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Rank – City VolumeFull NameCompanyLocationVolumeProfile
1Shirley GaryEngel & Völkers Buckhead AtlantaAtlanta, GA$191,421,755View Profile
2Shanna BradleyAnsley Real Estate Christie’s InternationalAtlanta, GA$137,237,191View Profile
3Christa HuffsticklerEngel & Völkers AtlantaAtlanta, GA$125,910,147View Profile
4Chase MizellAtlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International RealtyAtlanta, GA$112,229,806View Profile
5Kelly KimAnsley Real Estate Christie’s InternationalAtlanta, GA$81,920,386View Profile
6Katie McguirkAnsley Real Estate Christie’s InternationalAtlanta, GA$63,600,278View Profile
7Molly GainesAnsley Real Estate Christie’s InternationalAtlanta, GA$60,265,900View Profile
8Betsy AkersAtlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International RealtyAtlanta, GA$57,440,900View Profile
9Jason CookAnsley Real Estate Christie’s InternationalAtlanta, GA$49,358,905View Profile
10Debra JohnstonColdwell Banker RealtyAtlanta, GA$49,329,000View Profile
11Troy StoweAnsley Real Estate Christie’s InternationalAtlanta, GA$48,496,110View Profile
12Curt KelliherKeller Williams Realty Intown AtlantaAtlanta, GA$42,915,994View Profile
13Chase HornerAtlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International RealtyAtlanta, GA$36,035,500View Profile
14Ken CoversEngel & Völkers AtlantaAtlanta, GA$35,347,380View Profile
15Lisa RobinsonEngel & Völkers AtlantaAtlanta, GA$34,964,584View Profile
16Cindy G MartinsKeller Williams Realty Georgia CommunitiesAtlanta, GA$34,668,305View Profile
17Chad PolazzoRE/MAX Metro Atlanta CitysideAtlanta, GA$34,228,624View Profile
18Stacy ShailendraAnsley Real Estate Christie’s InternationalAtlanta, GA$33,337,627View Profile
19Allen SnowAtlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International RealtyAtlanta, GA$32,520,598View Profile
20Tristain O’DonnellEngel & Völkers AtlantaAtlanta, GA$31,766,350View Profile
21Brandi Hunter Luxury Group –CompassAtlanta, GA$31,413,473View Profile
22Patty WebbHarry Norman, REALTORSAtlanta, GA$31,154,620View Profile
23Dean ZamoraRedfinAtlanta, GA$31,011,265View Profile
24Team Trilogy –CompassAtlanta, GA$30,711,881View Profile
25Amy FrenchAnsley Real Estate Christie’s InternationalAtlanta, GA$30,510,900View Profile
26Cynthia LittleRedfinAtlanta, GA$30,429,493View Profile
27Minesh PatelBetter Homes and Gardens Real Estate Metro BrokersAtlanta, GA$27,974,959View Profile
28Nadine LutzBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Georgia PropertiesAtlanta, GA$26,994,458View Profile
29Alex RobertsonAtlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International RealtyAtlanta, GA$26,273,500View Profile
30Erin MosherAtlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International RealtyAtlanta, GA$26,209,213View Profile
31Juanetta BrownEngel & Völkers Buckhead AtlantaAtlanta, GA$26,192,128View Profile
32Cynthia BaerKeller Williams Realty Metro AtlantaAtlanta, GA$25,612,278View Profile
33Arvie MagnusonAtlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International RealtyAtlanta, GA$25,000,838View Profile
34Mauricio VillaRedfinAtlanta, GA$24,771,367View Profile
35Kirsten ConoverBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Georgia PropertiesAtlanta, GA$24,289,625View Profile
36Ashley AltenbachAnsley Real Estate Christie’s InternationalAtlanta, GA$24,143,000View Profile
37Taylor InmanAnsley Real Estate Christie’s InternationalAtlanta, GA$24,071,625View Profile
38Lindy BengstonKeller Williams Realty Georgia CommunitiesAtlanta, GA$23,707,377View Profile
