Top Small Teams in Massachusetts – Ranked By Volume

State Volume RankTeam NameCompanyLocationVolumeProfile
1Gail Roberts, Ed Feijo & TeamColdwell Banker RealtyCambridge, MA$243,374,950View Profile
2Senkler, Pasley and DowcettColdwell Banker RealtyConcord, MA$152,184,377View Profile
3Steve McKenna and The Home Advantage TeamGibson Sotheby’s International RealtyArlington, MA$142,282,115View Profile
4Lauren Holleran TeamGibson Sotheby’s International RealtyCambridge, MA$138,065,400View Profile
5The Montgomery Carroll GroupCompassBoston, MA$133,026,062View Profile
6Carlisle GroupCompassBoston, MA$130,266,767View Profile
7Mizner + MonteroGibson Sotheby’s International RealtyBoston, MA$128,144,450View Profile
8Kopman AdlerCompassBoston, MA$126,194,335View Profile
9The Whaley / Ring TeamColdwell Banker RealtyBoston, MA$126,057,483View Profile
10Caulfield PropertiesCompassBoston, MA$120,758,562View Profile
11Kevin Lewis GroupCompassBoston, MA$105,431,482View Profile
12Beyond Boston PropertiesCompassBoston, MA$102,827,564View Profile
13Beth Sager GroupKeller Williams Realty Boston NorthwestLexington, MA$101,262,050View Profile
14The Hans Brings TeamColdwell Banker RealtyWaltham, MA$101,095,593View Profile
15Hilary Maddox TeamCompassBrookline, MA$100,598,410View Profile
16The Lara & Chelsea CollaborativeGibson Sotheby’s International RealtyWellesley, MA$100,339,111View Profile
17Semple Hettrich TeamColdwell Banker RealtySudbury, MA$99,078,437View Profile
18The Yates TeamColdwell Banker RealtyWeston, MA$96,070,033View Profile
19Post Advisory GroupEngel & Völkers BostonBoston, MA$89,582,150View Profile
20The Liz Bone TeamSouth Shore Sotheby’s International RealtyDuxbury, MA$88,494,100View Profile
21The Petrowsky Jones GroupCompassBoston, MA$87,931,750View Profile
22Scott Farrell & PartnersCompassBoston, MA$87,000,000View Profile
23The Team – Real Estate AdvisorsColdwell Banker RealtyCambridge, MA$81,683,651View Profile
24The Deborah M. Gordon TeamColdwell Banker RealtyBrookline, MA$80,600,768View Profile
25Chris Kostopoulos GroupKeller Williams Realty Chestnut HillNewton Centre, MA$79,374,606View Profile
26The Laura B TeamColdwell Banker RealtyConcord, MA$78,345,022View Profile
27Dot CollectionAccess Real Estate Milton, MA$75,249,437View Profile
28The Roach & Sherman TeamCompassBoston, MA$74,599,177View Profile
29Brian DoughertyCompassBoston, MA$72,477,698View Profile
30Moving Greater Boston TeamWarren ResidentialBoston, MA$70,068,699View Profile
31Max Dublin TeamGibson Sotheby’s International RealtyCambridge, MA$69,750,438View Profile
32The Nikki Martin TeamCompassBoston, MA$69,188,217View Profile
33Fleet Homes GroupKeller Williams Realty Chestnut HillNewton Centre, MA$67,324,377View Profile
34Hanneman + Gonzales TeamCompassBoston, MA$65,827,728View Profile
35Kiley Brock TeamCompassGroton, MA$65,000,000View Profile
36The Bohlin GroupCompassBoston, MA$64,887,315View Profile
37Barrett & Comeau GroupBarrett Sotheby’s International RealtyConcord, MA$62,825,400View Profile
38The May GroupGibson Sotheby’s International RealtyCambridge, MA$62,779,435View Profile
39Amanda Armstrong GroupCompassBoston, MA$62,297,100View Profile
40The Marrocco GroupColdwell Banker RealtyWinchester, MA$62,040,560View Profile
41Kyle Kaagan TeamGibson Sotheby’s International RealtyBoston, MA$61,328,180View Profile
42Reig + LosordoCompassBoston, MA$58,522,884View Profile
43Charles Cherney TeamCompassCambridge, MA$57,232,800View Profile
44Fine Boston LivingColdwell Banker RealtyLexington, MA$56,715,607View Profile
45Janovitz+TseCompassBoston, MA$56,480,800View Profile
46Willis + TierneyCompassBoston, MA$56,444,000View Profile
47Tsung-Megason GroupCompassBoston, MA$55,928,877View Profile
48Zack Harwood Real EstateWarren ResidentialBoston, MA$55,025,100View Profile
