Top Agents in Miami, Florida – Individuals By Volume

City Volume RankFull NameCompanyLocationVolumeProfile
1Dina GoldentayerDouglas EllimanMiami, FL$383,196,646View Profile
2Dora PuigLuxe Living RealtyMiami Beach, FL$382,715,000View Profile
3Susan TrevisaDouglas EllimanMiami, FL$224,589,397View Profile
4Ismael PerezDouglas EllimanMiami, FL$206,589,948View Profile
5Miltiadis KastanisDouglas EllimanMiami, FL$172,997,391View Profile
6Liz HoganCompassMiami, FL$159,663,079View Profile
7Sari Shapiro Douglas EllimanMiami, FL$146,282,900View Profile
8Charlotte MaiettoDouglas EllimanMiami, FL$144,845,263View Profile
9Nelson GonzalezBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices EWM RealtyMiami Beach, FL$115,844,666View Profile
10Mendel Fellig Group –CompassMiami Beach, FL$110,796,400View Profile
11Philip FreedmanDouglas EllimanMiami, FL$109,458,576View Profile
12Devin KayDouglas EllimanMiami, FL$101,208,628View Profile
13Lisa Van WagenenBrown Harris Stevens Miami Beach, FL$88,582,000View Profile
14Toni SchragerBrown Harris Stevens Miami, FL$81,337,690View Profile
15Cyril MatzDouglas EllimanMiami, FL$80,764,313View Profile
16Erik SchneiderDouglas EllimanMiami, FL$80,074,390View Profile
17Angelica GarciaDouglas EllimanMiami, FL$79,716,272View Profile
18Alexandra SierraCompassMiami, FL$78,608,903View Profile
19Michele RedlichColdwell Banker RealtyMiami Beach, FL$76,000,950View Profile
20Sonia GeraldDouglas EllimanMiami, FL$71,749,528View Profile
21Brett HarrisDouglas EllimanMiami, FL$71,545,000View Profile
22Dustin NeroDouglas EllimanMiami, FL$66,700,000View Profile
23Pablo AlfaroDouglas EllimanMiami, FL$66,655,000View Profile
24Darin TanseyDouglas EllimanMiami, FL$58,752,683View Profile
25Ralph AriasONE Sotheby’s International RealtyMiami Beach, FL$57,795,000View Profile
26Sheila ‘Michelle’ RojasBrown Harris StevensMiami Beach, FL$55,962,000View Profile
27Christian PrakasSERHANT.Miami, FL$53,453,000View Profile
28Tracy GalyaDouglas EllimanMiami, FL$50,154,163View Profile
29Lourdes Gutierrez Team –CompassMiami, FL$46,726,900View Profile
30Kayce DriscollDouglas EllimanMiami, FL$45,566,167View Profile
31Diana GarchitorenaDouglas EllimanMiami, FL$45,269,788View Profile
32Sandra MasisCervera Real Estate, Inc.Miami, FL$44,591,740View Profile
33Sebastian AcostaONE Sotheby’s International RealtyMiami, FL$41,875,826View Profile
34Anca MirescuDouglas EllimanMiami, FL$40,775,002View Profile
35John SandbergDouglas EllimanMiami, FL$40,654,568View Profile
36Oliver LloydDouglas EllimanMiami, FL$39,900,000View Profile
37David VazquezBrown Harris Stevens Miami Beach, FL$39,829,440View Profile
38Jeri JenkinsColdwell Banker RealtyMiami Beach, FL$39,433,500View Profile
39Jaclyn BildDouglas EllimanMiami, FL$39,371,671View Profile
40Lynley Walker CiorobeaBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices EWM RealtyMiami, FL$39,030,294View Profile
41Ines FlaxONE Sotheby’s International RealtyMiami Beach, FL$38,341,190View Profile
42Darcy SantosDouglas EllimanMiami, FL$38,322,142View Profile
43David Hunt Solomon, P.A.Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices EWM RealtyMiami Beach, FL$37,851,042View Profile
44Luis A. SanchezKeller Williams Realty, Premier PropertiesMiami, FL$37,564,752View Profile
45Marco A TineCasa Collection RealtyMiami Beach, FL$37,300,000View Profile
46Kathrin ReinKeller Williams Realty Miami BeachMiami Beach, FL$37,198,391View Profile
47Susan GaleONE Sotheby’s International RealtyMiami Beach, FL$36,400,500View Profile
48Luciana BarretoCompassMiami, FL$36,093,000View Profile
49Shawn FrechetteONE Sotheby’s International RealtyMiami Beach, FL$35,986,900View Profile
50Luis GonellCompassMiami, FL$35,377,387View Profile
51Eddy GoicoleaKeller Williams Realty Miami BeachMiami Beach, FL$34,679,000View Profile
52Kathy HidyKeller Williams Capital RealtyMiami, Florida, FL$33,683,000View Profile
53Allison BlumenthalBrown Harris Stevens South Miami, FL$33,613,000View Profile
54Ignacio VillanuevaCompassMiami, FL$33,540,147View Profile
55Ann Delores DelarosaDouglas EllimanMiami, FL$33,351,956View Profile