39Eydie KooninAtlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International RealtyAtlanta, GA$23,535,573View Profile
40Ken LibertyKeller Williams Realty Premier AtlantaAtlanta, GA$23,100,375View Profile
41Christine O’NeillAtlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International RealtyAtlanta, GA$22,957,146View Profile
42Rodney HinoteAnsley Real Estate Christie’s InternationalAtlanta, GA$22,888,345View Profile
43Michael McleodEngel & Völkers AtlantaAtlanta, GA$22,790,980View Profile
44Laura GreenHarry Norman, REALTORSAtlanta, GA$22,680,353View Profile
45Jamie MockEngel & Völkers Buckhead AtlantaAtlanta, GA$22,158,587View Profile
46Tyler RussellEngel & Völkers AtlantaAtlanta, GA$22,081,443View Profile
47Jasmine HarrisRedfinAtlanta, GA$22,064,005View Profile
48Bonji HopsonEngel & Völkers Buckhead AtlantaAtlanta, GA$21,887,160View Profile
49Dan BangsKeller Williams Realty Atlanta PerimeterAtlanta, GA$21,836,509View Profile
50Stephanie BeckwithRedfinAtlanta, GA$21,591,074View Profile
51Leah ChristianEngel & Völkers AtlantaAtlanta, GA$21,537,690View Profile
52Laura MehlBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Georgia PropertiesAtlanta, GA$21,521,167View Profile
53Susie ProffittEngel & Völkers AtlantaAtlanta, GA$21,507,504View Profile
54Debbie SonenshineColdwell Banker RealtyAtlanta, GA$21,302,250View Profile
55Rhianna ShemperColdwell Banker RealtyAtlanta, GA$21,295,610View Profile
56Lisa ScottRE/MAX Around Atlanta RealtyAtlanta, GA$21,113,755View Profile
57Imani FrithEngel & Völkers Buckhead AtlantaAtlanta, GA$20,902,550View Profile
58Lisa CollinsAtlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International RealtyAtlanta, GA$20,759,992View Profile
59David BascoeCompassAtlanta, GA$20,705,185View Profile
60Roslyn McclureRedfinAtlanta, GA$20,676,362View Profile
61Dabney JordanAtlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International RealtyAtlanta, GA$20,661,929View Profile
62Lisa CronicAtlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International RealtyAtlanta, GA$20,571,792View Profile
63Jane McauleyColdwell Banker RealtyAtlanta, GA$20,497,187View Profile
64Bob FreemanHarry Norman, REALTORSAtlanta, GA$20,309,833View Profile
65Tiffany BigginsEngel & Völkers Buckhead AtlantaAtlanta, GA$20,115,190View Profile
66Kathy StephensonRedfinAtlanta, GA$19,888,993View Profile
67Rochelle BlackwellRedfinAtlanta, GA$19,827,860View Profile
68Leslie ZwebenKeller Williams Realty Intown AtlantaAtlanta, GA$19,786,392View Profile
69Kathleen SickelerColdwell Banker RealtyAtlanta, GA$19,747,448View Profile
70Elena GistKeller Williams Realty Premier AtlantaAtlanta, GA$19,568,378View Profile
71Fran TubbsRedfinAtlanta, GA$19,171,000View Profile
72David HollingsheadEngel & Völkers AtlantaAtlanta, GA$19,165,971View Profile
73Jp Signature Homes Team –CompassAtlanta, GA$19,123,578View Profile
74Gipson Group Atl –CompassAtlanta, GA$19,042,300View Profile
75Lindsay KesslerCompassAtlanta, GA$18,792,540View Profile
76Karen ArmstrongKeller Williams RealtyAtlanta, GA$18,645,600View Profile
77Jill HeineckKeller Williams Peachtree RoadAtlanta, GA$18,228,600View Profile
78Torrence FordRE/MAX PremierAtlanta, GA$18,101,315View Profile
79Tremayne WilliamsKeller Williams Realty Atlanta MidtownAtlanta, GA$18,089,026View Profile
80Shaun Van OrsouwRedfinAtlanta, GA$18,034,890View Profile
81Amanda MatejekRedfinAtlanta, GA$17,832,100View Profile
82Ashley MosesEngel & Völkers Buckhead AtlantaAtlanta, GA$17,734,686View Profile
