Top Small Teams in New York, New York – Ranked By Volume

Rank – City VolumeTeam NameCompanyLocationVolumeProfile
1The Lesser Kantha TeamLeslie J. Garfield & Co. Real EstateNew York, NY$408,051,170View Profile
2The Gold TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$367,749,530View Profile
3The Lindsay Barton Barrett TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$296,992,500View Profile
4Leighton Candler Team CorcoranNew York, NY$285,386,699View Profile
5Sabrina Saltiel TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$276,713,419View Profile
6Tirosh & TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$267,006,277View Profile
7The Danny Davis TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$235,122,780View Profile
8The Stein TeamSotheby’s International Realty, Inc.New York, NY$230,750,500View Profile
9James McGrath TeamYoreevo LLCNew York, NY$227,060,585View Profile
10The Juracich TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$161,845,682View Profile
11The Deborah Grubman TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$161,311,251View Profile
12Jonathan Isaacs | ReserveReserveNew York, NY$158,445,744View Profile
13The Chris Kann TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$151,064,000View Profile
14The Heyman TeamSotheby’s International Realty, Inc.New York, NY$143,576,000View Profile
15Harrison Grandelli Team @ CORECORENew York, NY$140,061,400View Profile
16The Glazer TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$124,171,250View Profile
17CHESTLER JACOBS TEAMDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$122,858,388View Profile
18The AMM TeamSotheby’s International Realty, Inc.New York, NY$116,347,500View Profile
19Milano Rambarran TeamBrown Harris StevensNew York, NY$110,550,994View Profile
20Adrian | Natalie TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$105,973,886View Profile
21The W TeamSERHANT.New York, NY$102,683,254View Profile
22Julia Hoagland TeamCompassNew York City, NY$101,872,525View Profile
23Louise Phillips Forbes TeamBrown Harris StevensNew York, NY$101,216,498View Profile
24The Bartolucci TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$97,874,657View Profile
25SAEZ FROMM TEAMCorcoranNew York, NY$97,574,086View Profile
26The King-Brown TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$96,381,108View Profile
27The Gulker TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$94,880,580View Profile
28Janice Chang TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$92,415,038View Profile
29Jessica Levine TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$92,175,000View Profile
30The Jamie Fedorko & Catherine Silver Smith TeamCompassNew York, NY$90,175,500View Profile
31The Sonsino McTighe TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$87,248,500View Profile
32Amadei-Hettinger TeamSotheby’s International Realty, Inc.New York, NY$85,597,000View Profile
33The Gelbard-Kolbusz TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$84,519,880View Profile
34Poulsen Shagalov TeamBrown Harris StevensNew York, NY$83,619,581View Profile
35Ann Marie Folan TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$82,294,750View Profile
36The Blatman TeamThe AgencyNew York, NY$76,800,918View Profile
37Agranat- Hashey TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$76,740,000View Profile
38The Office of Stan PonteSotheby’s International Realty, Inc.New York, NY$73,470,938View Profile
39Grace Chang TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$71,113,299View Profile
40Ariffin Kromer TeamBrown Harris StevensNew York, NY$70,571,002View Profile
41The Eileen Hsu TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$70,454,000View Profile
42The Sample-Powers TeamSotheby’s International Realty, Inc.New York, NY$69,920,000View Profile
43The Bacodari TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$69,845,000View Profile
44The Benalloul TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$68,715,006View Profile
45Nickman | O’Neal TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$67,534,700View Profile
46The Gasdaska Conlon TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$65,256,440View Profile
47The Bass TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$64,681,315View Profile
48The Leslie S. Modell TeamSotheby’s International Realty, Inc.New York, NY$64,107,475View Profile
49The Pashby TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$63,574,000View Profile
50Juliette R. Janssens & Allison B. KoffmanSotheby’s International Realty, Inc.New York, NY$62,527,224View Profile
51The Greene-Rizk TeamBrown Harris StevensNew York, NY$62,473,550View Profile
52Arsic | Lau TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$62,118,103View Profile
53The Holl-Geller-Russell TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$62,005,500View Profile
54The Leifer TeamKeller Williams NYCNew York, NY$61,741,708View Profile
55Kayla Lee TeamSERHANT.New York, NY$61,008,822View Profile
56Solomon Masri TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$59,095,000View Profile
57The Albert & Rice TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$59,001,600View Profile
58The Helmuth | Pellegrino TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$56,192,472View Profile
59The Scott Stewart NYC TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$55,901,808View Profile
60Andrew and Amelia TeamBrown Harris StevensNew York, NY$54,847,500View Profile
