2022 Emerging Leader: Frances Bryant


Frances Bryant joined Ribbon in 2019 as the RibbonCash Program Director with a clear mission – to make homeownership achievable for more people. With over 13 years of experience in the housing market, she has seen all sides of the real estate transaction as a buyer, an agent and through serving agents. Through Bryant’s programmatic contribution, Ribbon provided buyers with the freedom of choice they deserve. In Q1 2022, Bryant led Ribbon’s buy box increase to $1 million homes and raised the eligible home age to 1960. This change opened up 20% more inventory for Ribbon buyers in operating markets in 13 different states. Most recently, she helped develop RibbonCash+, a product enhancement allowing buyers to bid higher to match the market, make a stronger offer and make it more likely to win in a multiple offer situation. Through Bryant’s collaborative leadership, buyers across the U.S. now have access to cash offers.


Frances Bryant




Director of Financial Products & Programs

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