2022 Emerging Leader: Adam Hergenrother


Adam Hergenrother, CEO of Livian is paving the way for consolidation in real estate, by showcasing how “together we achieve more.” An initial adopter of, and executer around, real estate expansion teams, Hergenrother is focused on the infrastructure that will guarantee agent and team growth in a shifting market. His strategic partnership with Gary Keller to form Livian, a real estate team platform of services with a proprietary acceleration stack, showcases the power of collaboration. In the past 12 months, Hergenrother successfully led HergGroup (now Livian) through the merger and strategic partnership with KWx that positioned the company for sustained long-term growth in an ever-shifting market where consolidation is inevitable. He vividly anticipates the need for pivoting and is consistently forwarding-thinking in his preparation to ensure the company’s profitability. Hergenrother built an organization that is all about creating a holistic environment where agents and employees can thrive at work and at home.


Adam Hergenrother





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