2022 Emerging Leader: Christopher Stark


As executive vice president of sales at Stark Company Realtors, Christopher Stark’s primary responsibility is to build the systems necessary to attract and support the sales talent his company’s reputation rests on. He is responsible for the new agent training program, the managers and coaches in each office and the business development and lead generation departments. He is Stark’s lead spokesperson, running all of their company meetings and regularly communicating with the company as a whole on the state of the market, the state of the industry and company strategies and culture. At just 37 years old, Stark is already assuming the role of the intellectual and cultural leader at his company. Outside of his direct responsibilities at Stark, he is a leader in the industry, having served as a director of the Realtors Association of South Central Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Realtors Association.


Christopher Stark




Executive Vice President of Sales

Company Name:

Stark Company Realtors