Top Small Teams in Minnesota – Ranked By Volume

Rank – State VolumeTeam NameCompanyLocationVolumeProfile
1Lakes Sotheby’s International RealtyLakes Sotheby’s International RealtyEdina, MN$159,099,559View Profile
2Cynthia Froid GroupKeller Williams Realty Integrity LakesMinneapolis, MN$105,389,094View Profile
3Real Estate Nation TeamRE/MAX ResultsWayzata, MN$103,959,469View Profile
4Stickney TeamColdwell Banker RealtyWayzata, MN$95,284,394View Profile
5John C and John F AdamsCompassMinneapolis, MN$92,178,565View Profile
6Ulrich Real Estate GroupCompassMinneapolis, MN$88,240,389View Profile
7Larsen & Rosolanka TeamColdwell Banker RealtyWayzata, MN$84,691,128View Profile
8Wade Hanson & AssociatesRE/MAX ResultsWoodbury, MN$76,894,326View Profile
9Krista Wolter Real Estate GroupColdwell Banker RealtySaint Paul, MN$71,874,869View Profile
10POLOVITZ GROUPCompassMinneapolis, MN$69,901,500View Profile
11Regan and HornigLakes Sotheby’s International RealtyEdina, MN$66,381,826View Profile
12Mike Steadman and Holly ConnakerCompassMinneapolis, MN$65,000,000View Profile
13Luke Steele TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$64,266,842View Profile
14Lucas Hanson TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$63,579,584View Profile
15Team EdelsteinColdwell Banker RealtySaint Paul, MN$57,676,200View Profile
16Martineau/Duevel GroupColdwell Banker RealtyWayzata, MN$55,449,445View Profile
17Monson and Larson GroupRE/MAX ResultsPlymouth, MN$54,194,056View Profile
18Team AcresKeller Williams Realty Integrity LakesMinneapolis, MN$54,040,000View Profile
19Drury & NumrichLakes Sotheby’s International RealtyEdina, MN$53,805,655View Profile
20Gergen GroupKeller Williams Realty Integrity EdinaEdina, MN$53,221,487View Profile
21The Denel Ihde-Sparks TeamRE/MAX ResultsRochester, MN$52,441,052View Profile
22Boege and Dean TeamColdwell Banker RealtyStillwater, MN$52,031,486View Profile
23Stafford Family RealtorsColdwell Banker RealtyExcelsior, MN$51,409,533View Profile
24Peterson Skattum Realty GroupRE/MAX Advantage PlusSavage, MN$50,259,107View Profile
25The Carrie Schmitz TeamKeller Williams Classic Realty NorthwestMaple Grove, MN$49,893,875View Profile
26Jacqueline Day and PartnersEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$49,527,983View Profile
27The Schmitt TeamKeller Williams Realty Integrity LakesMinneapolis, MN$45,817,803View Profile
28Real Estate SimplifiedKeller Williams Realty Integrity LakesMinneapolis, MN$45,477,138View Profile
29Leonhardt TeamColdwell Banker RealtyWhite Bear Lake, MN$45,216,355View Profile
30Brama Real Estate GroupKeller Williams Realty Lake MinnetonkaMinnetonka, MN$44,896,477View Profile
31The Carstensen TeamRE/MAX ResultsElk River, MN$43,978,322View Profile
32Michael Wille GroupColdwell Banker RealtyMinneapolis, MN$43,804,709View Profile
33Drew HuelerColdwell Banker RealtyWayzata, MN$43,417,200View Profile
34Andrew Spilseth and T.Cody TurnquistCompassMinneapolis, MN$42,963,720View Profile
35Sonia Kohli TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$42,765,434View Profile
36Zderchuk & SmithLakes Sotheby’s International RealtyEdina, MN$42,169,861View Profile
37Gimpel Realty LLCKeller Williams Select RealtyApple Valley, MN$41,929,437View Profile
38Jordan DeCaro Real Estate TeamRE/MAX ResultsDuluth, MN$41,464,906View Profile
39Smothers & Falk Realty GroupRE/MAX Advantage PlusWaconia, MN$39,871,826View Profile
40Judith Craig TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$39,738,651View Profile
41The Mickelson TeamRE/MAX ResultsRochester, MN$39,541,755View Profile
42Jeff Schulz TeamRE/MAX Advantage PlusWaconia, MN$39,309,444View Profile
43Jeffrey Steeves TeamEdina RealtyMaple Grove, MN$38,573,512View Profile
