2022 Emerging Leader: Patrick Kearns


As director of storytelling and PR at OJO Labs, Patrick Kearns plays a pivotal role in leading end-to-end storytelling that not only drives the company’s success, but supports the broader real estate industry in better serving consumers. In the past year, Kearns has focused on OJO’s commitment to transparency by spearheading the development of its data program. As one of his first initiatives at the company, he worked to build this program to make industry insights more accessible to consumers and industry professionals alike. Additionally, Kearns has played a critical hand in multiple major growth initiatives, including OJO’s first international expansion to Canada and strategic industry partnerships with a diverse group of innovative startups and industry incumbents. With each milestone, Kearns led the charge in telling the story behind the company’s growing impact in the industry and centered the company on progressing towards its purpose to equip anyone to unlock the abundant benefits of homeownership.


Patrick Kearns




Director of Storytelling and PR

Company Name:

OJO Labs