83Lihai ZhangKeller Williams Realty First AtlantaAtlanta, GA$17,719,830View Profile
84J.D. KellumKeller Williams RealtyAtlanta, GA$17,709,645View Profile
85Pailey NooromidAtlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International RealtyAtlanta, GA$17,700,092View Profile
86Kevin KilbrideAnsley Real Estate Christie’s InternationalAtlanta, GA$17,684,500View Profile
87Kendra RufinoKeller Williams Realty Premier AtlantaAtlanta, GA$17,594,861View Profile
88Eric BakerKeller Williams Realty First AtlantaAtlanta, GA$17,512,769View Profile
89Collis ClovieCENTURY 21 InTownAtlanta, GA$17,498,813View Profile
90Andy GriffithEngel & Völkers AtlantaAtlanta, GA$17,494,579View Profile
91Julene HodgesHarry Norman, REALTORSAtlanta, GA$17,369,000View Profile
92Janel BrownEngel & Völkers Buckhead AtlantaAtlanta, GA$17,284,520View Profile
93Hasan PashaHarry Norman, REALTORSAtlanta, GA$17,255,131View Profile
94Amanda PopeHarry Norman, REALTORSAtlanta, GA$17,253,500View Profile
95Amanda RoseBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Georgia PropertiesAtlanta, GA$17,231,458View Profile
96Laura DewAtlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International RealtyAtlanta, GA$17,107,038View Profile
97Tommy WilkesEngel & Völkers Buckhead AtlantaAtlanta, GA$17,013,640View Profile
98Peggy HibbertAtlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International RealtyAtlanta, GA$17,009,855View Profile
99Pamela O’Connor-SmithRedfinAtlanta, GA$17,003,500View Profile
100Jon Effron & Co. –CompassAtlanta, GA$16,900,835View Profile
101Elizabeth NormanKeller Williams Realty Georgia CommunitiesAtlanta, GA$16,880,700View Profile
102Nancy KeenanKeller Williams RealtyAtlanta, GA$16,614,728View Profile
103Nicole DavisColdwell Banker RealtyAtlanta, GA$16,604,800View Profile
104Cady Group –CompassAtlanta, GA$16,480,387View Profile
105Sandra KingAnsley Real Estate Christie’s InternationalAtlanta, GA$16,448,500View Profile
106Sharon BrookshireRedfinAtlanta, GA$16,415,196View Profile
107Roman TeyfCompassAtlanta, GA$16,367,379View Profile
108Sam StowellAnsley Real Estate Christie’s InternationalAtlanta, GA$16,357,811View Profile
109Madeleine KotoraHarry Norman, REALTORSAtlanta, GA$16,271,007View Profile
110Anna Wagner Homes –CompassAtlanta, GA$16,261,000View Profile
111Emily HuntEngel & Völkers AtlantaAtlanta, GA$16,260,500View Profile

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2023 Atlanta, Georgia Housing Market Summary

Atlanta, Georgia started 2023 with a total of 1,686 single-family homes on the market, with a median home price of $419,000 and an average price per square foot of $272. By the end of the year, inventory had increased to 2,006 homes on the market (+18%), with a median home price of $435,000 (+3%) and an average price per square foot of $283 (+4%).

At the start of 2023, the median days on market (DOM) was 70 days – by the end of the year, median DOM had remained the same at 70 days.

Atlanta started the year with 44% of homes taking a price cut (for reference, 35% is the national average for price reductions in a ‘normal’ year.) By the end of the year, about 42% of Atlanta homes for sale had taken a price cut.

Finally, Altos’ proprietary Market Action Index (MAI) shows that Atlanta started 2023 as a strong seller’s market, with an MAI score of 46; by the end of the year, the MAI had dropped to 28 – a buyer’s advantage.

This market summary is powered by Altos Research – click here to run a free report for your area.

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