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Rank – City VolumeFull NameCompanyLocationVolumeProfile
1Kumara WilcoxonKuper Sotheby’s International RealtyAustin, TX$196,850,023View Profile
2Matt MenardAustin Real Estate ExpertsAustin, TX$189,222,299View Profile
2Amy DeaneMoreland PropertiesAustin, TX$135,327,949View Profile
3Stephanie NickDouglas EllimanAustin, TX$107,413,000View Profile
4Bridget RameyKuper Sotheby’s International RealtyAustin, TX$97,618,657View Profile
5Kathryn ScarboroughEngel & Völkers Austin WestlakeAustin, TX$76,643,250View Profile
6Spanish Oaks Realty Group –CompassAustin, TX$75,830,840View Profile
7Andrew VallejoRedfinAustin, TX$65,688,099View Profile
8Anthony GibsonAustin Properties GroupAustin, TX$64,848,676View Profile
9Hometown Charm Realty Group –CompassAustin, TX$62,386,708View Profile
10Wade GilesDouglas EllimanAustin, TX$59,754,960View Profile
11Greg WallingMoreland PropertiesAustin, TX$53,562,250View Profile
12Joanie CapalupoCompassAustin, TX$51,954,360View Profile
13Anna LeeMoreland PropertiesAustin, TX$51,444,250View Profile
14Kirk LewisKuper Sotheby’s International RealtyAustin, TX$50,530,471View Profile
15Darin WalkerKuper Sotheby’s International RealtyAustin, TX$49,418,430View Profile
16Adam WalkerRealty AustinAustin, TX$48,786,402View Profile
17Birdwell Residential Group –CompassAustin, TX$48,488,490View Profile
18Clayton BullockMoreland PropertiesAustin, TX$47,624,408View Profile
19Tarek MorshedKuper Sotheby’s International RealtyAustin, TX$46,717,083View Profile
20Sara ColtharpColdwell Banker RealtyAustin, TX$46,324,404View Profile
21Sean KubicekMoreland PropertiesAustin, TX$46,288,488View Profile
22The Licona Team –CompassAustin, TX$43,574,073View Profile
23Victor SteffeneXp Realty, LLCAustin, TX$42,955,574View Profile
24Viktoriia JonesBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Texas RealtyAustin, TX$40,951,667View Profile
25Chris Long Group –CompassAustin, TX$38,545,580View Profile
26Elizabeth RileyeXp Realty, LLCAustin, TX$37,769,686View Profile
27Joe LongtonKuper Sotheby’s International RealtyAustin, TX$37,297,199View Profile
28Katherine WrightMoreland PropertiesAustin, TX$37,054,791View Profile
29Monica DischianoRedfinAustin, TX$37,053,414View Profile
30Atoosa PonsfordRE/MAX Posh PropertiesAustin, TX$36,688,365View Profile
31Mary HickeyKeller Williams Lake TravisAustin, TX$36,519,791View Profile
32Jenny LawKuper Sotheby’s International RealtyAustin, TX$36,171,749View Profile
33Keith MilkiewiczColdwell Banker RealtyAustin, TX$35,751,000View Profile
34Barb CooperRedfinAustin, TX$35,524,897View Profile
35April WomackMoreland PropertiesAustin, TX$33,920,111View Profile
36Barrett RavenHarpeth RealtyAustin, TX$33,000,000View Profile
37Gabriel RecioRedfinAustin, TX$32,255,626View Profile
38Shay MillheiserKuper Sotheby’s International RealtyAustin, TX$32,192,240View Profile
39Erika LevackCompassAustin, TX$31,974,875View Profile
40Kristee LeonardThe Leaders Realty, LLCAustin, TX$31,920,159View Profile
41Michele TurnquistEngel & Völkers Austin WestlakeAustin, TX$30,475,718View Profile
42Carl ShurrKuper Sotheby’s International RealtyAustin, TX$30,453,500View Profile
43Alex CroftCompassAustin, TX$29,432,013View Profile
44Cari ClarkKuper Sotheby’s International RealtyAustin, TX$29,166,150View Profile
45Brandye RoccaKeller Williams Lake TravisAustin, TX$29,160,828View Profile
46Gregory TranKeller Williams Realty Southwest Market CenterAustin, TX$29,143,935View Profile
47Dawn LanierColdwell Banker RealtyAustin, TX$27,878,500View Profile