44Iverson Realty GroupColdwell Banker RealtyLakeville, MN$38,123,927View Profile
45Jay Ettinger TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$37,999,756View Profile
46Team LundeenRE/MAX ResultsCambridge, MN$37,936,588View Profile
47Mary Hardy TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$37,546,373View Profile
48The Webb GroupRE/MAX ResultsSt Louis Park, MN$37,313,570View Profile
49Regan Englund Real Estate GroupKeller Williams Classic Realty NorthwestMaple Grove, MN$35,988,938View Profile
50Dzurik Property TwinsKeller Williams Realty Lake MinnetonkaMinnetonka, MN$35,660,601View Profile
51RE/MAX Northland TeamRE/MAX NorthlandAitkin, MN$35,475,296View Profile
52Jane Bacchus Ray TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$34,521,078View Profile
53Jarrod Peterson TeamEdina RealtyMaple Grove , MN$34,445,005View Profile
54Hutchinson and ArntzRE/MAX ResultsApple Valley, MN$34,379,871View Profile
55Steve Schmitz TeamColdwell Banker RealtyEdina, MN$34,335,257View Profile
56Pentz HomesKeller Williams Classic Realty NorthwestMaple Grove, MN$34,333,496View Profile
57The Bertelson GroupRE/MAX ResultsEden Prairie, MN$34,068,658View Profile
58Tiffany and Jason CareyRE/MAX ResultsRochester, MN$33,879,341View Profile
59Jeremy Miller TeamEdina RealtyBrainerd, MN$33,401,975View Profile
60Bernick Homes GroupRE/MAX Advantage PlusSavage, MN$33,180,619View Profile
61Siegel Ritchie GroupColdwell Banker RealtyEdina, MN$32,816,876View Profile
62Sohus Real Estate GroupEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$32,480,812View Profile
63Beyond Homes TeamKeller Williams Classic Realty NorthwestMaple Grove, MN$32,319,471View Profile
64The Morgan TeamColdwell Banker RealtyPlymouth, MN$32,221,014View Profile
65The Minnesota Home TeamRE/MAX Advantage PlusSavage, MN$32,132,394View Profile
66Rachel Scarrella TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$32,050,644View Profile
67JW Real Estate GroupRE/MAX Advantage PlusVictoria, MN$31,705,062View Profile
68Rochelle Johnson Brown TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$31,673,183View Profile
69Edam Cardinal Group Minneapolis DowntownEngel & Völkers Minneapolis DowntownMinneapolis, MN$31,433,265View Profile
70Perkins TeamRE/MAX ResultsPlymouth, MN$31,185,470View Profile
71BOLD Marketing TeamColdwell Banker RealtySaint Paul, MN$31,102,112View Profile
72Meredith Howell GroupColdwell Banker RealtyWayzata, MN$31,040,350View Profile
73Dana Ashby TeamEdina RealtyWhite Bear Lake, MN$30,979,420View Profile
74The Safi GroupRE/MAX ResultsLilydale, MN$30,956,475View Profile
75The Royal Home TeamKeller Williams Premier RealtyWoodbury, MN$30,412,177View Profile
76Brette Hermann TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$30,387,977View Profile
77Buckley Real Estate GroupKeller Williams Classic Realty NorthwestMaple Grove, MN$30,345,818View Profile
78Jodi Klepac TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$30,206,736View Profile
79DesMarais Enterprises IncKeller Williams Realty EliteEden Prairie, MN$30,107,097View Profile
80Zinn Family RealtorsColdwell Banker RealtyExcelsior, MN$30,072,610View Profile
81Reiland TeamRE/MAX Advantage PlusSavage, MN$29,766,428View Profile
82The Move GroupRE/MAX ResultsApple Valley, MN$29,739,871View Profile
83Christina Widiker TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$29,137,400View Profile
84Bruce Mcalpin TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$29,078,360View Profile
85Nancy Walker TeamColdwell Banker RealtyEdina, MN$28,988,025View Profile
86Distad TeamColdwell Banker RealtySaint Paul, MN$28,860,500View Profile
87The Minnesota Strong Home TeamKeller Williams Classic RealtyCoon Rapids, MN$28,559,714View Profile
