Residential Real EstateCharlotte, NC$16,789,359View Profile
65Lindsay RedfernCottingham ChalkCharlotte, NC$16,770,289View Profile
66Sheryl HallowCorcoran HM PropertiesCharlotte, NC$16,229,000View Profile
67Marcy BasrawalaDickens Mitchener Residential Real EstateCharlotte, NC$16,038,700View Profile

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2023 Charlotte, North Carolina Housing Market Summary

Charlotte, North Carolina started 2023 with a total of 1,153 single-family homes on the market, with a median home price of $414,000 and an average price per square foot of $247. By the end of the year, inventory had decreased to 876 homes on the market (-24%), with a median home price of $440,000 (+6%) and an average price per square foot of $283 (+14%).

At the start of 2023, the median days on market (DOM) was 63 days – by the end of the year, median DOM had decreased to 56 days.

Charlotte started the year with 47% of homes taking a price cut (for reference, 35% is the national average for price reductions in a ‘normal’ year.) By the end of the year, about 38% of Charlotte homes for sale had taken a price cut.

Finally, Altos’ proprietary Market Action Index (MAI) shows that Charlotte started 2023 as a seller’s market, with an MAI score of 43; by the end of the year, the MAI had dropped to 40 – a slight seller’s advantage.

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