Top Agents in Chicago, Illinois – Individuals By Sides

City Sides RankFull NameCompanyLocationSidesProfile
1Steven KolenoEXIT Strategy RealtyChicago, IL 1,650.0View Profile
2Melissa KingsburyRedfinChicago, IL 216.0View Profile
3John LitrentaRedfinChicago, IL 114.0View Profile
4Keith BrandBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices ChicagoChicago, IL 113.0View Profile
5Beth BehlingRedfinChicago, IL 105.0View Profile
6Sara SogolRedfinChicago, IL 95.0View Profile
7Linda FeinsteinCompassChicago, IL 92.0View Profile
8Joshua BerngardEXIT Strategy RealtyChicago, IL 80.3View Profile
9Christopher PaulRedfinChicago, IL 79.0View Profile
10Daniel CloseRedfinChicago, IL 78.0View Profile
10Salvador GonzalezRE/MAX Mi CasaChicago, IL 78.0View Profile
10Chezi RafaeliColdwell Banker RealtyChicago, IL 78.0View Profile
13Paul Mancini@properties Christie’s International Real EstateChicago, IL 77.0View Profile
13Jason O’BeirneJameson Sotheby’s International RealtyChicago, IL 77.0View Profile
15Michael HallBaird & WarnerChicago, IL 75.0View Profile
16Rick BabbRedfinChicago, IL 73.0View Profile
16Ryan MckaneRedfinChicago, IL 73.0View Profile
18Cesar JuarezRedfinChicago, IL 72.0View Profile
19Christy AlwinRedfinChicago, IL 69.0View Profile
20Erick MatosRE/MAX LoyaltyChicago, IL 68.0View Profile
20Terrie WhittakerRedfinChicago, IL 68.0View Profile
22Denis HorganRedfinChicago, IL 67.0View Profile
22Chris EngelmannRedfinChicago, IL 67.0View Profile
24Mark ZippererRE/MAX NextChicago, IL 66.0View Profile
25Camie CirrincioneRedfinChicago, IL 64.0View Profile
25Niko VoutsinasRedfinChicago, IL 64.0View Profile
25Ed Jelinek@properties Christie’s International Real EstateChicago, IL 64.0View Profile
28Layching QuekRedfinChicago, IL 61.0View Profile
29Randy Nasatir@properties Christie’s International Real EstateChicago, IL 59.0View Profile
30Maria CastilloRE/MAX Mi CasaChicago, IL 58.0View Profile
31Sarah MachmouchiRedfinChicago, IL 57.0View Profile
31Stephanie LoverdeBaird & WarnerChicago, IL 57.0View Profile
31Andres OlaezRE/MAX Mi CasaChicago, IL 57.0View Profile
34Linda LevinJameson Sotheby’s International RealtyChicago, IL 55.8View Profile
35Fel SalgadoRedfinChicago, IL 55.0View Profile
35Kimberly CardilliRedfinChicago, IL 55.0View Profile
37Peter MooreBaird & WarnerChicago, IL 54.0View Profile
37Michael MaierBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices ChicagoChicago, IL 54.0View Profile
37Jenn RiveraRedfinChicago, IL 54.0View Profile
40Jenny Stokes HabetlerRedfinChicago, IL 53.0View Profile
40Millie RosenbloomBaird & WarnerChicago, IL 53.0View Profile
40Cynthia StolfeRedfinChicago, IL 53.0View Profile
43Tom CamponeKW ONEChicagoChicago, IL 52.0View Profile
43Becky WipperfurthRedfinChicago, IL 52.0View Profile
43Brett LarsonRedfinChicago, IL 52.0View Profile
43Robert YoshimuraCompassChicago, IL 52.0View Profile
43Mike HerrickRedfinChicago, IL 52.0View Profile
48Stacey DombarRedfinChicago, IL 51.0View Profile
49Christopher ProkopiakRedfinChicago, IL 50.0View Profile
49Marcin KrempaRE/MAX NextChicago, IL 50.0View Profile
49Veronica RodriguezRedfinChicago, IL 50.0View Profile
49Cindy WeinrebRedfinChicago, IL 50.0View Profile
49Lindsay SchulzRedfinChicago, IL 50.0View Profile