56Jennifer BrilliantONE Sotheby’s International RealtyMiami Beach, FL$32,664,200View Profile
57Elyse RosenbergColdwell Banker RealtyMiami Beach, FL$31,980,000View Profile
58Romina GrinbergBrown Harris Stevens Miami Beach, FL$31,537,000View Profile
59Matt McmillanColdwell Banker RealtyMiami Beach, FL$31,233,000View Profile
60Santiago RodriguezDouglas EllimanMiami, FL$29,330,000View Profile
61Ann NortmannDouglas EllimanMiami, FL$29,222,500View Profile
62Joseph SchaferDouglas EllimanMiami, FL$28,874,500View Profile
63Macarena GomezONE Sotheby’s International RealtyMiami Beach, FL$28,854,174View Profile
64Julianna CastroCompassMiami, FL$28,265,000View Profile
65Roberto MalcaCervera Real Estate, Inc.Miami, FL$27,930,114View Profile
66Banna FakhouryONE Sotheby’s International RealtyMiami Beach, FL$27,833,840View Profile
67Tania De JesusKaYan GroupMiami Beach, FL$27,770,000View Profile
68Jon CorsoColdwell Banker RealtyMiami Beach, FL$27,682,500View Profile
69Christian DreyfussBrown Harris Stevens Miami Beach, FL$27,169,500View Profile
70Tomi RoseAston Rose Sports + Entertainment Miami, FL$26,160,500View Profile
71Mariana NiroSERHANT.Miami, FL$25,825,299View Profile
72Cristiana MachadoCervera Real Estate, Inc.Miami, FL$25,100,000View Profile
73Christopher AdelekeDouglas EllimanMiami, FL$24,503,666View Profile
74Marion Ott Douglas EllimanMiami, FL$24,103,870View Profile
75Kimberly RodsteinKeller Williams Realty Miami BeachMiami Beach, FL$24,089,000View Profile
76David SpornColdwell Banker RealtyMiami Beach, FL$23,685,352View Profile
77David PulleyDouglas EllimanMiami, FL$23,169,000View Profile
78Rafael CorralesRedfinMiami, FL$22,994,500View Profile
79Paul SassevilleCompassMiami Beach, FL$22,569,250View Profile
80Melanie HyerKeller Williams Realty Miami BeachMiami Beach, FL$22,502,300View Profile
81Gina KirkpatrickDouglas EllimanMiami, FL$22,462,999View Profile
82David FreedKeller Williams Realty Miami BeachMiami Beach, FL$22,330,000View Profile
83Roberto CuneoColdwell Banker RealtyMiami Beach, FL$22,277,000View Profile
84Robert PosnerBrown Harris Stevens Miami Beach, FL$21,685,150View Profile
85Constantin GorgesCompassMiami Beach, FL$21,339,400View Profile
86The Hayley Miami Team –CompassMiami, FL$21,214,350View Profile
87Amy HollubCompassMiami, FL$20,909,749View Profile
88Raymond JacomoDouglas EllimanMiami, FL$20,545,837View Profile
89Nancy DowsonKeller Williams Realty Miami BeachMiami Shores, FL$20,149,895View Profile
90Rachel WertheimerONE Sotheby’s International RealtyMiami Beach, FL$19,750,000View Profile
91Kenia VidaurrazagaColdwell Banker RealtyMiami, FL$19,224,900View Profile
92Dany PerlColdwell Banker RealtyMiami Beach, FL$19,184,750View Profile
93Sarit OrenDouglas EllimanMiami, FL$18,761,961View Profile
94Andrejko StephanEngel & Völkers Miami Coconut GroveMiami, FL$18,484,000View Profile
95Caroline PurenCompassMiami, FL$18,393,600View Profile
96Mushka JacobsonDouglas EllimanMiami, FL$18,273,750View Profile
97Eric TorrenteColdwell Banker RealtyMiami, FL$18,236,555View Profile
98Zaida DudashDouglas EllimanMiami, FL$18,132,017View Profile
99Jonathan GarciaONE Sotheby’s International RealtyMiami, FL$17,962,650View Profile
100Ron LavivONE Sotheby’s International RealtyMiami Beach, FL$17,650,000View Profile
101Jane BarrellierCompassMiami, FL$17,604,000View Profile
102Jenilyn MartinezCompassMiami, FL$17,112,999View Profile
103Eva OliverColdwell Banker RealtyMiami Beach, FL$16,936,802View Profile
104Alex LarmierCompassMiami, FL$16,841,336View Profile
105Roger Pereira, P.A.Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices EWM RealtyMiami Beach, FL$16,462,344View Profile
106Monika TefelColdwell Banker RealtyMiami, FL$16,323,000View Profile
107Debi QuadeCervera Real Estate, Inc.Miami Beach, FL$16,079,900View Profile

Miami News

Stellar MLS to launch new agent platform HW+

Sep 23, 2021By

The nation’s third largest MLS, with over 70,000 agents in Florida and Puerto Rico, Stellar MLS announced Tuesday that it is partnering with Remine and MoxiWorks to launch a new platform for real estate professionals.