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Rank – City VolumeFull NameCompanyLocationVolumeProfile
Jeff PlousHatch RealtyDenver, CO$71,761,607View Profile
Lori AbbeyCompassDenver, CO$56,832,500View Profile
Shannon TigerLIV Sotheby’s International RealtyDenver, CO$55,627,500View Profile
Mckinze CaseyLIV Sotheby’s International RealtyDenver, CO$53,249,200View Profile
Casey PerryCompassDenver, CO$50,360,587View Profile
Kylie RussellLIV Sotheby’s International RealtyDenver, CO$44,910,308View Profile
Elise LoSassoThe Agency DenverDenver, CO$44,442,790View Profile
Josh SteckKentwood Real Estate DTCDenver, CO$43,765,000View Profile
Deviree VallejoLIV Sotheby’s International RealtyDenver, CO$41,601,550View Profile
Ann KerrKentwood Real Estate DTCDenver, CO$40,724,837View Profile
Patti Maurer WilliamsLIV Sotheby’s International RealtyDenver, CO$40,699,860View Profile
Helen CayaRedfinDenver, CO$39,877,608View Profile
Blake O’ShaughnessyLIV Sotheby’s International RealtyDenver, CO$39,740,000View Profile
Leo RowenRE/MAX of Cherry Creek IncDenver, CO$39,485,490View Profile
Jeff HendleyCompassDenver, CO$38,385,493View Profile
Kyle MalnatiKentwood Real Estate DTCDenver, CO$37,535,480View Profile
Katie HosterLIV Sotheby’s International RealtyDenver, CO$35,576,934View Profile
Karen BrinckerhoffKentwood Real Estate DTCDenver, CO$35,306,043View Profile
Liz RichardsLIV Sotheby’s International RealtyDenver, CO$35,223,378View Profile
Jay EppersonCompassDenver, CO$32,806,050View Profile
Dawn RaymondKentwood Real Estate Cherry CreekDenver, CO$32,700,000View Profile
Steven IzziRedfinDenver, CO$32,629,010View Profile
Carla BartellCorcoran Perry & Co.Denver, CO$32,628,500View Profile
Lisa TaylorCompassDenver, CO$31,539,295View Profile
Susie DewsCompassDenver, CO$31,187,500View Profile
Jennifer MarkusKentwood Real Estate DTCDenver, CO$30,299,000View Profile
Nancy SchaackRedfinDenver, CO$29,805,233View Profile
Kevin KestenbaumRedfinDenver, CO$29,592,773View Profile
Luke CorbittSlifer Smith & Frampton Real EstateDenver, CO$28,582,063View Profile
Georgia GallagherLIV Sotheby’s International RealtyDenver, CO$28,326,250View Profile
Jim RhyeKentwood Real Estate Cherry CreekDenver, CO$28,242,000View Profile
Martin MataRedfinDenver, CO$28,103,580View Profile
Andy PotarfRedfinDenver, CO$28,017,050View Profile
Joy CastilloLIV Sotheby’s International RealtyDenver, CO$27,858,525View Profile
Andrew RottnerRedfinDenver, CO$27,382,704View Profile
Rachel Gallegosmilehimodern, LLCDenver, CO$26,689,500View Profile
Andrew AbramsGuide Real EstateDenver, CO$26,659,580View Profile
Chriss BondColdwell Banker RealtyDenver, CO$26,435,400View Profile
Michael TurnerRedfinDenver, CO$25,008,067View Profile
David DiPetroCompassDenver, CO$24,861,500View Profile
Lauren Gates8z Real EstateDenver, CO$24,532,718View Profile
Kayla SchmitzKentwood Real Estate Cherry CreekDenver, CO$24,469,970View Profile
Nancy AustinCompassDenver, CO$24,382,502View Profile
Terry OakesLIV Sotheby’s International RealtyDenver, CO$24,160,400View Profile
Wendy LeeKentwood Real Estate DTCDenver, CO$24,045,526View Profile
Douglas KerbsLIV Sotheby’s International RealtyDenver, CO$23,790,000View Profile
Stacy Owen ResopLIV Sotheby’s International RealtyDenver, CO$23,303,250View Profile
Natalie HengelThe Agency DenverDenver, CO$23,257,901View Profile
Brad ArnoldSlifer Smith & Frampton Real EstateDenver, CO$23,239,704View Profile
Jennie ParsonLIV Sotheby’s International RealtyDenver, CO$22,616,500View Profile
Taylor LawtonLIV Sotheby’s International RealtyDenver, CO$22,206,750View Profile
Kate KazellWest + Main HomesDenver, CO$22,056,200View Profile
Ann MeadowsRE/MAX of Cherry Creek IncDenver, CO$21,902,900View Profile
Eric TackColdwell Banker RealtyDenver, CO$21,821,745View Profile
Maria GallucciCompassDenver, CO$21,796,751View Profile
Matt PurdyRedfinDenver, CO$21,457,092View Profile
Carolyn DoolingCompassDenver, CO$21,419,614View Profile
Jon MotternCompassDenver, CO$21,405,866View Profile
Afton HartmannRedfinDenver, CO$21,227,500View Profile
DJ JohnsonLIV Sotheby’s International RealtyDenver, CO$20,965,871View Profile
Julie RayBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Colorado Real EstateDenver, CO$20,920,750View Profile