54Brittany StraleRedfinChicago, IL 49.0View Profile
54Tiffeny MeyersRedfinChicago, IL 49.0View Profile
56Jacqueline CasinoRedfinChicago, IL 48.0View Profile
56Sylvia ChliborobRedfinChicago, IL 48.0View Profile
58Jennifer EngelRedfinChicago, IL 47.0View Profile
58Dan BergmanRedfinChicago, IL 47.0View Profile
58Marek PrusRE/MAX CityChicago, IL 47.0View Profile
58Eamonn Stafford@properties Christie’s International Real EstateChicago, IL 47.0View Profile
62Cindi Sodolski Group –CompassChicago, IL 46.0View Profile
62Martha LozanoRE/MAX CityChicago, IL 46.0View Profile
64Brian Behan@properties Christie’s International Real EstateChicago, IL 45.0View Profile
64Chris VernaldCorcoran Urban Real EstateChicago, IL 45.0View Profile
64Connie Engel@properties Christie’s International Real EstateChicago, IL 45.0View Profile
64Jasmine PopocaRedfinChicago, IL 45.0View Profile
64Michael McguinnessRedfinChicago, IL 45.0View Profile
69Stefanie D’AgostinoRedfinChicago, IL 44.0View Profile
69Steve OtwellRedfinChicago, IL 44.0View Profile
69Nadine FerrataCompassChicago, IL 44.0View Profile
69Mary Lusk Group –CompassChicago, IL 44.0View Profile
73John LyonsBaird & WarnerChicago, IL 43.0View Profile
73Nathan FreebornRedfinChicago, IL 43.0View Profile
73Marzena FraustoRedfinChicago, IL 43.0View Profile
73Leopoldo GutierrezRedfinChicago, IL 43.0View Profile
73Sondra SavinoRedfinChicago, IL 43.0View Profile
73Kelly StetlerCompassChicago, IL 43.0View Profile
73Aaron ShareCompassChicago, IL 43.0View Profile
80Ashley ArzerRedfinChicago, IL 42.0View Profile
80Scott WileyRedfinChicago, IL 42.0View Profile
80Molly MarinoBaird & WarnerChicago, IL 42.0View Profile
80Nichole DininoRedfinChicago, IL 42.0View Profile
80Natalia MartinezRE/MAX Mi CasaChicago, IL 42.0View Profile
80Nevin NelsonRedfinChicago, IL 42.0View Profile
80Cory GreenCompassChicago, IL 42.0View Profile
80Keith Schumann@properties Christie’s International Real EstateChicago, IL 42.0View Profile
80Ashley KaehnCompassChicago, IL 42.0View Profile
89Jacqueline AlterRedfinChicago, IL 41.0View Profile
89Mike WolsonCompassChicago, IL 41.0View Profile
89Lina Lee@propertiesChicago, IL 41.0View Profile
89Luminita IspasCENTURY 21 S.G.R., Inc.Chicago, IL 41.0View Profile
89Mark MinorczykKW ONEChicagoChicago, IL 41.0View Profile
89Joanne NemerovskiCompassChicago, IL 41.0View Profile
89Marybeth DurkinRedfinChicago, IL 41.0View Profile
89Dorota DynakColdwell Banker RealtyChicago, IL 41.0View Profile
89Manuela PapazisiColdwell Banker RealtyChicago, IL 41.0View Profile
89Hugo AraujoColdwell Banker RealtyChicago, IL 41.0View Profile
99Lyn HarvieBaird & WarnerChicago, IL 40.0View Profile
99Scott ShapiroRedfinChicago, IL 40.0View Profile
99Meg DadayKW ONEChicagoChicago, IL 40.0View Profile
99Nicholas ColagiovanniBaird & WarnerChicago, IL 40.0View Profile
99Elizabeth August@properties Christie’s International Real EstateChicago, IL 40.0View Profile
99David MishelCompassChicago, IL 40.0View Profile

Chicago News

Expansion-obsessed eXp reports $80M in Q3 profits HW+

Nov 03, 2021By

eXp World Holdings reported $79.5 million in gross profit during the third quarter of 2021. The brokerage had more than 65,000 real estate agents as of Sept. 30.