Top Small Teams in Los Angeles, California – Ranked By Volume

City Volume RankTeam NameCompanyLocationVolumeProfile
1Jenna CooperCompassLos Angeles, CA$218,328,180.00View Profile
3Rory Posin & Kristian BonkRE/MAX Estate PropertiesLos Angeles, CA$131,725,827.00View Profile
4The Eighty8 GroupCompassLos Angeles, CA$130,119,512.00View Profile
5The Alice & Malyn TeamThe AgencyLos Angeles, CA$121,718,204.00View Profile
6Keyes Real EstateKeyes Real EstateLos Angeles, CA$102,841,697.00View Profile
7Maggie Ding TeamCompassLos Angeles, CA$96,750,348.00View Profile
8Team Nicki LaPorta and Karen CrystalCompassLos Angeles, CA$94,142,888.00View Profile
9Cameron & Janet StearnsCompassLos Angeles, CA$83,474,700.00View Profile
10Lauren Forbes GroupCompassLos Angeles, CA$82,645,536.00View Profile
11Historic Real Estate LACompassLos Angeles, CA$81,472,366.00View Profile
12CanyonhausCompassLos Angeles, CA$76,746,959.17View Profile
13Ted Clark & Heather LilllardCompassLos Angeles, CA$75,936,361.60View Profile
14Kenny Stevens TeamCompassLos Angeles, CA$71,008,911.76View Profile
15Matthew O’KeefeCompassLos Angeles, CA$70,650,000.00View Profile
16Diana Braun GroupCompassLos Angeles, CA$67,934,000.00View Profile
17Maureen Haney Real Estate TeamCompassLos Angeles, CA$63,984,768.47View Profile
Amy And Augustine UmCompassLos Angeles, CA$61,665,776.00
18Lilach BassonCompassLos Angeles, CA$60,309,300.00View Profile
19Wheeler Coberly TeamCompassLos Angeles, CA$56,530,000.00View Profile
20Kevin BourlandCompassLos Angeles, CA$55,390,435.00View Profile
21Justin AlexanderCompassLos Angeles, CA$54,284,500.00View Profile
22Lucy Mao HomesCompassLos Angeles, CA$53,881,487.69View Profile
23Kevin Dees & AssociatesThe AgencyLos Angeles , CA$51,552,543.00View Profile
24Forbes Halliburton TeamCompassLos Angeles, CA$50,924,000.00View Profile
25Brett RaskinCompassLos Angeles, CA$50,821,337.70View Profile
26Casty LivingCompassLos Angeles, CA$50,069,762.87View Profile
27Tamkin Real Estate GroupCompassLos Angeles, CA$49,755,774.70View Profile
28Loveland Carr GroupColdwell Banker RealtyLos Angeles, CA$49,625,052.00View Profile
29Ross & BartonCompassLos Angeles, CA$49,069,268.77View Profile
30Davis + Burns TeamCompassLos Angeles, CA$46,326,098.00View Profile
31Nick Phillips Properties GroupCompassLos Angeles, CA$46,015,378.27View Profile
32Ito Orio GroupCompassLos Angeles, CA$45,820,500.00View Profile
33Lexi Newman Real EstateCompassLos Angeles, CA$44,265,150.00View Profile
34Millman TeamCompassLos Angeles, CA$42,887,900.00View Profile
35Dear LACompassLos Angeles, CA$42,791,421.00View Profile
36Dilsaver GroupCompassLos Angeles, CA$42,750,225.00View Profile
37Leeds-ParkerCompassLos Angeles, CA$42,356,100.00View Profile
38Samira TapiaCompassLos Angeles, CA$41,428,401.36View Profile
39Naomi Hartman and Leah Brenner TeamColdwell Banker RealtyLos Angeles, CA$40,800,000.00View Profile
40Robin McCaryCompassLos Angeles, CA$40,671,769.11View Profile
41The Brodsky GroupCompassLos Angeles, CA$40,475,000.00View Profile
42Tiffany Chin Real EstateKeller Williams Realty LarchmontLos Angeles, CA$40,000,822.00View Profile
43Team PinckertCompassLos Angeles, CA$39,704,232.00View Profile
44Barrentine GroupKeller Williams Realty LarchmontLos Angeles, CA$39,384,602.00View Profile
45Kingside Investment GroupKeller Williams Downtown LALos Angeles, CA$39,310,300.00View Profile
46Brook BillingsCompassLos Angeles, CA$39,114,000.00View Profile
47Carrabba GroupCompassLos Angeles, CA$38,981,500.00View Profile
48The Nelson + Register TeamCompassLos Angeles, CA$38,835,888.00View Profile