Barb RileyColdwell Banker RealtyDenver, CO$20,796,172View Profile
Keith CombsKentwood Real Estate DTCDenver, CO$20,766,490View Profile
Lauren VollonoKeller WilliamsDenver, CO$20,367,856View Profile
John JasterSlifer Smith & Frampton Real EstateDenver, CO$19,899,000View Profile
Tina ChristensenThe Agency DenverDenver, CO$19,837,500View Profile
Ashleigh FredricksonThe Agency DenverDenver, CO$19,801,800View Profile
Casey MillerLIV Sotheby’s International RealtyDenver, CO$19,636,600View Profile
Dotson SkaggsKentwood Real Estate DTCDenver, CO$19,594,528View Profile
Gary JohnsonRedfinDenver, CO$19,555,100View Profile
Cynthia MunozRedfinDenver, CO$19,370,850View Profile
Caitlin CloughmilehimodernDenver, CO$19,283,620View Profile
Michelle SewardLIV Sotheby’s International RealtyDenver, CO$19,214,300View Profile
Tammy CooperLIV Sotheby’s International RealtyDenver, CO$19,198,502View Profile
Ammy NguyenLIV Sotheby’s International RealtyDenver, CO$18,806,665View Profile
Elizabeth ZimmermannRedfinDenver, CO$18,612,300View Profile
Jim TitusRedfinDenver, CO$18,461,390View Profile
Maria VitaleLIV Sotheby’s International RealtyDenver, CO$18,375,994View Profile
Persy SampleThe Agency DenverDenver, CO$18,316,850View Profile
Michelle BerzinsKeller WilliamsDenver, CO$18,275,404View Profile
Kyle BaseggiomilehimodernDenver, CO$18,209,490View Profile
Todd CrosbieLIV Sotheby’s International RealtyDenver, CO$18,157,740View Profile
Shelby SampsonThe Agency DenverDenver, CO$18,037,187View Profile
Wendy GlazerKentwood Real Estate Cherry CreekDenver, CO$18,018,035View Profile
Shannon ConryRE/MAX AllianceDenver, CO$17,862,525View Profile
Tammie SandemanRedfinDenver, CO$17,775,450View Profile
Andrea BellKentwood Real Estate Cherry CreekDenver, CO$17,764,304View Profile
Saana MikloLIV Sotheby’s International RealtyDenver, CO$17,453,150View Profile
Annzo PhelpsKentwood Real Estate DTCDenver, CO$17,375,018View Profile
Mike BartonRedfinDenver, CO$17,271,170View Profile
Tara MaynardRedfinDenver, CO$17,107,208View Profile
Mark CallaghanColdwell Banker RealtyDenver, CO$17,105,000View Profile
Rita LeeRedfinDenver, CO$17,078,186View Profile
Al SaizRedfinDenver, CO$16,941,614View Profile
Jeffrey ManleyRE/MAX ProfessionalsDenver, CO$16,868,500View Profile
Antonio AyalaRedfinDenver, CO$16,860,113View Profile
Nicholas QuenzerCompassDenver, CO$16,856,500View Profile
Heather HawkinsRedfinDenver, CO$16,840,310View Profile
Barbara PerryCorcoran Perry & Co.Denver, CO$16,666,671View Profile
Taylor HeslopLIV Sotheby’s International RealtyDenver, CO$16,559,750View Profile
Valerie FranklinRedfinDenver, CO$16,493,584View Profile
John HaydenKentwood Real Estate City PropertiesDenver, CO$16,473,750View Profile
Amy BerglundmilehimodernDenver, CO$16,422,362View Profile
Ryan HaarerLIV Sotheby’s International RealtyDenver, CO$16,261,940View Profile
Porter ErgonKeller WilliamsDenver, CO$16,254,367View Profile
Stephanie GoldammermilehimodernDenver, CO$16,209,759View Profile

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2023 Denver, Colorado Housing Market Summary

Denver, Colorado started 2023 with a total of 603 single-family homes on the market, with a median home price of $645,000 and an average price per square foot of $381. By the end of the year, inventory had increased to 718 homes on the market (+19%), with a median home price of $700,000 (+8%) and an average price per square foot of $402 (+5%).

At the start of 2023, the median days on market (DOM) was 63 days – by the end of the year, median DOM had remained the same at 63 days.

Denver started the year with 52% of homes taking a price cut (for reference, 35% is the national average for price reductions in a ‘normal’ year.) By the end of the year, about 45% of Denver homes for sale had taken a price cut.

Finally, Altos’ proprietary Market Action Index (MAI) shows that Denver started 2023 as a strong seller’s market, with an MAI score of 49; by the end of the year, the MAI had dropped to 47 – a strong seller’s advantage.

This market summary is powered by Altos Research – click here to run a free report for your area.

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