48Susan BarringerKuper Sotheby’s International RealtyAustin, TX$27,808,758View Profile
49Lisa HasselColdwell Banker RealtyAustin, TX$27,309,997View Profile
50Kim FodorCompassAustin, TX$27,131,400View Profile
51Rebecca PletzRedfinAustin, TX$26,980,000View Profile
52Charlotte SandersKuper Sotheby’s International RealtyAustin, TX$26,651,000View Profile
53Khani ZuluCurated Collective REAustin, TX$26,173,373View Profile
54Mj McfarlandMoreland PropertiesAustin, TX$25,948,498View Profile
55Wendy ElderCompassAustin, TX$25,833,505View Profile
56Maggie RuizRedfinAustin, TX$25,687,749View Profile
57Noa LevyThe Agency AustinAustin, TX$25,443,427View Profile
58Tammy TemplinColdwell Banker RealtyAustin, TX$25,433,430View Profile
59Jade YoungRedfinAustin, TX$25,276,099View Profile
60Jonathan CreathKuper Sotheby’s International RealtyAustin, TX$25,142,212View Profile
61The Tapp Group –CompassAustin, TX$24,800,531View Profile
62Gray AdkinsKuper Sotheby’s International RealtyAustin, TX$24,578,600View Profile
63Carmen GioiaRedfinAustin, TX$24,457,457View Profile
64Remi McdonnellColdwell Banker RealtyAustin, TX$23,778,144View Profile
65Lauren PowellKuper Sotheby’s International RealtyAustin, TX$23,614,416View Profile
66Sonya CunninghamKuper Sotheby’s International RealtyAustin, TX$23,352,223View Profile
67Vince HeinzCompassAustin, TX$23,273,695View Profile
68Dave BairBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Texas RealtyAustin, TX$23,109,792View Profile
69Nate OrtizRedfinAustin, TX$23,041,018View Profile
70Theresa MagnerCompassAustin, TX$22,749,567View Profile
71Melissa Meeks KilianKuper Sotheby’s International RealtyAustin, TX$22,644,898View Profile
72Ryan RogersDouglas EllimanAustin, TX$22,639,711View Profile
73Oldham Group –CompassAustin, TX$22,475,736View Profile
74Crystal LopezRedfinAustin, TX$21,918,175View Profile
75Hendrix Residential Group –CompassAustin, TX$21,403,875View Profile
76Dana AmbsCompassAustin, TX$21,136,892View Profile
77Reagan WilliamsonBetter Homes and Gardens Real Estate homecityAustin, TX$21,126,840View Profile
78Debbie NewbyRedfinAustin, TX$20,684,391View Profile
79Joanna KingBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Texas RealtyAustin, TX$20,630,333View Profile
80Sandy JosephBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Texas RealtyAustin, TX$20,542,292View Profile
81Job HammondDash RealtyAustin, TX$20,490,676View Profile
82Jennifer PuryearRE/MAX Austin SkylineAustin, TX$20,323,639View Profile
83Yiwen ChenKeller Williams RealtyAustin, TX$20,230,130View Profile
84Casey KearnsColdwell Banker RealtyAustin, TX$20,000,000View Profile
85Ed HugheyMoreland PropertiesAustin, TX$19,741,320View Profile
86Janis PenickKuper Sotheby’s International RealtyAustin, TX$19,675,297View Profile
87Libby Leahy Group –CompassAustin, TX$19,636,416View Profile
88John DawsonRedfinAustin, TX$19,602,170View Profile
89Michael CondreyRedfinAustin, TX$19,535,011View Profile
90Holt Residential Group –CompassAustin, TX$19,392,000View Profile
91Britani LolleyKuper Sotheby’s International RealtyAustin, TX$19,325,000View Profile
92Ryan KellyKeller Williams Realty Southwest Market CenterAustin, TX$19,313,374View Profile
93Cassie ClemonsColdwell Banker RealtyAustin, TX$18,722,123View Profile
94Heather KightRedfinAustin, TX$18,499,001View Profile
95Steve DedearColdwell Banker RealtyAustin, TX$18,403,196View Profile
96Cyndi BrittonRedfinAustin, TX$18,386,139View Profile
97Lindsay DillardDouglas EllimanAustin, TX$18,340,966View Profile
98Cory LaurelMoreland PropertiesAustin, TX$18,318,152View Profile
