Top Agents in Montana – Individuals By Volume

Rank – State VolumeFull NameCompanyLocationVolumeProfile
1Cindi HayneGlacier Sotheby’s International RealtyHamilton, MT$232,311,500View Profile
2Pollyanna SnyderEngel & Völkers BozemanBozeman, MT$88,657,182View Profile
3Dawn MadduxEngel & Völkers MissoulaMissoula, MT$86,609,145View Profile
4Sue FryeERA Landmark Real EstateBozeman, MT$84,199,541View Profile
5Mike SchlauchPureWest Christie’s International Real EstateBozeman, MT$72,554,550View Profile
6Charlotte DurhamBig Sky Sotheby’s International RealtyBozeman, MT$70,505,700View Profile
7Mike AndersonNational Parks RealtyWhitefish, MT$60,186,050View Profile
8Stacy OssorioEngel & Völkers Big SkyBig Sky, MT$56,862,236View Profile
9Greg SmithEngel & Völkers BozemanBozeman, MT$47,471,084View Profile
10Jim TothPureWest Christie’s International Real EstateBozeman, MT$46,650,000View Profile
11Danni MooreEngel & Völkers MissoulaMissoula, MT$45,834,014View Profile
12Mary WheelerPureWest Christie’s International Real EstateBig Sky, MT$45,739,000View Profile
13Tallie LanceyBig Sky Sotheby’s International RealtyBig Sky, MT$45,193,000View Profile
14Crystal Chase-KirchhoffKeller Williams Montana RealtyBozeman, MT$43,522,854View Profile
15Leland ReedEngel & Völkers MissoulaMissoula, MT$40,097,287View Profile
16Lisa CollinsBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Montana PropertiesBozeman, MT$38,943,833View Profile
17Jani SummersEngel & Völkers HamiltonHamilton, MT$38,433,970View Profile
18Eric BeckerBig Sky Sotheby’s International RealtyBig Sky, MT$37,816,400View Profile
19Heidi StahlEngel & Völkers StevensvilleStevensville, MT$34,834,200View Profile
20Nicole JonesEngel & Völkers StevensvilleStevensville, MT$33,548,998View Profile
21Kristin ZuckermanEngel & Völkers KalispellKalispell, MT$31,458,961View Profile
22Chelsea StewartERA Landmark Real EstateBozeman, MT$30,423,880View Profile
23David FetveitPureWest Christie’s International Real EstateLakeside, MT$30,039,600View Profile
24Carrie Caplan VineGlacier Sotheby’s International RealtyWhitefish, MT$29,731,100View Profile
25Deeann BosBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Montana PropertiesBozeman, MT$29,712,042View Profile
26Sheila LarsenPureWest Christie’s International Real EstateBillings, MT$29,570,147View Profile
27Joe KolwyckBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Montana PropertiesBozeman, MT$29,364,833View Profile
28Denise LangNational Parks RealtyBigfork, MT$28,709,405View Profile
29Stephanie SunshineNational Parks RealtyWhitefish, MT$28,353,680View Profile
30Tanya GershPureWest Christie’s International Real EstateWhitefish, MT$28,026,800View Profile
31Merrilee ValentineERA Lambros Real EstateMissoula, MT$27,760,550View Profile
32Kelly Broling SmoakColdwell Banker Distinctive PropertiesBozeman, MT$27,584,100View Profile
33Julie GardnerERA Lambros Real EstateMissoula, MT$27,293,495View Profile
34Trent ListerPureWest Christie’s International Real EstateBozeman, MT$27,097,000View Profile
35Rachel CourtColdwell Banker The BrokersBillings, MT$26,170,280View Profile
36Emily KeeferEngel & Völkers BigforkBigfork, MT$26,121,635View Profile
37Scott DarkenwaldGlacier Sotheby’s International RealtyWhitefish, MT$26,055,125View Profile
38Sandi HallNational Parks RealtyEureka, MT$25,318,001View Profile
39Tracy RossiGlacier Sotheby’s International RealtyWhitefish, MT$25,307,625View Profile
40Claire GillamBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Montana PropertiesBozeman, MT$25,127,458View Profile
41Kate BradleyKeller Williams Montana RealtyBozeman, MT$24,947,000View Profile
42Lindsay FanslerPureWest Christie’s International Real EstateWhitefish, MT$24,552,855View Profile
43Sandy ReviskyPureWest Christie’s International Real EstateBig Sky, MT$24,115,050View Profile
44Nikkiel Bjornson FoxGlacier Sotheby’s International RealtyBigfork, MT$24,051,416View Profile
45Jen ClementBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Montana PropertiesMissoula, MT$23,400,000View Profile
46Dodd TalbotNational Parks RealtyWhitefish, MT$22,592,000View Profile
47Dalon PobranEngel & Völkers PolsonPolson, MT$22,487,475View Profile
48Angie KillianBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Montana PropertiesBigfork, MT$21,771,625View Profile