49The Shahani GroupCompassBoston, MA$54,512,938View Profile
50Siu Fu Lau TeamCompassBoston, MA$54,453,400View Profile
51Markel Realty GroupKeller Williams Merrimack ValleyWestford, MA$54,332,340View Profile
52Angela Stevenson GroupCompassBoston, MA$52,442,365View Profile
53J|A LivingCompassBoston, MA$51,889,000View Profile
54Vita GroupCompassBoston, MA$51,076,600View Profile
55The Mathew J. Arruda GroupRobert Paul PropertiesMarion, MA$51,064,076View Profile
56The Chandler GroupDouglas EllimanBoston, MA$50,103,559View Profile
57Demeo TeamColdwell Banker RealtyNewton, MA$50,097,368View Profile
58Leeman & GatelyCompassBoston, MA$49,338,423View Profile
59SINO-US TeamKeller Williams Realty Chestnut HillNewton Centre, MA$48,907,400View Profile
60Boston Real Estate GroupCompassBoston, MA$48,496,330View Profile
61Ben and Kate Real EstateKeller Williams Realty Signature PropertiesNorwell, MA$48,091,450View Profile
62Matos Home TeamRE/MAX Real Estate CenterTaunton, MA$47,284,207View Profile
63Kaufman Realty TeamKeller Williams Realty Boston South WestNeedham, MA$47,191,295View Profile
64Balestracci GroupLamacchia RealtyWorcester, MA$47,150,110View Profile
65Reference Real EstateReference Real EstateBoston, MA$46,900,000View Profile
66Antonio KhouryCompassBoston, MA$46,015,000View Profile
67Nest | Syndi Zaiger GroupCompassBoston, MA$45,357,500View Profile
68Landry & Co. Realty GroupRE/MAX DestinyCambridge, MA$45,208,870View Profile
69Louise Touchette TeamColdwell Banker RealtyLynnfield, MA$44,708,800View Profile
70Team LadnerRE/MAX HarmonyWakefield, MA$44,687,355View Profile
71Becky Davis Tulman & Leslie Singleton AdamGibson Sotheby’s International RealtyBeacon Hill, MA$44,025,515View Profile
72Lori Seavey Realty Team Keller Williams ElitePlainville, MA$43,855,713View Profile
73Riel Estate TeamKW Pinnacle CentralWorcester, MA$43,545,319View Profile
74Evarts + McLean + CoCompassBoston, MA$43,381,546View Profile
75Burbs to BostonCompassBoston, MA$42,923,787View Profile
76Penney + GouldCompassBoston, MA$42,806,353View Profile
77O&C Homes TeamWilliam RaveisNewton Centre, MA$42,357,000View Profile
78Cort, Petrocelli, Coopersmith TeamColdwell Banker RealtyBoston, MA$42,170,000View Profile
79The Diozzi TeamCompassBoston, MA$41,427,361View Profile
80Better Home TeamColdwell Banker RealtyBoston, MA$41,008,300View Profile
81DiVirgilio HomesRE/MAX 360Lynn, MA$40,758,300View Profile
82The Gouveia TeamKeller Williams Realty EastonEaston, MA$40,564,787View Profile
83Olinto CunninghamCompassBoston, MA$40,227,025View Profile
84The Rasner GroupKeller Williams Realty BostonBoston, MA$39,972,450View Profile
85The Moran GroupGibson Sotheby’s International RealtyBoston, MA$39,670,500View Profile
86Covelle and CoCompassBoston, MA$39,400,000View Profile
87O’Neill GroupRobert Paul PropertiesFalmouth, MA$39,398,075View Profile
88The Rivers GroupCompassHingham, MA$39,223,483View Profile
89The Maren GroupKeller Williams Realty SuccessAndover, MA$38,976,956View Profile
90Esin Susol TeamWilliam RaveisNewton Centre, MA$38,943,400View Profile
91Good Boston LivingUnlimited Sotheby’s International RealtyJamaica Plain, MA$38,369,500View Profile
92Wendy Oleksiak GroupGibson Sotheby’s International RealtyHingham, MA$38,207,609View Profile
93Team Guthrie MabileRobert Paul PropertiesChatham, MA$37,951,417View Profile
94Julie Harrison TeamGibson Sotheby’s International RealtyBoston, MA$37,866,049View Profile
95Julie Etter TeamEvolution PropertiesWrentham, MA$37,206,708View Profile
96The Kouri TeamKeller Williams Realty Boston South WestWestwood, MA$36,710,837View Profile
97Eric Tam TeamCompassBoston, MA$36,614,000View Profile
98Eisnor TeamWilliam RaveisHingham, MA$36,602,825View Profile
99Esposito Realty GroupCompassBoston, MA$36,202,223View Profile