88New Home Store TeamRE/MAX Advantage PlusMinnetonka, MN$28,414,256View Profile
89Stacy Sullivan TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$28,195,198View Profile
90Michael Wasem Jr TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$27,530,950View Profile
91Huglen TeamColdwell Banker RealtyRochester, MN$27,521,437View Profile
92Success Home TeamKeller Williams Select RealtyApple Valley, MN$27,400,558View Profile
93Catherine Seck TeamEdina RealtyWayzata, MN$27,193,800View Profile
94Stiles & Bothof GroupRE/MAX Advantage PlusSavage, MN$27,170,546View Profile
95Neighborly Property GroupKeller Williams Realty Integrity EdinaEdina, MN$27,104,015View Profile
96Hartmann TeamRE/MAX ResultsSt Paul, MN$27,005,772View Profile
97Linda Splettstoeszer TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$26,945,134View Profile
98Home Resource GroupRE/MAX Advantage PlusFaribault, MN$26,929,682View Profile
99Susan Wahman TeamEdina RealtyEdina, MN$26,843,270View Profile
100Crossroad Realty TeamRE/MAX ResultsAlexandria, MN$26,545,844View Profile
101Homes By Matt and AprilRE/MAX Advantage PlusSavage, MN$26,421,535View Profile
102Modern Home TeamRE/MAX ResultsAndover, MN$26,374,762View Profile
103The Jenkins Real Estate TeamRE/MAX ResultsAndover, MN$26,364,368View Profile
104Amy Legatt Real Estate GroupRE/MAX ResultsSaint Cloud, MN$26,360,111View Profile
105Sally SnyderColdwell Banker RealtyEdina, MN$26,301,431View Profile
106Upside Property SalesKeller Williams Integrity RealtyRoseville, MN$26,171,812View Profile
107Emily Rome Welter TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$26,143,327View Profile
108Jason Schmidt TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$26,073,725View Profile
109The McNamara GroupCompassMinneapolis, MN$25,943,090View Profile
110Al Theisen TeamColdwell Banker RealtyEdina, MN$25,909,788View Profile
111Michael Korby TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$25,901,490View Profile
112The Petrashek GroupRE/MAX ResultsApple Valley, MN$25,806,994View Profile
113RoostCompassMinneapolis, MN$25,774,150View Profile
114Chad Huebener TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$25,715,463View Profile
115David Mernin TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$25,602,378View Profile
116Polston Davis Realty GroupKeller Williams Realty Integrity LakesMinneapolis, MN$25,557,495View Profile
117Peterson & CoKeller Williams Realty Integrity NorthwestOtsego, MN$25,547,102View Profile
118Kilibarda Family RealtorsColdwell Banker RealtyExcelsior, MN$25,534,459View Profile
119Joy Erickson TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$25,483,505View Profile
120Mary Pat Nydahl TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$25,099,944View Profile
121Janet Banken TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$25,072,845View Profile
122Andrew Baer TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$25,055,901View Profile
123The MadoresEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$24,995,200View Profile
124The Alliance GroupKeller Williams Classic RealtyCoon Rapids, MN$24,874,060View Profile
125The Handley Advantage TeamRE/MAX Advantage PlusEagan, MN$24,834,284View Profile
126Cindy Carlson TeamEdina RealtyMinneapolis, MN$24,570,907View Profile
127Cedar Haven Real Estate GroupKeller Williams Preferred RealtyBurnsville, MN$24,485,604View Profile
128Jana Reilly Home TeamKeller Williams Preferred RealtyMarshall, MN$24,326,598View Profile
129Brian Monette TeamRE/MAX ResultsWayzata, MN$24,121,600View Profile
130Anderson Hometown TeamRE/MAX ResultsAndover, MN$24,057,182View Profile

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