2022 Emerging Leader: Anna-Marie Ellison


Serving as managing partner at ERA King Real Estate, Anna-Marie Ellison has been a vital part of the organization for the last 15 years. In her roles as agent, broker, and managing partner she has been instrumental in innovation, moving boundaries and representing the ERA King brand. At the forefront of every decision she makes is representing the core values of the company. In the beginning of 2021, Ellison took 9 offices, that in the past had more or less operated as isolated businesses within the footprint of the company, and brought them all together as one entity. She is not only making an impact at ERA King Real Estate,  but in the Real Estate industry as a whole. Outside of the workplace, she is an advocate for generational wealth and works to understand the struggles of the black community and what society can do to break that cycle.


Anna-Marie Ellison




Managing Partner

Company Name:

ERA King Real Estate