2022 Emerging Leader: Jena Turner

Jena Turner started her own real estate company in 2019 but the plan was never to stop there. Along with opening the real estate brokerage, she has also opened a mortgage company, a title company and an insurance company. Turner has brought on 40 plus agents now with the promise to make them as successful as herself all the while offering every avenue of support in the journey to that success. 

Besides opening the 3 companies, Turner chose to give up her status as brokerage to join the largest cloud-based brokerage in America. By joining eXp, she opened up a treasure chest of resources to the partners and agents that allow them access to some of the biggest minds in real estate. Turner has built a support network of foundations in which her team can rely on to teach them what it means to come out on top financially, ethically and as a leader.


Jena Turner





Company Name:

Found Realty Group