2022 Emerging Leader: Brad Keyes


Brad Keyes is a real estate advisor who, above all else, focuses on truly understanding the needs of his clients in order to provide them with their best options to achieve their real estate goals. Currently serving as managing partner at Keyes Real Estate, Keyes has been a trusted advisor in over $1 billion of residential and commercial real estate transactions. 

In his 13+ years of experience, Keyes has developed a unique and comprehensive approach to diligence. As a result, the Keyes Real Estate team is well-versed in the challenges that come with handling a variety of different types of transactions across multiple asset classes of real estate. Keyes’ approach to real estate comes not only from his perspective as an experienced broker and a real estate attorney representing both buyers and sellers of residential and commercial real estate, but also as that of a principal who invests in real estate himself.


Brad Keyes




Managing Partner

Company Name:

Keyes Real Estate