49Austin and Alex BrunkhorstCompassLos Angeles, CA$38,720,500.00View Profile
50Megan Spargo-Ferrell & TeamCompassLos Angeles, CA$38,626,000.00View Profile
51Nicol Real Estate GroupCompassLos Angeles, CA$37,789,000.00View Profile
52Core Group LAKeller Williams Realty LarchmontLos Angeles, CA$37,587,535.00View Profile
53Katie Crain + John PodhorCompassLos Angeles, CA$37,554,738.00View Profile
54Kathy Morris & Robin Smith AssociatesCompassLos Angeles, CA$37,430,000.00View Profile
55Tripoli / Elizondo GroupCompassLos Angeles, CA$36,518,500.00View Profile
56Krystle & Laurent BijaouiCompassLos Angeles, CA$36,143,061.00View Profile
57Fenton Real Estate TeamCompassLos Angeles, CA$36,007,005.00View Profile
58Fritz Buffone GroupCompassLos Angeles, CA$35,952,805.00View Profile
59Freeman GroupCompassLos Angeles, CA$34,031,700.00View Profile
60Your Spot LACompassLos Angeles, CA$32,914,272.00View Profile
61Deborah KernahanCompassLos Angeles, CA$32,744,262.61View Profile
62The Wolf & Wolf TeamCompassLos Angeles, CA$32,193,000.00View Profile
63Flanagan Jones GroupCompassLos Angeles, CA$32,088,425.00View Profile
64Wilkinson Properties GroupCompassLos Angeles, CA$31,817,130.00View Profile
65Kim DonerCompassLos Angeles, CA$31,242,301.55View Profile
66The Botsford GroupCompassLos Angeles, CA$30,633,410.00View Profile
67The Rogo GroupCompassLos Angeles, CA$30,550,300.34View Profile
68Heart Real EstateCompassLos Angeles, CA$30,421,500.00View Profile
69Karen Lower TeamCompassLos Angeles, CA$29,981,394.17View Profile
70Patricia CaliCompassLos Angeles, CA$29,442,878.00View Profile
71The Zoolalian GroupCompassLos Angeles, CA$29,318,889.00View Profile
72Hazard | Matthews GroupCompassLos Angeles, CA$29,212,500.00View Profile
73John Bathurst GroupCompassLos Angeles, CA$29,154,000.00View Profile
74David, Bracken & Quint CarterCompassLos Angeles, CA$28,995,102.00View Profile
75Susan Andrews & Justin RobertsCompassLos Angeles, CA$28,796,000.00View Profile
76Rhodes Leads HomeKeller Williams Realty Los FelizLos Angeles, CA$28,688,000.00View Profile
77LHspacesCompassLos Angeles, CA$28,361,000.00View Profile
78Melissa PilonCompassLos Angeles, CA$28,281,105.00View Profile
79Iota RealtyIota RealtyLos Angeles, CA$27,520,000.00View Profile
80Jeffrey & Nadia Saad TeamCompassLos Angeles, CA$26,650,000.00View Profile
81Team Stacy WhiteCompassLos Angeles, CA$26,044,000.00View Profile
82Tony Kim & AssociatesCompassLos Angeles, CA$25,939,000.00View Profile
83Sam Araghi & Rudi BehdadCompassLos Angeles, CA$25,878,700.00View Profile
84Chase CampenCompassLos Angeles, CA$25,604,300.00View Profile
85Ravelo + Deane GroupCompassLos Angeles, CA$25,412,376.00View Profile
86Dennis HartleyCompassLos Angeles, CA$25,365,000.00View Profile
87Davi NogueiraCompassLos Angeles, CA$25,272,661.65View Profile
88Xavier & Xavier TeamCompassLos Angeles, CA$25,190,000.00View Profile
89Bounce William TeamCompassLos Angeles, CA$25,045,000.00View Profile
90C3 Group LACompassLos Angeles, CA$25,008,300.00View Profile
91Nick Shepherd Realty GroupCompassLos Angeles, CA$24,984,000.00View Profile
92Mark PricemanCompassLos Angeles, CA$24,978,079.69View Profile
93LA RealLA RealLos Angeles, CA$24,781,100.00View Profile
94Melea AvrachCompassLos Angeles, CA$24,752,269.82View Profile
95Taya Dicarlo GroupCompassLos Angeles, CA$24,103,888.00View Profile

Los Angeles News

Eureka, California: An oasis for climate (and equity) refugees HW+

Dec 08, 2021By

Californians who wish to remain in-state are descending on Eureka, the rare California town with relatively modest home prices, making it a haven for those who cash in on the equity gained through their previous abode.