Top Agents in San Jose, California – Individuals By Volume

Rank – City VolumeFull NameCompanyLocationVolumeProfile
1Lex OroscoLex OroscoSan Jose, CA$170,000,000View Profile
2Alexandra ZhouMorgan Real EstateSan Jose, CA$110,702,429View Profile
3Laxmi Penupothula RedfinSan Jose, CA$106,122,951View Profile
4Jordan MottIntero Real Estate ServicesSan Jose, CA$105,312,250View Profile
5Lucy GoldenshteynRedfinSan Jose, CA$103,114,188View Profile
6Sophie ShenSV Capital Real EstateSan Jose, CA$91,282,841View Profile
7Therese SwanThe Swan Real EstateSan Jose, CA$73,306,878View Profile
8Sonny JamesCompound Real EstateSan Jose, CA$72,766,415View Profile
9Jennifer YiRed Door Real EstateSan Jose, CA$61,484,861View Profile
10Kate DaveyCENTURY 21 Real Estate AllianceSan Jose, CA$55,710,000View Profile
11Hoi W NgIntero Real Estate ServicesSan Jose, CA$46,760,300View Profile
12Lanjing SheltonKeller Williams Realty Silicon CitySan Jose, CA$46,522,995View Profile
13Rodger ShaheenColdwell Banker RealtySan Jose, CA$43,846,250View Profile
14Arlene FinneyChristies SerenoSan Jose, CA$39,282,000View Profile
15Joe VenturaCorocran Icon PropertiesSan Jose, CA$35,107,950View Profile
16Matt TenczarCompassSan Jose, CA$32,494,356View Profile
17Michael J. MendenhallKeller Williams Realty San Jose GatewaySan Jose, CA$32,191,880View Profile
18Ranju Phelan – Willow Glen –CompassSan Jose, CA$31,389,000View Profile
19Meena JandirRedfinSan Jose, CA$31,178,250View Profile
20Rusty PaapIntero Real Estate ServicesSan Jose, CA$30,578,000View Profile
21Freda WangIntero Real Estate ServicesSan Jose, CA$30,430,000View Profile
22Rigo BracamontesIntero Franchise ServicesSan Jose, CA$30,025,300View Profile
23David GuardanapoIntero Real Estate ServicesSan Jose, CA$28,930,749View Profile
24Helen HeIntero Real Estate ServicesSan Jose, CA$28,295,000View Profile
25Derrick OhColdwell Banker RealtySan Jose, CA$28,210,000View Profile
26Robert GarciaRedfinSan Jose, CA$28,136,500View Profile
27Thuy DoIntero Real Estate ServicesSan Jose, CA$28,066,121View Profile
28Jay GrewalKeller Williams Realty Silicon CitySan Jose, CA$27,750,111View Profile
29Ron MasonColdwell Banker RealtySan Jose, CA$27,450,819View Profile
30Jackie JonesColdwell Banker RealtySan Jose, CA$25,984,480View Profile
31Brian TangerIntero Real Estate ServicesSan Jose, CA$25,735,000View Profile
32Sharad GuptaYour Home Sold Guaranteed RealtySan Jose, CA$25,708,163View Profile
33Sundar GounderKeller Williams Realty Silicon CitySan Jose, CA$23,906,189View Profile
34Wei WanColdwell Banker The Professional GroupSan Jose, CA$23,396,400View Profile
35Janet LamIntero Real Estate ServicesSan Jose, CA$22,890,944View Profile
36Jordan SheaIntero Real Estate ServicesSan Jose, CA$22,889,888View Profile
37Manish NadkarniIntero Real Estate ServicesSan Jose, CA$22,704,000View Profile
38Chris LussierColdwell Banker RealtySan Jose, CA$22,429,721View Profile
39Mike UhriColdwell Banker RealtySan Jose, CA$22,428,549View Profile
40Mike D’AmbrosioIntero Real Estate ServicesSan Jose, CA$22,111,513View Profile
41Katie DuusChristies SerenoSan Jose, CA$21,743,000View Profile
42Michael MurphyChristies SerenoSan Jose, CA$21,492,500View Profile
43Melinda GedrynColdwell Banker RealtySan Jose, CA$21,348,103View Profile
44Joseph PollifroneChristies SerenoSan Jose, CA$21,275,000View Profile
45Suzanne RamirezKeller Williams Realty San Jose GatewaySan Jose, CA$21,263,455View Profile
46Michelle ElliottColdwell Banker RealtySan Jose, CA$20,769,875View Profile
47Bryan MartinIntero Real Estate ServicesSan Jose, CA$20,712,125View Profile
48Yvonne ZinsmanKeller Williams Realty San Jose GatewaySan Jose, CA$20,574,880View Profile
49Meeko LiKeller Williams Realty Silicon CitySan Jose, CA$19,836,275View Profile
50Brigette O’ConnorIntero Real Estate ServicesSan Jose, CA$19,585,000View Profile
52Sophia ChienIntero Real Estate ServicesSan Jose, CA$18,927,800View Profile
53Kendra GaetaChristies SerenoSan Jose, CA$18,723,765View Profile
54Shikha GuptaShikha GuptaSan Jose, CA$18,519,900View Profile
54Shikha GuptaIntero Real Estate ServicesSan Jose, CA$18,519,900View Profile
56Lisa BlaylockColdwell Banker RealtySan Jose, CA$18,455,000View Profile
57Alma CastroColdwell Banker RealtySan Jose, CA$18,265,100View Profile
58Jessa WalshReach Real EstateSan Jose, CA$18,190,604View Profile
59Asha RaghupathyIntero Real Estate ServicesSan Jose, CA$17,904,963View Profile
60Nichole CarterKeller Williams Realty San Jose GatewaySan Jose, CA$17,739,798View Profile
61Robin DielmanChristies SerenoSan Jose, CA$17,550,240View Profile
62Grace GarlandColdwell Banker RealtySan Jose, CA$17,378,000View Profile
63Kathy LowColdwell Banker The Professional GroupSan Jose, CA$17,162,888View Profile
64George XieKeller Williams Realty Silicon CitySan Jose, CA$17,061,000View Profile
65Wilson KhooKeller Williams Realty Silicon CitySan Jose, CA$17,017,000View Profile
66Clint MooreIntero Real Estate ServicesSan Jose, CA$16,899,000View Profile
67Marcie MayColdwell Banker RealtySan Jose, CA$16,505,999View Profile
68David LauCENTURY 21 Real Estate AllianceSan Jose, CA$16,164,888View Profile
69Karen SmithColdwell Banker RealtySan Jose, CA$16,141,390View Profile
70Sheila SantwaniChristies SerenoSan Jose, CA$16,055,000View Profile

San Jose News

Eureka, California: An oasis for climate (and equity) refugees HW+

Dec 08, 2021By

Californians who wish to remain in-state are descending on Eureka, the rare California town with relatively modest home prices, making it a haven for those who cash in on the equity gained through their previous abode.