61The Rosen TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$54,105,000View Profile
62Young Bolger TeamBrown Harris StevensNew York, NY$53,047,030View Profile
63Leventhal Thompson TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$52,906,960View Profile
64The Adamson Hall TeamBrown Harris StevensNew York, NY$51,823,206View Profile
65Hanja TeamBrown Harris StevensNew York, NY$50,637,575View Profile
66Azoulay AdvisoryDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$49,214,003View Profile
67The Riback TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$48,931,000View Profile
68The Randy Baruh TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$46,599,352View Profile
69The Power TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$45,763,856View Profile
70Team Carte BlancheThe AgencyNew York, NY$45,108,999View Profile
71Keller TeamBrown Harris StevensNew York, NY$44,827,500View Profile
72The Halpern TeamCompassNew York, NY$44,016,000View Profile
73The Luque TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$43,325,750View Profile
74Reiner/Deslaurier TeamColdwell Banker WarburgNew York, NY$42,707,500View Profile
75Craig Filipacchi & Jacques FoussardBrown Harris StevensNew York, NY$41,610,000View Profile
76The Faust | Palmieri TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$41,487,940View Profile
77The Gladstone/Karadus TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$40,863,320View Profile
78The Glick/Frei GroupBrown Harris StevensNew York, NY$40,350,000View Profile
79Rory S. Clark TeamBrown Harris StevensNew York, NY$40,325,350View Profile
80The McGowan Joy TeamBrown Harris StevensNew York, NY$40,299,500View Profile
81The Eileen Foy TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$39,995,133View Profile
82Tricia Lee Riley TeamSERHANT.New York, NY$39,831,646View Profile
83The Mike Biryla TeamThe AgencyNew York, NY$39,549,516View Profile
84Montesi Harnish TeamWilliam RaveisNew York, NY$39,461,025View Profile
85The Kogel – Daish TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$38,548,347View Profile
86The Debbie Baum TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$38,467,040View Profile
87The Podell Levin TeamBrown Harris StevensNew York, NY$37,192,500View Profile
88Burden Rosenthal Brown Harris StevensNew York, NY$36,915,577View Profile
89The Lieberman TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$36,775,000View Profile
91The Nematnejad TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$35,199,250View Profile
92The Rachlin Rappaport TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$34,679,000View Profile
93Alta Real EstateAlta Real EstateNew York, NY$34,000,000View Profile
94The Polly Milligan TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$33,761,500View Profile
95The Miller Schulz TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$33,183,764View Profile
96The DNK TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$32,521,450View Profile
97The Lanyard TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$32,101,278View Profile
98The Stanica TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$31,825,500View Profile
99The Coatsworth Lind Johnson TeamCompassNew York, NY$31,663,000View Profile
100The Gottlieb TeamColdwell Banker WarburgNew York, NY$31,029,500View Profile
101Johnny Lal TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$30,998,459View Profile
102Gavriani – Falcone TeamEngel & Völkers New York CityNew York, NY$30,991,000View Profile
103The Douglas TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$30,819,000View Profile
104The Andreas Mann TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$30,670,850View Profile
105Ingalls ORourke TeamSotheby’s International Realty, Inc.New York, NY$30,630,000View Profile
106Kim Shepard TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$30,045,000View Profile
107Melissa Hernandez TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$29,784,596View Profile
108The Adelson TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$29,489,050View Profile
109The Ekroth Fishkind Margolin TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$29,265,875View Profile
110JoAnne Kennedy and Nell Winslow Sotheby’s International Realty, Inc.New York, NY$28,815,000View Profile
111The Arcus TeamBrown Harris StevensNew York, NY$28,726,000View Profile
112Steer Kelly TeamKeller Williams NYCNew York, NY$28,564,500View Profile
113The Baker Dellinger TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$28,557,500View Profile
114The Freiberg-Cella TeamCompassNew York , NY$27,502,500View Profile
115Germany Sears TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$27,480,000View Profile
116The Cornerstone Team CorcoranNew York, NY$27,275,250View Profile
117The Green-Isen TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$26,874,200View Profile
118Testa Thorn TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$25,578,000View Profile
119The Rothman TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$25,087,000View Profile
120The Gavrilov Grosso TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$25,037,612View Profile
121The Klotsman TeamDouglas EllimanNew York, NY$24,962,916View Profile
122The Elaine Mayers TeamCorcoranNew York, NY$24,949,358View Profile

New York News

Fast-growing brokerage Side enters NYC HW+

Jan 19, 2022By

San Francisco-based Side has taken the side entrance into New York. The real estate brokerage has not announced agent hires, but it has tapped a managing broker for the state in John Wollberg.