100Shorey Realty GroupCompassCambridge, MA$35,982,711View Profile
101The Watson TeamRE/MAX WayDedham, MA$35,762,900View Profile
102Annie Hart Cool TeamSotheby’s International Realty, Inc.Falmouth, MA$35,557,100View Profile
103Mikel Defrancesco TeamWilliam RaveisCanton, MA$34,852,855View Profile
104Monarch GroupCompassBoston, MA$34,815,208View Profile
105TEAM MetrowestCommonwealth Real EstateNatick, MA$34,752,417View Profile
106Beacon GroupColdwell Banker RealtyNewton, MA$34,734,250View Profile
107Kendall Green Luce TeamCompassBoston, MA$34,483,400View Profile
108Savenor Berkery GroupCompassBoston, MA$34,466,277View Profile
109Abode with Us TeamCompassBoston, MA$34,446,500View Profile
110Adam GeragosianCompassBoston, MA$33,975,000View Profile
111The Boston Home TeamUnlimited Sotheby’s International RealtyBoston, MA$33,939,000View Profile
112The Bayley & Natoli TeamCompassBoston, MA$33,743,000View Profile
113Boston Home TeamUnlimited Sotheby’s International RealtyJamaica Plain, MA$33,716,000View Profile
114Cahill + Co.William RaveisMilton, MA$33,598,750View Profile
115Team DixonKeller Williams Realty EastonEaston, MA$33,584,399View Profile
116The Simon CollaborativeGibson Sotheby’s International RealtyWeston, MA$33,530,250View Profile
117JEP Realty TeamEXIT Realty All StarsBrockton, MA$33,473,750View Profile
118The Jowdy GroupRE/MAX Distinct AdvantageWestwood, MA$33,286,231View Profile
119Donahue + GreeneCompassBoston, MA$32,998,255View Profile
120The Gilardi GroupGibson Sotheby’s International RealtyBoston, MA$32,948,100View Profile
121The Elle GroupCommonwealth Real EstateWinchester, MA$32,866,542View Profile
122Strobeck Antonell Real Estate GroupCompassBoston, MA$32,645,189View Profile
123Craig LakeCompassBoston, MA$32,362,765View Profile
124Suburban Boston TeamCompassBoston, MA$32,331,000View Profile
125The Wheway GroupColdwell Banker RealtyLongmeadow, MA$32,142,686View Profile
126Rotary HomesKeller Williams Realty Boston South WestWestwood, MA$31,856,500View Profile
127Panepinto Realty GroupRE/MAX Distinct AdvantageWestwood, MA$31,748,363View Profile
128The Bushari TeamCompassBoston, MA$31,331,100View Profile
129The Patenaude and Fivek TeamBarrett Sotheby’s International RealtyConcord, MA$31,180,650View Profile
130Jill Finkelstein & AssociatesCompassBoston, MA$31,136,775View Profile
131The Bauman GroupGibson Sotheby’s International RealtyNeedham, MA$31,116,500View Profile
132The Ali Joyce TeamWilliam RaveisBoston, MA$30,859,500View Profile
133The Marjorie Youngren TeamWilliam RaveisLynnfield, MA$30,853,000View Profile
134Ryan Glass TeamGibson Sotheby’s International RealtyBoston, MA$30,675,367View Profile
135Butler Wheeler TeamColdwell Banker RealtyConcord, MA$30,495,000View Profile
136Roxane Mellor GroupCompassBoston, MA$30,020,000View Profile
137Muneeza Nasrullah TeamKeller Williams Pinnacle MetrowestWestborough, MA$29,712,412View Profile
138Hixon and Bevilacqua Home GroupColdwell Banker RealtyLynnfield, MA$29,698,773View Profile
139Liz McCarron TeamWilliam RaveisNorwell, MA$29,289,413View Profile
140Find Your Village Real EstateKeller Williams Realty Boston NorthwestConcord, MA$29,204,704View Profile
141Migdol Moore TeamGibson Sotheby’s International RealtyNeedham, MA$29,027,725View Profile
142Person + PersonWilliam RaveisNewburyport, MA$28,916,900View Profile
143Chuck Tuttle HomesWilliam RaveisOsterville, MA$28,887,230View Profile
144Karshis & CoKeller Williams Realty Chestnut HillNewton Centre, MA$28,651,000View Profile
145Ferrari Property GroupKW Pinnacle CentralWorcester, MA$28,639,550View Profile
146Georgia BalafasCompassBoston, MA$28,113,000View Profile
147The Norton TeamKinlin Grover CompassBarnstable, MA$28,090,000View Profile
148Maura & Ross RodinoBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Commonwealth Real EstateNatick, MA$28,002,208View Profile