49Buzz TatomEngel & Völkers Big SkyBig Sky, MT$21,590,000View Profile
50Annelise HedahlERA Lambros Real EstateMissoula, MT$21,353,600View Profile
51Jolene LloydBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Montana PropertiesHelena, MT$21,352,355View Profile
52Susanne SchmidtBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Montana PropertiesHamilton, MT$21,336,542View Profile
53Kelsey RenevierColdwell Banker Distinctive PropertiesBozeman, MT$21,083,235View Profile
54Sonja BurgardEngel & Völkers WhitefishWhitefish, MT$20,990,000View Profile
55Shawna MoralesEngel & Völkers BillingsBillings, MT$20,907,714View Profile
56Barbara “Bobbi” LockhartPureWest Christie’s International Real EstateHamilton, MT$20,772,700View Profile
57Signe LahrenBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Montana PropertiesLivingston, MT$20,486,875View Profile
58Eric PerlsteinKeller Williams Realty Northwest MontanaKalispell, MT$20,431,186View Profile
59Bethany JohnsonCENTURY 21 Deaton and Company Real EstateWhitefish, MT$20,392,740View Profile
60Jennifer ShelleyPureWest Christie’s International Real EstateBigfork, MT$20,357,000View Profile
61Phillippa LabudaRE/MAX Home Again RealtyKalispell, MT$20,303,625View Profile
62Vivian YoonPureWest Christie’s International Real EstateBozeman, MT$19,687,500View Profile
63Makenzie LewendalEngel & Völkers BozemanBozeman, MT$19,271,500View Profile
64Gillian SwansonERA Landmark Real EstateLivingston, MT$19,093,967View Profile
65Cindy JohnsonEngel & Völkers PolsonPolson, MT$18,866,250View Profile
66Jackie MillerPureWest Christie’s International Real EstateBig Sky, MT$18,840,500View Profile
67Don PilotteBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Montana PropertiesBig Sky, MT$18,531,208View Profile
68Carolyne CalvinKeller Williams Montana RealtyBozeman, MT$18,402,250View Profile
69Bill MercerRE/MAX Mountain PropertyEnnis, MT$18,275,500View Profile
70Everdawn CharlesKeller Williams Montana RealtyBozeman, MT$18,235,200View Profile
71Adam MonroeERA Advantage RealtyGreat Falls, MT$18,170,329View Profile
72Megan NowlinEngel & Völkers BozemanBozeman, MT$17,962,754View Profile
73Dawn PurvisCENTURY 21 Heritage RealtyHelena, MT$17,813,543View Profile
74Jake BerryEngel & Völkers WhitefishWhitefish, MT$17,789,010View Profile
75Lincoln RobertsEngel & Völkers EnnisEnnis, MT$17,724,000View Profile
76Josh JohnsonPureWest Christie’s International Real EstateKalispell, MT$17,662,085View Profile
77Katey WhiteBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Montana PropertiesButte, MT$17,631,208View Profile
78Andrea RaulstonKeller Williams Western MontanaMissoula, MT$17,487,550View Profile
79Carissa PaulsonERA Landmark Real EstateBozeman, MT$17,418,500View Profile
80Caleb CampbellPureWest Christie’s International Real EstateBozeman, MT$17,077,500View Profile
80William BoycePureWest Christie’s International Real EstateBozeman, MT$17,077,500View Profile
82Brandon TreeseBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Floberg Real EstateBillings, MT$16,924,125View Profile
83Charlie Houseman WeberCENTURY 21 Shea RealtyGreat Falls, MT$16,695,245View Profile
84Amber StacyBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Montana PropertiesBozeman, MT$16,670,333View Profile
85Alice BrotnovEngel & Völkers KalispellKalispell, MT$16,664,000View Profile
86Maya BurtonBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Floberg Real EstateBillings, MT$16,494,333View Profile
87Anita DolanBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Floberg Real EstateBillings, MT$16,443,833View Profile
88Jamie ChuBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Montana PropertiesBozeman, MT$16,306,708View Profile
89Mike BryanBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Montana PropertiesMissoula, MT$16,256,917View Profile
90Corinna ChristensenRE/MAX Mountain PropertyEnnis, MT$16,223,500View Profile

Montana News

Buyers can live large in smaller metropolitan areas HW+

Jul 22, 2021By

Big city life isn’t for everyone. With significant savings, hard-working people want to see their money working for them in this wild, wild west of a housing market. The world is still recovering from a pandemic and people have made notable lifestyle changes. Fewer people need to live close to their jobs and don’t miss the congestion of large metropolitan areas.