Top Small Teams in Oakland, California – Ranked By Volume

City Volume RankTeam NameCompanyLocationVolumeProfile
1Cassel Michas Brown Real Estate GroupKeller Williams Advisors RealtyOakland, CA$137,068,775View Profile
2Anita Becker + Maria Cavallo-Merrion TeamCompassOakland, CA$86,530,457View Profile
3Heafey Baum GroupCompassOakland, CA$83,567,008View Profile
4Debi Fitzgerrell + Anna BahnsonCompassOakland, CA$69,337,551View Profile
5Tegelaar and Sevenau TeamCompassOakland, CA$68,024,025View Profile
6Remy Weinstein Realty GroupKeller Williams OaklandOakland, CA$62,804,035View Profile
7Tony FordCompassOakland, CA$60,964,319View Profile
8Ringo Liu & Nancy MachKeller Williams OaklandOakland, CA$60,811,874View Profile
9The Er GroupCompassOakland, CA$60,075,330View Profile
10Claudia Mills Real Estate TeamKeller Williams Advisors RealtyOakland, CA$59,512,300View Profile
11Jines Real Estate TeamKeller Williams OaklandOakland, CA$58,485,693View Profile
12Teri CarlisleCompassOakland, CA$57,595,680View Profile
13Broderick TeamCompassOakland, CA$55,833,000View Profile
14Clark + Yohay GroupCompassOakland, CA$52,151,381View Profile
15Marquis + Farwell HomesCompassOakland, CA$49,245,450View Profile
16Mindy & Talley ScottCompassOakland, CA$44,799,883View Profile
17Michael LaneCompassOakland, CA$43,303,130View Profile
18Tannahill Homes TeamCompassOakland, CA$42,566,698View Profile
19Andrew PitarreCompassOakland, CA$42,390,292View Profile
20Soodo Real EstateKeller Williams OaklandOakland, CA$42,333,000View Profile
21Katy Anderson + Katie Krembs TeamCalifornia 24Oakland, CA$40,814,000View Profile
22Talbot TeamCompassOakland, CA$39,994,780View Profile
23The Cooper GroupCompassOakland, CA$39,870,450View Profile
24The Jenssen TeamRed Oak RealtyOakland, CA$39,258,388View Profile
25East Baker GroupCompassOakland, CA$38,400,979View Profile
26The Borrall Hodes TeamCompassOakland, CA$36,543,708View Profile
27Mirror Real EstateMirror Real EstateOakland, CA$35,409,574View Profile
28Jason Mitchell GroupCompassOakland, CA$35,110,021View Profile
29Kite Hill Real EstateKite Hill Real EstateOakland, CA$33,615,350View Profile
30The Diamond-Cartolano GroupCompassOakland, CA$32,453,300View Profile
31José Fernández & Stacey MerrymanRed Oak RealtyOakland, CA$32,262,213View Profile
32Wilhelm TeamCompassOakland, CA$30,261,196View Profile
33Dayat Commercial GroupDrysdale PropertiesOakland, CA$29,953,292View Profile
34Patricia Bennett and Jeffrey NeidlemanCompassOakland, CA$29,498,834View Profile
35Beautiful East Bay HomesKeller Williams OaklandOakland, CA$28,902,391View Profile
36BloomHomes TeamRed Oak RealtyOakland, CA$28,743,921View Profile
37Gimme ShelterCompassOakland, CA$27,426,000View Profile
38Amy Robeson TeamCompassOakland, CA$26,530,392View Profile
39Joe Dickerson GroupKeller Williams Advisors RealtyOakland, CA$24,909,000View Profile
40Team Modern AgentCompassOakland, CA$24,208,339View Profile

Oakland News

Eureka, California: An oasis for climate (and equity) refugees HW+

Dec 08, 2021By

Californians who wish to remain in-state are descending on Eureka, the rare California town with relatively modest home prices, making it a haven for those who cash in on the equity gained through their previous abode.