99Mark GarnerBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Texas RealtyAustin, TX$18,272,708View Profile
100Shelli BeckCompassAustin, TX$18,155,930View Profile
101Joany PriceColdwell Banker RealtyAustin, TX$18,115,000View Profile
102Robert EvansRedfinAustin, TX$18,114,917View Profile
103Jeremy FisherRealty AustinAustin, TX$18,017,379View Profile
104Lazan PargamanKuper Sotheby’s International RealtyAustin, TX$17,948,936View Profile
105The Karin Howard Team –CompassAustin, TX$17,918,794View Profile
106Lindsey RobersonMoreland PropertiesAustin, TX$17,888,381View Profile
107Annette RameyKeller Williams Lake TravisAustin, TX$17,727,649View Profile
108Chrissy HandColdwell Banker RealtyAustin, TX$17,703,695View Profile
109Greg VassaurKuper Sotheby’s International RealtyAustin, TX$17,690,531View Profile
110Dawn MckimColdwell Banker RealtyAustin, TX$17,636,450View Profile
111Leslie GossettKuper Sotheby’s International RealtyAustin, TX$17,590,000View Profile
112Brandy FinnesseyKuper Sotheby’s International RealtyAustin, TX$17,297,721View Profile
113Janice HurstKuper Sotheby’s International RealtyAustin, TX$17,075,450View Profile
114Patty JohnsKuper Sotheby’s International RealtyAustin, TX$16,990,515View Profile
115Kim BurkeKuper Sotheby’s International RealtyAustin, TX$16,833,235View Profile
116Vincent MartinezKeller Williams Realty Southwest Market CenterAustin, TX$16,814,950View Profile
117Paige ShobergMoreland PropertiesAustin, TX$16,790,000View Profile
118Cathy RomanoCompassAustin, TX$16,749,000View Profile
119Courtney HohlDouglas EllimanAustin, TX$16,686,192View Profile
120Brooke RoederCompassAustin, TX$16,684,190View Profile
121Dorie DillardColdwell Banker RealtyAustin, TX$16,626,969View Profile
122Rachael FelanCompassAustin, TX$16,575,396View Profile
123Angela BeckKeller Williams Lake TravisAustin, TX$16,549,832View Profile
124Warren ChirhartKeller Williams Lake TravisAustin, TX$16,453,000View Profile
125Diane KennedyColdwell Banker RealtyAustin, TX$16,418,770View Profile
126Warren KullColdwell Banker RealtyAustin, TX$16,379,935View Profile
127Tera DallasKuper Sotheby’s International RealtyAustin, TX$16,379,714View Profile
128Aaron ScruggsKuper Sotheby’s International RealtyAustin, TX$16,376,335View Profile
129Kim TreadawayKeller Williams RealtyAustin, TX$16,210,494View Profile
130Hillary DeckKuper Sotheby’s International RealtyAustin, TX$16,134,500View Profile

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2023 Austin, Texas Housing Market Summary

Austin, Texas started 2023 with a total of 1,712 single-family homes on the market, with a median home price of $675,000 and an average price per square foot of $446. By the end of the year, inventory had increased to 2,117 homes on the market (+23%), with a median home price of $735,000 (+8%) and an average price per square foot of $457 (+2%).

At the start of 2023, the median days on market (DOM) was 84 days – by the end of the year, median DOM had remained the same at 84 days.

Austin started the year with 60% of homes taking a price cut (for reference, 35% is the national average for price reductions in a ‘normal’ year.) By the end of the year, about 53% of Austin homes for sale had taken a price cut.

Finally, Altos’ proprietary Market Action Index (MAI) shows that Austin started 2023 as a seller’s market, with an MAI score of 44; by the end of the year, the MAI had dropped to 39 – a slight seller’s advantage.

This market summary is powered by Altos Research – click here to run a free report for your area.

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