2022 Emerging Leader: Tushar Garg


CEO Tushar Garg co-founded Flyhomes with the goal of bringing transparency to the home buying process and transforming a traditionally opaque and frustrating process. Garg was a realtor himself and saw firsthand the challenges that consumers navigate when making one of the largest purchases of their lives. He also experienced just how meaningful it was to help people become homeowners. Over the past few years, he has led the company to success, helping homeowners close on over $4.6 billion worth of homes. Under Garg’s leadership, Flyhomes has established a presence in six states with robust expansion in the pipeline and has grown to over 1,000 employees. Beyond catering to the needs of homebuyers and sellers alike, Garg has played a key role in creating a one-of-a kind culture at Flyhomes — a primary factor that has contributed to the company’s substantial growth.


Tushar Garg




Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder

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