Top Agents in Los Angeles, California – Individuals By Sides

Rank – City SidesFull NameCompanyLocationSidesProfile
3Craig Michael StrongCompassLos Angeles, CA 74.0View Profile
1Costanza Genoese-ZerbiRedfinLos Angeles, CA 72.0View Profile
2Ron WynnCompassLos Angeles, CA 65.0View Profile
3Briana LorgeKeller Williams Realty Los FelizLos Angeles, CA 64.0View Profile
3Chris CortazzoCompassLos Angeles, CA 64.0View Profile
5Michael EspirituRedfinLos Angeles, CA 52.0View Profile
6Natalie TrabinCompassLos Angeles, CA 51.0View Profile
7Carrie CaruthersRedfinLos Angeles, CA 48.0View Profile
8Kimberly RehnquistRedfinLos Angeles, CA 47.0View Profile
8Santiago AranaThe AgencyLos Angeles, CA 47.0View Profile
10Arto PoladianRedfinLos Angeles, CA 42.0View Profile
10Michele HerringRedfinLos Angeles, CA 42.0View Profile
12Elizabeth RodriguezRedfinLos Angeles, CA 41.0View Profile
13John KostreyNourmand & AssociatesLos Angeles, CA 40.0View Profile
13Dana HughesRedfinLos Angeles, CA 40.0View Profile
13Coleen HyamsRedfinLos Angeles, CA 40.0View Profile

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Eureka, California: An oasis for climate (and equity) refugees HW+

Dec 08, 2021By

Californians who wish to remain in-state are descending on Eureka, the rare California town with relatively modest home prices, making it a haven for those who cash in on the equity gained through their previous abode.