2022 Emerging Leader: Alex Vichinsky


A Bay Area native, Alex Vichinsky, team lead, brings more than a decade of experience working for some of the biggest tech companies in Silicon Valley to The Agency. Prior to real estate, Vichinsky spent ten years at prominent Silicon Valley tech companies, including Facebook, Square and Linkedin. During this time, he gained extensive knowledge in contract work and customer service that has translated seamlessly to real estate. Equipped with expert negotiating skills and extensive local knowledge, Vichinsky offers poignant and intelligent advice, leaning on his own life experiences to guide his clients toward sound investments. Representing buyers and sellers from Venice to West Hollywood and The Valley; Vichinsky serves as an invaluable guide throughout the entire transaction process, having sold over $143M in 2021 alone (lifetime sales of $265M+). Vichinsky has had his biggest year in real estate so far, with his highest sale to date of $20M, becoming a team lead on Bond Street Partners.


Alex Vichinsky




Team Lead | Bond Street Partners

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