149Barry-Beaver TeamCompassBoston, MA$27,841,980View Profile
150Chuck Silverston TeamUnlimited Sotheby’s International RealtyBrookline, MA$27,723,835View Profile
151DNA Realty GroupKeller Williams Realty SuccessAndover, MA$27,691,200View Profile
152Sazama Real EstateCompassBoston, MA$27,594,852View Profile
153Murphy GroupWilliam RaveisLexington, MA$27,364,400View Profile
154LuxRE Cape CodGibson Sotheby’s International RealtyOrleans, MA$27,324,725View Profile
155Lee & Heffernan GroupCompassHingham, MA$27,219,900View Profile
156The Jim and Mike Savas TeamCommonwealth Real EstateBelmont, MA$27,043,208View Profile
157Mark Lesses GroupColdwell Banker RealtyLexington, MA$26,976,700View Profile
158Rosemary McCreadyCompassBoston, MA$26,892,522View Profile
159Nick Lento TeamAdvisors LivingArlington, MA$26,821,051View Profile
160Haywood Kristiansen GroupWarren ResidentialBoston, MA$26,805,521View Profile
161The McLaren TeamCompassBoston, MA$26,789,556View Profile
162Kenny-Heisler TeamKinlin Grover CompassCape Cod, MA$26,579,300View Profile
163Marisol Franco TeamColdwell Banker RealtyLongmeadow, MA$26,461,045View Profile
164Carlson TeamSagan Harborside Sotheby’s International RealtyMarblehead, MA$26,436,404View Profile
165The Carol Kelly TeamCompassCambridge, MA$26,408,548View Profile
166Bell Property PartnersCompassWellesley, MA$26,159,573View Profile
167Gary Vrotsos TeamColdwell Banker RealtyCambridge, MA$26,039,400View Profile
168The Tom & Joanne TeamGibson Sotheby’s International RealtyBoston, MA$25,984,225View Profile
169The Cape House TeamWilliam RaveisYarmouth Port, MA$25,815,135View Profile
170The Creahan Marshall TeamCompassBoston, MA$25,810,000View Profile
171The Touchstone Partners TeamColdwell Banker RealtyWestford, MA$25,690,411View Profile
172Chaplin PartnersCompassBoston, MA$25,647,500View Profile
173St Martin TeamBarrett Sotheby’s International RealtyWestford, MA$25,483,600View Profile
174The Currier TeamColdwell Banker RealtyCambridge, MA$25,264,000View Profile
175Emma Guardia | Roland Rambaud & TeamCompassCambridge, MA$25,259,500View Profile
176The Morgan Franklin GroupColdwell Banker RealtyBoston, MA$25,216,675View Profile
177Team Jen Shenk Keller Williams Realty North CentralLeominster, MA$25,216,418View Profile
178Trina Macchi TeamWilliam RaveisWellesley, MA$25,151,000View Profile
179Vantage point team LLCWilliam RaveisLexington, MA$25,121,285View Profile
180Closing Table GroupColdwell Banker RealtyBoston, MA$25,011,000View Profile
181The Ace TeamCompassBoston, MA$24,986,000View Profile
182Diana Lucivero GroupCompassBoston, MA$24,908,914View Profile
183The Loonie TeamKeller Williams Realty EastonEaston, MA$24,699,200View Profile
184The Cronin TeamRE/MAX On the RiverNewburyport, MA$24,641,700View Profile
185Reilly Foley TeamRE/MAX DestinyCambridge, MA$24,579,800View Profile
186The Jackie O Real Estate TeamKeller Williams Realty BostonBoston, MA$24,335,100View Profile
187The Christensen TeamRE/MAX Executive RealtyWestborough, MA$24,331,035View Profile
188Talib Hussain Realty GroupKeller Williams ElitePlainville, MA$24,252,400View Profile
189Real Estate RandyCompassBoston, MA$24,175,910View Profile
190Suzanne White TeamWilliam RaveisEast Longmeadow, MA$24,097,236View Profile
191Michelle Gillespie RealtorsKeller Williams Pinnacle MetrowestWestborough, MA$24,074,700View Profile
192MontivistaKeller Williams Realty Boston South WestWestwood, MA$24,018,310View Profile

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Investors are buying more, but spending less HW+

Oct 22, 2021By

Real estate investors are buying more properties, but paying less for them, according to a report from RealtyTrac released Thursday based on ATTOM Data Solutions home sales data.